Giving Away Cakes?

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JenFailla Posted 3 Feb 2011 , 4:42pm
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I have been decorating cakes for a little over a year ( I know that this is JUST the beginning), and so far just doing it for free for my family (husband's side- mine all live in Ohio). Anyway- on my husband's side we MUST attend family dinner every Sunday (I know, I know- but it's kind of a big deal here). I have been making new cakes and bringing them along for Sunday dinners. It's kind of a win-win (or so I thought)... I get to practice new techniques and try out new recipes, and they get cake! DH's side is known to be very opinionated and they do not have a filter for rude comments that spew out of their mouth. Lately, people have been making comments like "Geesh- why don't you just make a simple cake?" and "Well, *MY* cakes don't look like Jen's, I just don't have the time to decorate, but *MINE* taste good".

I've tied all of my cakes, and not to be conceited, but they taste good- definitely not worth a comment like that- and the comments are said in a condescending way (which is sort of hard to illustrate by typing).

So LONG story shortened, I am about fed up and am a little annoyed at these comments. MY family, who lives far away is really wanting to try one of my cakes and see the new ones I come up with. I don't expect people to gush over them by any means, but I do think it's a little rude with the comments. I want to continue practicing my skills and getting better (with the hopes of opening a bakery one day) but I don't want to keep taking cakes over on Sunday. I was thinking about calling local soup kitchens and seeing if they would like to have them when I make them. Any other ideas of places that would accept a cake? I nanny during the day and the family I work for are health nuts so bringing a weekly cake is kinda out of the question... Any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated-

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TexasSugar Posted 3 Feb 2011 , 4:52pm
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Can your husband take it to work? Neighbors?

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JenFailla Posted 3 Feb 2011 , 4:57pm
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Hubby works as a stand up comedian and travels to Manhattan by train (we live on Long Island) so that won't work very well- unless he gives it out on the train! ha ha icon_smile.gif And I was thinking about the neighbor idea- I have 2 that we actually know. But besides them, I was thinking more along the lines of an organization that could put them to good use... ??? Thank you for your suggestions! icon_smile.gif

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kaytkat Posted 3 Feb 2011 , 4:57pm
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Does your husband have a job where it would be easy for him to bring cakes in? I work in an office and bring mine in and everyone greatly appreciates it.

Or you could do some for just friends. Maybe make a list of everyone you know and likes birthdays and surprise them with one.

I am not aware of places you can take it to like soup kitchens or anything though.

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cakesbycathy Posted 3 Feb 2011 , 4:58pm
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First, I wouldn't be bringing a cake or any other dessert to the family functions for quite a while. When they ask you why just tell them "well, I got so many negative comments I decided to give the cakes to someone who appreciates them." Then smile and walk away.

I have a feeling they will be regretting their behavior after a few weeks when they realize that you aren't actually bringing them cake anymore.

Second, get some cake dummies and practice that way.

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momto2pottsy Posted 3 Feb 2011 , 4:59pm
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Oh my gosh! Were you talking about my in-laws? lol They do the same thing! For my husband's 30th birthday I was told not to waste my time doing a fancy cake and just do something simple. I'm a stay-at-home mom and love making cakes and decorating. I was so offended to be told what to do for my husband's birthday! And my sister-in-law always comments on how she doesn't like scratch cake and prefers grocery store cakes. I just told her I prefer quality ingredients and don't like mass-produced frozen cakes.
I would say take the cakes into work, local shelter or even a fire station! Don't let their comments get you down! Keep doing what you love to do!

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JenFailla Posted 3 Feb 2011 , 5:03pm
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Originally Posted by cakesbycathy

Second, get some cake dummies and practice that way.

Thanks for that idea! I haven't worked with dummies yet (cake ones at least! icon_smile.gif ). Can I just decorated them, photograph them and then peel or wipe off the decorations? Or do I just need to get new ones each time?

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JenFailla Posted 3 Feb 2011 , 5:08pm
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@momto2pottsy: I think we MUST have the same in laws! icon_smile.gif I can't believe they tried to tell you how to do your husband's cake! His family says all the time to not put so much work into the cakes and just do simple ones... At first I took it as a way for them to say, "oh, we aren't worth the bother" but after explaining to them NUMEROUS times that I ENJOY doing this and it is my creative outlet- them repeating it is either rude or they just aren't listening. They are known for deciding *FOR* you what they think you should be doing with your time and efforts. So annoying- I say "Let them *NOT* eat cake!". Ha ha.

* The fire house is a really great idea. There is one right by my house that just might appreciate one!- Great idea!

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momto2pottsy Posted 3 Feb 2011 , 5:33pm
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"Let them not eat cake" I love that line! We definitely have similar in-laws. I've basically stopped doing cakes for them because they just don't appreciate the work that goes into them. Mine are also the same in deciding what is best for you as well! hahaha!
Just take your cakes to people who will appreciate what you are doing! Hopefully you can get some cake to your family soon! I'm sure they will appreciate just how hard you've worked! Good Luck!

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psmith Posted 3 Feb 2011 , 5:46pm
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Here is an idea! Birthday cakes for children that might not get one:

Another CC member has posted on this before. I found that I have one nearby too. I think I might check into it too. All my potential cake 'victims' are either tired of cake or on diets (including me!!). icon_smile.gif

Here is the CC forum link:

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RachelRichey Posted 3 Feb 2011 , 5:48pm
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I have recently heard of organizations where you can donate a birthday cake to children who won't get one otherwise such as foster children. Check and see if they have an organization like that in your area. I think it's a great cause and you get to practice!

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Ambar2 Posted 3 Feb 2011 , 5:54pm
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a Church too!

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metria Posted 3 Feb 2011 , 5:54pm
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sheesh! some people! no cake for them :b

yes, get some dummies ( and decorate those. if you like what you did, photograph it! keep it if you like! otherwise, peel everything off, wash it lightly, and try again!

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JenFailla Posted 3 Feb 2011 , 7:59pm
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Thank you for all of the great ideas! This was exactly what I was looking for. I read the CC forum about donating cakes and came across someone who made them for families of deployed servicemen/women for a birthday that they would miss because of being overseas. This just brought tears to my eyes and since my little brother is on the verge of deployment (air force) this just hits close to home. I'm in talks with the Family Services department in my area. Thank you everyone for getting the ball rolling! I LOVE this community of cakers! icon_smile.gif

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Emmar308 Posted 3 Feb 2011 , 8:21pm
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There are so many people out there who would be so grateful for your talents, don't waste it anymore on those thoughtless ungrateful in laws!
I had a situation last year where i had been asked to make two cakes for my niece's birthday (one for family party, one for kiddies party), unfortunately the birthday girl was taken ill, so one of the cakes was surplus to requirement - i phoned the local hospital to check it was ok first, and then delivered the cake to the childrens ward. They were absolutely over the moon to accept it. Other places which i'm sure would appreciate such a gift would maybe be an old person's home, local hospice, maybe find out any charities which may have auctions coming up? Church fete's? I think you'll actually find you feel really good donating your creations to various organisations ( i was on a real high for the rest of the day, the staff at the hospital were so appreciative!) xxx

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cake_architect Posted 4 Feb 2011 , 8:10am
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i've been looking for ways to decorate cakes for people who'd appreciate them too- what great ideas! i've recently wrote to icingsmiles and i've been added to the volunteer list, just waiting to get an order from them! so exciting =D

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poohsmomma Posted 4 Feb 2011 , 3:35pm
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How about donating to the local firehouse or police station.

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