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KMKakes Posted 2 Dec 2010 , 7:22pm
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I am wondering a few questions about fondant: 1. How do you use it? 2. Even if it's MMF (heard alot about it on CC) how does it taste? 3. How do you keep it fresh? 4. How thick do you roll it out? 5. Does it hardened (air dry stiff) on cakes? 6. Does it take to gel color well? 7. Can it be flavored, if so, recommendations, please (I realize it could depend on the cake- but still.....)

Anyone other helpful information that will help me is appreciated.

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KateLS Posted 2 Dec 2010 , 7:45pm
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***Edit***'ve used fondant before.... Is there something you have more questions on? Your cakes with the fondant look great...

I suggest using the Wilton Fondant to get the idea of how it should feel, etc. It tastes awful, but it was great for me to understand how it should be when I make it myself.

1) You'll have to find out what style you like to use with your fondant-shortening, powdered sugar, cornstarch. But you roll it out (making sure to turn regularly so it doesn't stick.) and place it over a frosted cake. You smooth the sides down, cut off the bottom, and have a nicely smooth cake. Plus decorations, etc.
I suggest watching you tube videos to get an idea of how to use it. I watched tons of them, and it help a lot. As for putting it around the edges, work around the whole thing working your way down all around, like a spiral. Don't do one side at a time, you get more pleats that way. (hope that makes sense.)

2) Taste is quite different by recipe. My daughters always say it tastes like marshmallows. I, however find it unique and yummy.

3) Each recipe usually has it's own suggestion on how to store it and keep it fresh.

4) Thickness depends on what you or others like. To make it look better, less frosting and a bit thicker fondant (1/4 inch) is easier to work with. However, most people don't like a whole lot of fondant on their cakes. Personally, I put on normal amount of frosting and then roll mine out around 1/8ish inch. Also, when I first started, I found that I have an easier time putting it on store bought frosting that didn't crust so quickly.

5) How hard it dries depends on the recipe. It's really shouldn't be too hard. I once tried a mmf that was way too tough after putting it on the cake. My favorite, after trying a few different ones ins Michele Foster's Fondant.

6) Yes, it does. There are lots of videos of people coloring their fondant online. (I've even used regular food coloring I used for cookies, etc, and it worked fine.)

7)Yes you can flavor it. Trial and error to find out what you like. Usually though, it's to compliment the cake and so most just use a bit of vanilla flavoring.

HTH Good luck!!!

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KMKakes Posted 3 Dec 2010 , 1:18am
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@KateLS-"You have work with fondant before"

The one cake you are referring to was done over 6+months ago. 1. I have worked with fondant that one time, 2. I had no clue of what I was doing of what to be done 3. I didn't know how thick it should have been rolled out, why it was continually crack and pulling apart, how much buttercream should have been underneath (barely used much-I could see thru the cake-also didn't know if that should have been), tried to smooth with the fondant smoother but again the fondant keep tearing. I used gel colors was I suppose to do that?

Looking at your post, I did learn something I should have turned it regularly, it did stick to the surface I was using. I will look at youtube as suggested. With the excess what's on the cake and what's not on the cake,how long does it keep and what type of storage should be used for this type of covered cake and the storage of the extra fondant not on the cake,etc. Thanks for your post

I figured, as I stated that it depends on the cake, but is there one that's universal-with universal I am referring to this in the thought of buttercream-vanilla could go with a lot and become a base for other flavorings. Or if there is a flavor worth trying with homemade fondant, a flavor to mask the taste of Wilton's (per your post on taste), flavor to add to MMF (knowing surely this flavor won't go with everything. Now with the vanilla flavor issue of fondant- I realize that I can make vanilla flav fondant but does marshmallow fondant taste better with vanilla flavoring. i realize that this and everything else on this site depends on my taste and the client, but I am wondering what have worked for some. Does one fondant dry out faster than others (could someone note if homemade or store bought carries difference in this area too)

I am use to taking a class beforehand regarding th subject matter that I am working with and then having the opportunity of relying on the convenience of what it is suppose to look like what, feel like this or that, what to look for if this was to happen and what to notice when you are on the right track. For me I don't have that. I have tried for 3 months to take a gumpaste (something else I want to learn how to work with) and fondant class at either JoAnn fabric, Michael's or Hobby Lobby. They all need a minimium of 4 people to hold a class. At the most after driving over 35-40 miles one way to sign up, only me or only me and one other would sign up.

I have been asked to do a cake with fondant for someone that cares if it is done corectly. I am going to play with the product this weekend hence the reason for my post. I need to know if I am at least in the ballpark when working with it. I know that if I post it on CC I can get the help I need. CC members have never let me down so far....!!!!!

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KMKakes Posted 3 Dec 2010 , 1:24am
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To note: I don't want anyone to think that I was trying to be a smarty or was playing dumb just to get a response with posting on "HOW DO I?" As stated in my above/last post, I REALLY do need the questions/info posted. I need the confidence of being informed instead of going into this blindly.

Thanks ahead of time for the post all.

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SugarandSpice3674 Posted 3 Dec 2010 , 2:24am
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hi there, im stilla newb at cakes (about 6 months) i did take some decorating classes over the last few months so here is what i've learned so far.
-Get a smooth mat/surface to roll out ur fondant, whether it is the wilton roll and cut mat, a silicone mat or a piece of the clear vinyl u can buy from walmart (they sell it by the foot i believe). it helps maintain a smooth surface on ur fondant and even to transfer large pieces of fondant onto a cake (couple ways to do it, youtube is good source for tutorials)

-Storing fondant - I like to give my leftovers a thing coat of shortening and double wrap it in sawran wrap and either put that in a ziplock bag or an airtight container, ive done it with mmf and storebought, ive never heard of storing fondant in the fridge tho, just in the cupboard.

-storing cake covered in fondant- if fillings are nonperishable then room temp is the way to go, fondant can sweat if u put ur cake in the fridge

- if you have to refridgerate cuz of perishable fillings/icing , i was told when it is time to take out of the fridge u can put a cardboard box (brown corrugated kind) over cake and let it come to room temp in the box, it will absorb the condensation as it warms up, some people dont use a box, i have yet to refridgerate a fondant cake so im not sure what works best.

-vanilla goes with everything, i like using candy oils ( they r super concentrated) in fondant, icing ect. just takes a drop or two and u can find them in almost any flavour

-not too sure about one type of fondant drying out faster than another, i think if you store it well it'll be ok, definitly notice a taste difference in storebought and mmf tho, around here, most ppl think mmf is too sweet so im going to atempt the michelle foster recipe next week. one post (of course i cant find it) was talking about how mmf is 50% sweeter than regular fondant bc of the sugar in the marshmallow and the sugar added

-also noticed a huge difference in the elasticity between mmf and regular, regular fondant (storebought or homemade) has more elasticity from what i noticed.

- if ur buttercream or icing isnt smooth before u put the fondant on, u will c every bump, i found out the hard way lol.

after u get ur fondant on the cake when smoothing it on dont pull it down (around the sides), just gently smooth it onto the cake (not sure if i make sense, u'll c when u watch a few youtube vids)

I love working with fondant, it seemed intimidating at first, but each cake i do looks better and better and i become even more encouraged, hope to be as good as the amazing cakers here on CC one day.

i hope that helps a bit, and if anyone see's any info thats incorrect please feel free to correct me (i'm still learning too after all lol) icon_smile.gif

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KateLS Posted 3 Dec 2010 , 3:17am
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Definitely don't feel bad for asking!! I apologize if I came across negative in any way. After I wrote it all up, I noticed you had used fondant before and was a bit confused..

Yes, as for the flavoring, add it to liquids of the fondant while making it. I've only used butter flavor once to get a mock buttercream flavor. I haven't tried any others. I've never tried masking the flavor of wilton fondant. This is what Wilton says about it on their site. "Any type of flavoring can be used regular food flavors (vanilla, almond, etc.) or candy flavorings. Candy flavorings are very concentrated and should only be added by drops. Flavor the fondant lightly so it does not detract from the flavor of the cake. "

And when first learning, I think using thicker fondant is better than thinner. At least that's what I did and then each time tried to roll it out thinner. Also note that shortening can change the texture of the fondant. I sometimes alternate between shortening and ps to get the texture I desire.

Good luck!


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SugarandSpice3674 Posted 3 Dec 2010 , 3:24am
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awesome info and thanks for posting those links!

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KMKakes Posted 3 Dec 2010 , 4:25am
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Thanks everyone. You have given me a great start with the tips. I'll be researching and practicing more this weekend.

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