First Time Using Mmf For Cake Covering...pls Help!

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soledad Posted 13 Nov 2010 , 5:49pm
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I know all of you are busy today saturday, but I need to ask you all icon_redface.gif ....what can I do to MMF so that it will be easy to cover a 10in. and 6in. round cake? I have only use MMF for cookies and have notice it streches some...I was given a tip by linedancer which she has used for her cookiesa mixture of MFF+MMF(I believe Rhonda's) but as I understand she has not use it on a cake. My question is How do you make the MMF a little easier to handle?or Do you have any tips for the handleling of MMF for cake covering? Should I put more sugar in the recipe to make it stiffer? icon_confused.gif I am baking my mother's cake at this moment for tomorrow, and would like to decorated with MMF. Thank so much for your time and help! icon_smile.gif

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psychmom Posted 13 Nov 2010 , 6:08pm
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I haven't covered cookies in MMF, just cakes - Don't worry - just do it icon_smile.gif
Watch a How To on youtube - there are several to choose from and most are very helpful. I have been using cornstarch for rolling out the MMF - for me it depends on the weather we have - sometimes crisco works well while other times it gets too gooey and cornstarch is the winner. Depending on the cake theme I either use a little water on paintbrush/paper towel to get the cornstarch off or I steam it for a shiny look.
Good Luck
Sorry if I didn't answer what you needed - let me know

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metria Posted 13 Nov 2010 , 6:24pm
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i find it easier to work with MMF if it's a little warm. i'll nuke it in the microwave for just a few seconds and then knead it well. not too warm though or you'll have a goopy mess for a little while!

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galliesway Posted 13 Nov 2010 , 6:59pm
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What recipe are you using?

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sugarlovemom Posted 13 Nov 2010 , 7:20pm
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I used to use the regular MMF, the marsmallow, little water and 1lb of c. sugar.. tried for the first time rhonda's MMF and like it very much too... even though only changed the taste... that's the only fondant i used.... had an emergency one day and had to go buy wilton's.. hated it!!! I personally find MMF much easier to work with... and I also put it a few seconds on the microwave if it is not soft enough... to cover an 8' and a 6' i have used 1 batch only... but i'll recommend you to make 2 batches or at least 1 1/2 so you have extra if anything goes wrong or you just want to put some decoration on it... the remaining cover it with crisco and cover it well with saran wrap and it will last you a few weeks or even more.... hope this helps!

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soledad Posted 13 Nov 2010 , 7:21pm
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Thank you metria! That is what I will be doing icon_biggrin.gif Hope all goes well!
Will also follow your sugestion sychmon icon_smile.gif cornstarch for mat.
galliesway... the following is the recipe I am using. I was giving this by my teacher, everyone likes it on a cookie icon_smile.gif

1.- 1LB mini marshmallows
2.- 2 Tbs water
3.- ¼ cup crisco
4.- 2 Lbs 10x sugar
5.- 1 tsp vanilla

This will be my first cake with it icon_eek.gif and I am a little afraid but I will do it! and hope for the best icon_smile.gif I will be posting picture tomorrow.

Thank you again.


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Mom_of_one Posted 13 Nov 2010 , 7:46pm
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The mmf recipe I use is 16oz marsh, 4T water, and 2 lb pwdr sugar. It yields 3 lbs. Make it the day off , but let it sit atleast 1 hour before using. I grease my granite counter and then generously cover the greased area w pwdr sugar. To warm fondant, I kneed in my hand first then roll out. If you roll it too thin then you'll get some tearing when you cover. I like a very cold-not frozen, frosted cake. That way it can take the heat of your hands as you smooth the fondant. Take the cake out of the fridge as you start to roll out. It will condense a bit and the fondant will adhere nicely to the cake. Covering a cake is a bit hard to describe. Im sure eveyone has their own way. I roll up the fondant around my rolling pin, hold that above the front of the cake then unroll as I move drom front to back. Pick somewhere to start on a side of the cake. One hand smooths and the other hand is underneath the
Smoothing hand "fanning" out the fondant to avoid wrinkles. After the cake is Covered, I will take some of the left over fondant and warm t in my hands then use it to rub on the cake to remove any pwdr sugar. You can typically then refrigerate the cake if you are not able to get all the pwdr sugar off because it will slightly condense and dissolve any left over pwdr sugar. You can also just leave the cake out in open air if you're happy w the look as is. I prefer NOT to wet the cake because it leaves the fondant streaky.

That might have been more than you were asking. icon_smile.gif good luck. Let us know how it goes and maybe post a pic. I still have yet to upload any as I mainly just use my iPhone icon_sad.gif

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cabecakes Posted 13 Nov 2010 , 7:52pm
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That is basically the same recipe I use, except omitting the shortening. I just use the shortening on my hands while I'm working with the fondant. You fondant should set overnight to become the right texture. Sometimes if you try to work with fresh fondant it can be a pain. I roll mine between 2 vinyl mats and lift directly onto the cake. Super easy. You may want to check out this video on youtube

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galliesway Posted 13 Nov 2010 , 8:09pm
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I have great success with Macsmom's recipe:

It's super easy and easy to work with.

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psychmom Posted 13 Nov 2010 , 9:12pm
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I also use Macsmom MMF - I like it a lot! I used the regular MMF then I found macsmom icon_smile.gif

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soledad Posted 14 Nov 2010 , 12:02am
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Ok, everyone!Just in case you want to know icon_rolleyes.gif I was not planning on covering the 16in. board with fondant but...that is what I did to get the feeling for it, so I made two batches oh MMF for the cakes which I am planning on using around 1am...yes I will be working on it until very late icon_cry.gif I really want it to come well. It is for my mother. She will be 78yrs party.gif I though the vinyl idea was wonderful I had forgoten reading about therefoe I have the vinyls ( the fabric store one... I just can not buy the other one moneywise). icon_sad.gif Anyway, so I say to myself, lets do it! It was not hard rolling it , it did not tear. I did not use two vinyls, just one underneath because I saw that it did not stick to rolling pin. icon_biggrin.gif When I had the size of board, I put the board on top of MMF I turnned it over with the vinyl still adhere to the fondant, and VOILA!!!!
at that moment I did not know what to do, I had both of my hands ocupied icon_eek.gif
So very slowly ,I let go of the vinyl and started pulling it off...that was a little hard. I though that at any moment it would tear the fondant and I would had to start again! I was lucky everything went well. I did smooth it with the warm of my hand , thanks also for that tip because I ran out of viva towels! I am feeling more confident now, because the rest should be a piece of cake! (Ha...HA) The tiers are smaller 91/2 in. 8in and 6in. but I am seriously thinking of just making the 91/2in and the 6in.. The six in. will be carrot cake, I have to go to the store to get the carrots icon_cry.gif
I will check on the new MMF recipe on my little niece's bithday Dec 5th ok? . Thank you everyone!! Thank you very much!!! thumbs_up.gif


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psychmom Posted 14 Nov 2010 , 1:26am
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So glad things are going well icon_smile.gif Hope it turns out the way you want!!

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soledad Posted 18 Nov 2010 , 12:44am
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Just in case you are wondering about my "odessy" with MMF everything came out pretty! and it was not as difficult as I though it would be icon_surprised.gif . I did not even get to taste it! I ended up eating the crumbs that were left on the cake board! icon_biggrin.gif I was so happy everyone liked it! Thank you for the help and support! thumbs_up.gif . I know I can count on all of you! icon_smile.gif Till next time.
I will try to upload photo here, so far I have not been able attach photos to the forum, but you can see it, in my photo gallery.

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