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michel30014 Posted 17 Dec 2010 , 9:38pm
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I am making a Christmas cake for our Church Dinner this coming Sunday, 12/19. I have looked in the galleries and saw some really good cakes. Now, my skills are not great with fondant YET so I'm limited to what I can do. I have bought some white candy melts and I have a Christmasy mold of Santas, snowflakes, and christmas trees. The only thing I can think of to do is a nativity scene and hope my skills will allow for that.
My original idea was going to be a snowy wintery scene with a Christmas tree.

How do I incorporate a wintery scene (with single Christmas tree) along with a nativity on a cake and make it look great??????

So far, I have baked a 13x9x2 cake and will be giving my people mold a try tonight and hope it works out well. I already have some "white" icing made. Can anyone help here? I'm desperate!! icon_rolleyes.gif

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Kitagrl Posted 18 Dec 2010 , 3:57pm
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My all time favorite cake to throw together for a gathering is a 3D Christmas tree because all it is, is pull-out buttercream green stars!

If you are doing the whole scene, you could pull it together by having the "star of bethlehem" be on top of the Christmas tree....or by signifying Jesus being a "gift"...... good luck!

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NanaSandy Posted 18 Dec 2010 , 3:58pm
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I like your idea of the nativity scene. Give it a try, if you don't like how your figures turn out, you can always do a simple winter scene with the Christmas Trees. I know you are limited on fondant skills, but you can make trees very easily with some green fondant and a pair of scissors. Make a cone shape out of your fondant, and then start cutting little slits starting at the top of the cone, working your way down. Makes for very cute little trees. I am pretty sure that there is a video on YouTube. Just do a search for Fondant Christmas trees.
What size cake are you making? That will help people with giving you ideas. Good luck and have fun!!

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genevieveyum Posted 18 Dec 2010 , 4:00pm
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I've been in the same boat lately- I had a great idea for a cake, but don't have the time or assistance from DH to build the stand required. If I were you, I'd choose either a winter scene or a nativity- not both (Bethlehem isn't known for its snow). If you go with the winter scene, bake another cake in a pyrex bowl and have it be a hill. You can make penguins easily out of mmf and have them sliding down the hill. Trees are easy- get sugar cones and frost them green- instant trees! Christmas is about joy- don't let it stress your soul! A nativity scene is harder, but you could do it in silhouette like a few cakes we've seen on here recently- you could print an image and use that as a guide to cut out a silhouette for the side or top. You can do it- have faith.

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lutie Posted 18 Dec 2010 , 4:50pm
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michel30014, I saw a really cute nativity scene on Flickr... all they did was take a 2 layer cake with white fondant, and along the bottom of the cake they cut out a fondant skyline (tan colored) of what could be or is supposed to be Bethlehem. They had a Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus sitting on top...you could take your snow flakes and use them on the cake board and cut one to look like more like a stylized star, placing it behind the nativity scene... they also made the fondant a dark blue above the Bethlehem skyline...real cute and very simple, using what you have. Should not take long at all! icon_smile.gif
Merry Christmas!

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lutie Posted 18 Dec 2010 , 4:52pm
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Oh, I forgot to say, you could cut your cake in half and stack it...

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cownsj Posted 18 Dec 2010 , 5:07pm
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Our local church is having a pot luck dinner on the 19th too. I'm making a sheet cake for them and doing a stained glass window on top. Using chocolate frosting for the "lead" lines, then coloring piping gel and thinning it a little with tonic water for the "glass". I found a simple design by doing a google search for Christmas stained glass pattern. It's just three candles nestled into holly leaves and berries with a ribbon. Just a different way to go if you wanted to. There are some stained glass window cakes on here that can show you how beautiful they can be.

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playingwithsugar Posted 18 Dec 2010 , 5:22pm
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Are you doing a tiered cake?

What about something like this one -


Theresa icon_smile.gif

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aligotmatt Posted 18 Dec 2010 , 6:00pm
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I have this in my favorites (with a lot of other people, obviously). The figures are adorable and generally simple too...


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cabecakes Posted 18 Dec 2010 , 6:38pm
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aligotmatt...I love this cake. I added it to my favorites as well. I agree with genevieveyum about the snow in Bethlehem. Also probably Christmas trees, not so much. If you are going for the winter scene, maybe you could make a small hill out of RKT or cake with some children sledding with Christmas trees in the background and some snowmen off to the other side. Or if you want to do the nativity, I think the silohettes is a good idea too. But I really love the cake that aligotmatt suggested.

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michel30014 Posted 19 Dec 2010 , 12:08am
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Thanks everyone for your help!!! I appreciate it!!

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michel30014 Posted 20 Dec 2010 , 2:03pm
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Just wanted to say thanks again for all you guys' help. I wanted to update and share the cake I did. I agreed with those who said do one or the other but not both in the same cake! So, I went with the nativity scene. I already had the figures made. So, thanks again! I truly appreciate it!


Enjoy and I hope you like it. I appreciate all comments and any constructive criticism. icon_wink.gif

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genevieveyum Posted 20 Dec 2010 , 3:23pm
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Very nice job! The figures are great! I decided to go with a winter scene for our church's event and I'm glad I did because the coffee hour ended up being canceled (they had to reschedule an event because of the weather last week and no one told me so I was up all night maknig a cake only to be told that they weren't going to be having a reception after the service yesterday).

I ended up giving the cake to our neighbors for their family Christmas party yesterday since they're really good to us all year long! http://cakecentral.com/modules.php?name=gallery&file=displayimage&pid=1896054
Happy holidays everyone!

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