Need Some "got Day!" Ideas, Please!

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penguinprincess Posted 24 Sep 2010 , 2:30am
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Hello! We adopted our eldest daughter 5 years ago on 10/5. She was 15 months old. Her birthday is in the summertime and is was bummed last year that everyone took in cupcakes into class (she is in Kindergarten) for their birthday.

We always celebrate the day she came into our family-- we call it her Got Day! She asked if she could take in cupcakes into her class on her Got Day. I thought it was a great idea, but I have NO CLUE what to do for them! When I asked her what she wanted, all she said was, "I trust you, Mom!". Really? I need a bit more than that, but I love the confidence she has in me!

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for any cute toppers, ect. I could make for her cupcakes? She is soo excited!

My (favorite) cousin's birthday is on 10/1, so I will only have a couple of days to get them done.

ANY ideas would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you in advance!

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KJ62798 Posted 24 Sep 2010 , 2:45am
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Rather than trying to match the cupcakes to the "Got Day" why not do girly things that interest her. Does she like flowers? Butterflies?

I have a cupcake book similar to Hello Cupcake that has cute cuppies where the frosting is under the dome of the cupcake. The rounded part gets cut off and a cute small heart or flower gets cut out of the middle. Frosting goes on the cut part and the top goes back on so the frosting smooshes up into the cutout. For chocolate, they dusted w/powdered sugar. Very cute & the frosting would be more "contained" for little fingers.


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playingwithsugar Posted 24 Sep 2010 , 2:52am
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My heart is overjoyed to know someone who opened up their heart and home to a child who needed a family.

My question is -

Are her classmates already aware that she is adopted? Little children can be cruel, and all it takes is one child who is not receptive to the idea of her being an adopted child to convince the others that she is "different".

Please do not think that I am trying to discourage you - as an old parent who helped raise several children (kids of friends/family who needed me for a while). I am just trying to warn you as to what may transpire.

In the meantime, Got Day is a great way to celebrate her becoming a member of your family.

The first thing that comes to my mind is a cupcake cake designed to match a picture she draws of her family. Unfortunately, you will need an art program with an adjustable grid on it to plot out how to decorate each individual cupcake. Do you have that on your computer?

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imagenthatnj Posted 24 Sep 2010 , 3:21am
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penguinprincess, I think I have way too many ideas/photos/websites downloaded into my folders.

I think regardless of what her classmates know or not about your daughter, it's great that she gets to celebrate. I mean, she does have her own birthday, as everyone does, so she's only moving the celebration to October. That's how I see it. I wish I had two dates to celebrate! It's a bummer when your birthday falls in the summer.

Without knowing what your daughter likes, it's kind of difficult to know what her cupcakes should look like. I hope I'm not going to overwhelm you. Here are a few from my list:

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penguinprincess Posted 24 Sep 2010 , 3:31am
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To Kristy: I smiled at the girly things idea. She is our little tomboy that only does girly things b/c of her little sister who is the biggest girly girl.

When she turned 4 yo I did a soccer themed cake and cupcakes. WHen she turned 5, I did a Shamu cake. For 6 y.o, I did a spiderman cake. Hubby says I should do something different than the precious ones. I like the idea of the frosting contained in the cupcake. I have never seen that Thank you for the idea!!

To Theresa: It was perfect-- She needed a family and I (we) needed our daughter!! She has been though quite a journey to get to us, but she is wonderful and honestly the happiest girl you have ever met! She has honestly NEVER had a cranky/grumpy day since we have gotten her!! How many people, especially children do you know who are like that?!

Anyway, I appreaciate your concern. She is actually repeating Kindergarten and I was TERRIFIED of how the other kiddos would treat her. So far, her classmates seem to actually look up to her and she has not been teased by anyone-- even by the kiddos that were her classmates last year. Her teacher this year is a friend of our from church and was one of her preschool teachers when we did a co-op. Our daughter is from Guatemala so she has very beautiful, but different features than her classmates. Her teacher talked to the kiddos in preschool about adoption when they asked about her skin color. But I was friends with all the moms and the kids new us.

I know she was very open about being adopted with her classmates last year and everyone thought it was cool. They had to take pictures and talk about themselves. So far, so good. But I know it can just take one child and one bad day. Our daughter is proud to be adopted and I hope this will be a good experience. I will be there in case the kids have any questions. Our girls look different from each other, but they both know they are our girls! (I once even had a woman at the grocery store come up to me and ask me if she was adopted. I turns out this woman was also adopted from Guatemala!!)

Sorry about the rambling. I am pretty proud of her! I will have to ask my hubby if we have an adjustable grid on the computer. He is the computer man! Thank you for the idea! I will post a pic! Feel free to shoot me more ideas!!

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penguinprincess Posted 24 Sep 2010 , 3:32am
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Sorry for the duplicate post! It was taking forever and not posting, then I hit refresh-- and then posted twice.

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matthewkyrankelly Posted 24 Sep 2010 , 3:32am
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Think kid! Color and lots of it! Contrasting sprinkles and sugars. I would go with bright primaries and secondaries - construction paper colors - crayola markers. You could kill yourself decorating, but little kids love picks in their cupcakes.

If you could even swirl multi-colored frosting - I can see kids going nuts for those.

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playingwithsugar Posted 24 Sep 2010 , 3:43am
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Glad to hear that the kids already know about how she Got into your family.

So, now that I've given it more thought, in case you don't have a grid feature in your art program -

There are some cupcake grids that Doug made up for us a while ago. You can find them in the sketches and templates section of the gallery. Unfortunately, you have to go through all the pages of that section until you find the one you need.

Try printing the cupcake grid size you need on some tracing paper or very sheer paper, then lay it on top of her drawing. Trace the drawing onto the sheer paper, then use it as your template for decorating the cupcakes.

I can't wait to see the pics!

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KJ62798 Posted 24 Sep 2010 , 3:58am
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Here's a link to a blog w/pics of the cuppies w/the tops cut off & replaced. The ones in my book had a thicker layer of frosting so it smooshed up into the cut-out. I'm sure they piped more frosting into the opening as well.


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