Pumpkin Cheesecake- Converting A Recipe

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cheatize Posted 22 Oct 2010 , 2:42am
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I've used this cheesecake recipe for years:


Everyone loves it. I've even made it in a nearly sugar-free version that's very popular. Now I'm wondering if I can convert this recipe to a pumpkin cheesecake one. I know I'd add in pumpkin pie spice, but my brain goes blank after that. Can I add canned pumpkin? If I do, should I increase, decrease, or replace something else? The consistency of the original recipe (baked) is somewhat dense. The unbaked batter is on the thin side. It bakes up to about 4 inches tall, but there's a lot of batter to start with. That's all the info I can think of to give you to help you know if I can convert this.


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G_Cakes Posted 22 Oct 2010 , 2:56am
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I just looked at the recipe and what I would do is reduce the cream cheese from 3 bricks to 2 and add the smae amount of pumpkin as the brick of cream cheese.... this should give you a great starting point to play around with...


Miss Lizzy

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jenscreativity Posted 22 Oct 2010 , 3:01am
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OR you can use the one on here!! It's awesome!! A lot of compliments on it!!

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scp1127 Posted 22 Oct 2010 , 2:49pm
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Use the same amount of cream cheese, make the filling, take some out, add pumpkin, etc, then use it as a marbled swirl. Gingersnaps make a great crust. Just suggesting this because the consistency is less changed from the original recipe, so less room for problems. My best pumpkin cheesecake is a swirl.

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cheatize Posted 22 Oct 2010 , 11:51pm
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When you bite into the swirl, it doesn't taste funny? Plain canned pumpkin isn't something I'd think to eat.

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scp1127 Posted 23 Oct 2010 , 12:47pm
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cheatize, pull out some of your cheesecake batter, add pumpkin and spices, then swirl back in. The reason I didn't offer the recipe is because mine is full sugar and I know how important those tried and true recipes are. If you want, I will get my recipe so that you can compare your baking times, etc. You know those RARE occasions when you try a recipe and it is perfect the first time? That is my pumpkin recipe and it sounds like yours is the same way. I'll start digging so we can compare and see if it will work.

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scp1127 Posted 23 Oct 2010 , 1:15pm
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Found it! My filling has 16 oz cream cheese, 3 tbsp ap flour, 2/3 c sugar, vanilla, 1/2 tsp ground ginger, 4 eggs. Then measure 2 c filling, set aside. Add to remaining: 2/3 c pumpkin, 1/4 c brown sugar, 1/4 tsp each nutmeg and cinnamon. Plain cheesecake goes in crust. Spoon pumpkin mixture on top, then swirl. I noted that colder cream cheese mixtures make a better swirl, so I think I put it in the refrigerator before I swirled it. Bake at 350 for 50 to 55 minutes. The crust is 1 1/2 c crushed gingersnaps, 1/3 c melted burtter, t tbsp ap flour, but I increase all for more crust. I hope this helps. I would just adjust it out to what capacity your batter makes. I think the flour in the batter is probably for more stability with the wetter pumpkin added.

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cheatize Posted 23 Oct 2010 , 1:36pm
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I thought about mixing the batter and pumpkin to do the swirl after I last posted. Yeah, it took me a minute to realize I had a "duh" moment when I read your swirling suggestion. LOL

I don't need it to be sugar-free. I wrote that to let you know that I know the recipe is adaptable if it can handle a big change like that.

I made a pumpkin cheesecake last night. At first, I subbed one of the cream cheeses for pumpkin, but it didn't look right, so I added it back in. It baked up okay but the texture is more mousse than cream cheese and it's almost completely lost the cream cheese flavor.

I'm thinking your swirl method might be the way to go now, except adding in Loran pumpkin flavoring to the regular cheesecake part. Once I'm satisfied that I have the full sugar version the way I want it, then I'll move one to making it sugar-free so I'll have that in my repertoire, too. Thanks for the recipe! I'll keep playing with it over the next week.

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scp1127 Posted 23 Oct 2010 , 2:05pm
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The swirl part makes plenty of pumpkin flavor. I thought it would be a lighter flavor but it wasn't. Also this is a dense cheesecake. Good luck!

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