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Rachie204 Posted 10 Sep 2010 , 2:29am
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Can I have a moment to whine please... icon_smile.gif

I am having a really hard "cake phase" lately it seems like every cake gives me issue after issue and by the time I get done I swear i don't want to do another...of course I later agree to do just that icon_smile.gif

anyways as we speak I have my second kitchen in the process of being built and I'm getting discouraged thinking maybe I shouldn't try and pursue this dream....i really want it but i'm second guessing myself.

Also I am having a hard time getting a chance to cake since school has started back. My son has always gone to private school that didn't start until 9 or so in the mornings, but now he has to be at public school no later than 7:30 which means I have to get up every morning at 4:30 so I can no longer stay up until 2:00 finishing a cake. And since we have a toddler napping while our son is at school is not an option.

What should I do...i'm super torn.

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Kellbella Posted 10 Sep 2010 , 2:55am
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Sounds like you need to take a break for a a few weeks maybe. I had some issues with my last few cakes and wanted to throw in the towel...but I just finished a cake today and it turned out so great I can't wait to make another. As far as the kids...I can't help you there...I'm not a mom but I work 2 jobs in the real world and know how frustrating it can be to find time to "cake". Keep your chin up and things will work out the way they ought to be thumbs_up.gif

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Rachie204 Posted 10 Sep 2010 , 3:15am
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thanks kellbella...

I probably should have mentioned that hubby just got a new job that is adding some stress to the situation...less money for the time being, and eventually will turn into shift work icon_sad.gif

Of course less money makes it even more difficult to finish my kitchen while at the same time less money means I really need to be caking to bring in some extra income...

I think your right about the break thing...too bad I already committed to 3 different cakes this next week!

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cakesbycathy Posted 10 Sep 2010 , 4:18am
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Sounds like the stress is affecting your work.
Finish the upcoming orders and then take a month or so off. Chances are you will get the "cake itch" again and you will come back refreshed.

Good luck.

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emrldsky Posted 10 Sep 2010 , 2:04pm
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You might just need to pace yourself. I find that my decorating skills suffer when I'm stressed and feel pinched for time. I get all worked up over it.

But I've since discovered a baking/decorating pace that I can live with, and my cakes have been much better.

I do agree that having problems with cakes can be discouraging, but it's kind of like marriage: you gotta make it through the rough patches in order to experience all the good things too. icon_wink.gif

Good luck, and I'm sure you'll weather this all just fine!

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iluvpeeks Posted 10 Sep 2010 , 10:27pm
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I can remember when my children (all adults w/kids of their own) would start the new school year, it seemed as though there would never be another organized morning or day in sight. Now I have to laugh, cause my kids say the same thing. They all work like I did, and ask me how I ever had things so organized! I think once you set yourself back into a pattern, or schedule, you'll be okay. Just keep saying to yourself, this too shall pass. I was a single parent raising 4 by myself, and we all survived!

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kansaslaura Posted 11 Sep 2010 , 4:35am
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As a mom whose youngest is now in college I have to ask.. why are you getting up at 4:30?? Are there things that could be done the night before, or maybe on the weekend to prepare and make mornings more.. HUMAN?

Are you having to drive him to school? Is there a super-early bus to catch? Don't give up just yet, there has to be a way to ease some of this stress.

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tesso Posted 11 Sep 2010 , 5:58am
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take some time off, let yourself get used to the new schedule. It is quite a shock to the system changing routines. especially wake up ones!!

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Rachie204 Posted 11 Sep 2010 , 12:27pm
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thanks eveyone...

kansaslaura~yes we live in a poor school area so the board of education gave me permission to send him to a wonederful Elem. school but I must provide transportation. School starts at 7:30 and they must be in their room by then or they are "Tardy"...this means I have to drop him of at 7 :15 in order for him to walk to his class. He is a very slow In order to be there at 7:15 we have to leave home at 7:00 sharp. I have to get him up at 5:30 just so that he will have time to eat brush his teeth and hair and get dressed...takes him an hour and a half. (and no he isn't playing at all)....So since I have to get him up at 5:30 I get up at 4:30-4:45 when my husband does for work so that I can have time to get myself together. I wish there were another way but his school only allows 5 tardy's a year before they get the department of family and children services involved!....horrifies me

Oh and that is 1st (looks like they will be well prepared for college icon_smile.gif

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kansaslaura Posted 11 Sep 2010 , 1:03pm
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If I may--since I've walked in your shoes make a suggeston... Start now in changing the S-L-O-W pace he's keeping.

Provide incentives--not bribes, not payments. But incentives. I would make charts for things we needed to work on. Tackle one issue at a time. Start trimming minutes of tasks and after a week of meeting that time frame, he's rewarded with (fill in something that would mean a lot, but not necessarily cost $$... maybe getting to sit in a special spot at dinner, ride shotgun for a week...Pick out the kind of pizza for Friday night..)

Then trim a little more.

Helping him to finish tasks quicker will serve him SO well in life, for one thing he can move on to more interesting and FUNNNN things icon_smile.gif

I'm sure his assignments in the classroom are slowly completed as well, causing him and the teacher frustration at times when he needs to be moving to a new task. When my daughter became frustrated in 2nd grade it snowballed into full blown school-hating. We were able to work through it, thankfully.

Ahh.. I miss my "little" kids. Thank goodness God has seen fit to bless me with a granddaughter!!

..and 5 tardies before family services are called in?? NO wonder you're stressing. In the "good old days" we just missed a recess or wrote some sentences.

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Rachie204 Posted 12 Sep 2010 , 3:13am
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thanks laura for the advice...we were working on that some last year but have gotten a little slack and you are right about the class room pace...(last year anyways)...this year he hasn't had an issue so far. (thank goodness) ...yeah the tardy thing is insane and only 2 unexcused absences...(an excused absence is only one that you have a doctors note for)....heck when I was in school if Mama or daddy wrote a note saying "please Excuse..." it was an excused absence. Crazy

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kansaslaura Posted 12 Sep 2010 , 3:54pm
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Anytime! I'm old school in my thinking. It makes more sense to me to turn to an older mom and see what worked for her than to have to listen to the blahblahblah of some expert who has either never had children or haven't had children with issues that you're dealing with.

I'm here for you! Mothering should be the biggest joy in your life, not something that causes stress day in and day out.

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kellikrause Posted 12 Sep 2010 , 6:34pm
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I have a slow mover too( she is almost 14 now and drives me nuts with the slowness!!). We have 4 kids, 3 go to school at 2 different schools on the complete opposite sides of town that start at the same time with no transportation provided! We do everything the night before, pack backpacks, make lunches, lay out clothes and shower. Shoes need to be by the door so we don't have one missing icon_smile.gif when it's time to leave. I also try to think of stuff they can eat in the car if need be, but that rarely happens. Our 5 year old gets up between 7 and 7:15 and we have to leave at 7:45. Having everything done the night before really helps and eliminates a lot of stress for me. Maybe you should take a break, or break up your caking a little bit. Bake early in the week and freeze a few days. Make buttercream or fondant one day and store, make filling a day and store, etc., so you don't have it all to do at once, making a huge mess to clean up at once!

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