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StephW Posted 20 Jul 2010 , 2:27am
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A friend at work has ordered 4 dozen mocha flavor cupcakes from me for Friday. I had never made mocha and I don't drink coffee at all, so I made some mocha cupcakes with cappuccino smbc for my dad's bd party on Saturday (in my pics) so I could try them out. I used the white almond sour cream recipe but let out the almond and used instant coffee dissolved in hot water for the flavoring. They got great reviews from guests at the party.

However, my friend bought 6 small little bottles of liquers for me to use for the cupcakes, but I don't know if I can use liquer in the actual cake or if it would just work in the icing. Also, I am wondering if I would still need the instant coffee if I use these liquers. Not sure the coffee flavor would be strong enough. She brought me 2 small bottles of regular Kahlua, 2 of Mocha Kahlua, 1 of Godiva white chocolate liquer and 1 Godiva chocolate liquer.

Anyone use liquers in their cakes and do you think this would be strong enough or should I use the coffee as well?


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StephW Posted 20 Jul 2010 , 11:04am
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pouchet82 Posted 20 Jul 2010 , 11:27am
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When \\i made a mocha cake I used the WASC recipe, 1 white cake mix plus 1 chocolate cake mix. You could definitely use the godiva choc as part of your liquid and I would use kahlua for the filling.

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esq1031 Posted 20 Jul 2010 , 11:34am
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I think the best thing to do would be to make whatever cake you planned on, chocolate is probably best. If you do chocolate cake, you can add some instant coffee like you did on Sat. to get some coffee flavor in the cake itself. then you make a simple syrup with the liquor and pour it on your cake which will soak it up. Just poke some holes in the top of your cooled cake, place it on a cooling rack and pour on the liquor. Just be careful not to saturate it because you don't want a soggy cake. By making a simple syrup you cook out all the liquor. If you want a "happy" party, then just add the liquor by itself.


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pouchet82 Posted 20 Jul 2010 , 12:48pm
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I forgot to add that I used espresso as part of my liquid and mocha yogurt instead of sour cream

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andysprite Posted 20 Jul 2010 , 4:42pm
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When I make my mocha cake/frosting I use strong fresh brewed coffee in place of any liquid in the cake. For the frosting I use the Starbucks Via instant coffee. I dissolve an entire packet into a couple tablespoons of heavy whipping cream before I add it to my frosting. I've found that the Starbucks stuff gives a much richer coffee flavor and it has become one of my most popular flavors.
If you wanted to incorporate some of the liquor you could "spike" the coffee before using it in the cake. I know NOTHING about liquor but I'm guessing that a tablespoon or two would go a long way.
Good luck!

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StephW Posted 20 Jul 2010 , 9:48pm
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Thank you all for the input!

In the cupcakes I made on Saturday, I used a french vanilla cake mix and added some coffee and mini chocolate chips. I think I will stick with that basic combo and add some of the liquers to the mix and to the icing. I think the godiva liquer will add a nice note of additional chocolate, but I think a chocolate cake mix will be more chocolate than she's looking for.

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CiNoRi Posted 9 Oct 2010 , 1:47pm
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I know this thread has been around a while but i wanted to comment for anyone who might still be interested.

You can use liquors, like you use flavored extracts, i substitute them out all the time if a recipe called for 1tsp of a given extract... i might add 2 or 3 tsps. the liquors work great in baked goods as well as frostings.

Also when making cakes that you would like to "spike"...put a good liquor or Rum in a spray bottle and spray the unfrosted cake.... I use a spray bottle just so i can control how evenly it goes on, as well as to not over saturate a given area.

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CiNoRi Posted 9 Oct 2010 , 1:54pm
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Also had a thought..... im actually in the need of this flavor and was wondering if anyone has ever used the "Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake" recipe from CakemommyTX (

I love this cake normally but i was thinking about changing out the Choco milk to coffee (or an actual Latte if you think the milk in particular is important) instead of sour cream use coffee yogurt....

With all the chocolate, do you think the coffee flavor will come through?
what do you think?

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StephW Posted 9 Oct 2010 , 2:17pm
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I actually just did this same thing this past week for the same friend who ordered the original mocha cupcakes. The first time she wanted a coffee cupcake with some chocolate flavor. This time she wanted a dark choc. cupcake with coffee flavor added. I love making things for her because she likes to try different things.

Anyways, I only needed about half the recipe so I didn't use the two mixes. I just used the one dark choc mix. I replaced the chocolate milk with coffee and I added two little bottles of mocha kahlua. The coffee taste didn't come thru too strong... but coffee enhances the chocolate flavor. I could have made the coffee stronger, but I think overall you are going to get a predominant chocolate flavor here.

The icing was a mocha flavor so that added to the coffee taste.

So it can work, but the chocolate will always be the strongest flavor in the cupcake.

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CiNoRi Posted 9 Oct 2010 , 2:19pm
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cool thanks!

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CiNoRi Posted 12 Oct 2010 , 1:23am
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I went ahead and made the Triple Chocolate Fudge cake recipe changing out the water and vanilla, i also only used Dark Chocolate Fudge cake mix... It turned out very tasty but yes i think it needs more coffee flavor....

1 box BC Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake (w/ mini choco chips) (***used another box of DH Dark Fudge Cake)
1 box DH Dark Chocolate Fudge cake
1 1/2 cups flour
1/2 cup cocoa
2 cups sourcream (***Used vanilla yogurt, added coffee liquor to taste)
2 4oz pkg chocolate fudge instant pudding
8 eggs
1 cup veg oil
2 2/3 cup chocolate milk (***Used Espresso)
2 tsp vanilla (1 tsp vanilla & 1 Tbs Coffee liquor
1/2 cup mini choco chips (***Left these out, but will make again with them)

Instead of using just coffee, i brewed up some espresso. I figured it would be more "coffee flavor" than normal brewed....(do you think i should use a latte instead of just espresso?)
I also added coffee liquor instead of the vanilla (and added some to the sour cream/ i use yogurt
The odd part is it looks like some the liquor seemed to sink to the bottom of the cake (i mixed it all in well with my stand mixer like every other cake i have made)... has anyone ever had this happen?

If you have an ideas on how to keep the flavor from "sinking" or have suggestions on making this have more coffee flavor id be greatful!
Can anyone think of other ways to add more coffee flavor to this?

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