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mamakiddx3 Posted 15 Feb 2011 , 3:46am
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I keep seeing how people are having great success with making cake balls but I am not. First, I got the consistency wrong. It was too gooey. I have that problem fixed but now I am having trouble dipping them. I have used a spoon, a dipping fork and a dipping spoon and everything that I use...the cake balls stick too when I go to put them on the waxed paper to dry. I have to pry them off of whatever I am using and it rips the bottoms out. Please help. I am trying so hard to make these and have them look good. Actually, great....if that's possible.
Thanx for your help.

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cakeaholic_cakery Posted 15 Feb 2011 , 1:03pm
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I've made a few cake pops and balls and I have found that you want to make sure you don't add too much frosting, otherwise the balls seem mushy and unappetizing. Also, I freeze mine so they set up nice. Then, I take them out maybe 10 minutes before I dip them so that they remain firm (making them easier to dip), but are not so cold that the coating will set unevenly or possibly crack. I actually think cake pops are easier to get a clean look than balls, but if you are doing balls, after you place them on your wax paper to set, take a tooth pick and trace out a circle around them. When they are fully set, they will come off of the wax paper much cleaner. icon_smile.gif HTH!

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Ambar2 Posted 15 Feb 2011 , 1:36pm
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have you tried a sil pat? nothing sticks to those babies!

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amanda37 Posted 15 Feb 2011 , 2:09pm
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I have the same problem! I agree that cake pops are much easier I never have any problem. I think your problem is the same as mine they aren't sticking to the mat or board where they are drying. I can't get the darn things off my spoon, fork or whatever i am using without the one side of the ball sticking to the metal spoon and tearing and looking awful!

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Way2Go Posted 15 Feb 2011 , 2:37pm
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I've been making cake balls for the past 10 years. I have a great recipe for the mix that my mother in law has used for even longer. It's for the cake mix and the binder. For the coating I use a chocolate melting chips or the chocolate candy coating.
I use parchment paper to place the dipped cake balls on and they come off very easy.

Let me know if anyone is interested!


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mamakiddx3 Posted 15 Feb 2011 , 2:47pm
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Thanx for your replies. Unfortunately, I think I confused everyone. My cake balls don't stick to the waxed/parchment paper that I put them on. They stick to the metal spoon, dipping spoon or dipping fork that I use for the dipping part. I put the ball in the chocolate, then lift it out with one of those items, tap the extra chocolate off and by the time I put them on the paper...they won't get off of the spoon/fork that they are on. So, this rips the bottom out of the cake ball. It sounds like it is the same problem that Amanda37 is having. Thank for all the suggestions for them sticking to the paper but does anyone have any suggestions for sticking to the spoon/fork being used. And Diana, I would love to have your recipes. I am always looking for good ones. Thanx again to all of you.

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Kristie925 Posted 15 Feb 2011 , 3:00pm
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Is your chocolate setting so quickly that it's setting while still on the spoon/fork? If you sip them while they're frozen or still really cold, that's possible. Try dipping them with a toothpick, like you would buckeyes.

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Way2Go Posted 15 Feb 2011 , 3:05pm
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Hi mamakiddx3,
I've had that problem too and have used so many type of utensils to eliminate that. . apart from just pouring the chocolate on top of the balls.
What has seemed to help me is, I used a regular teaspoon and slightly tilt the spoon after I have dipped the ball in the chocolate. Then I take my spoon and tilt it on the parchment paper and if there is a little chocolate on the tip of the spoon, I do a quick jerk with my hand to remove the ball. I like the ball good and coated, so I don't mind if I leave a lot of chocolate on the ball, the does help in sliding the ball off the spoon. If any markings are noticeable, I'll just go over the ball the chocolate.

Here's some pictures of the types I made for Christmas last year. I've made tons of flavored balls.

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Way2Go Posted 15 Feb 2011 , 3:09pm
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Yikes, my pictures didn't come up, darn it.

One thing about the dipping chocolate or whatever flavor you're using, I know that if you heat your chocolate at a high heat, it will not coat good, or if it's not smooth enough it will not coat good.
What I use is some parrafin wax in my melting chips and that really helps to keep it nice and smooth. That's if you're using those Wilton chips. If you using a really good chocolate like Ghiridelli candy coating or anything else, you don't need the wax, but I would watch the heat.

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