Refridgerating Fondant Cakes? Techniques?

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Annie8 Posted 20 Apr 2010 , 6:35pm
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I was reading an article where Collette Peters said you could wrap a fondant covered cake with saran wrap and keep it in the fridge. Do any of you have success with this? I've gotten some feedback from other decorators who put fondant covered cakes in the fridge without saran wrap and have no problems and from other decorators who say, "No fridge!" I will be using Satin Ice fondant.


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ceshell Posted 20 Apr 2010 , 7:13pm
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Interesting article. I can't imagine why you'd need to wrap it in plastic wrap at all?? Unless it is a shared fridge and you need to keep other flavors from permeating your cake. The only other reason I could think of would be for really long term storage, to prevent the fondant from drying out, but at that point my mind would think "freezing" so the wrap would be to prevent freezer burn.

You can fridge or not fridge, but if you fridge it, I don't think you need the plastic wrap.

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Annie8 Posted 22 Apr 2010 , 2:09pm
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It's not a shared fridge. I just wasn't sure what to do since some people say NEVER to put the fondant covered cake in the fridge. So many mixed messages! icon_surprised.gif

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ceshell Posted 22 Apr 2010 , 5:28pm
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Yeah, I used to hear that too, then I started reading CC and how many people refrigerated their cakes. There are tons who don't but it is often a matter of convenience, not because there is an issue with refrigerating fondant. I have refrigerated nearly every fondant cake I've made.

The one consistent thing I do read about the risk of fondant in the fridge, is if you live in a SUPER humid area. Also personally I find my MMF cakes tend to stay shiny even after they've been out of the fridge for a while, so I switched to Michele Foster's Fondant. Commercial fondant refrigerates fine.

Anyway if you DO put it in the fridge, absolutely positively do NOT put plastic wrap on it! You DON'T want to trap moisture in. The best choice would be to put it in a cake box in the fridge. Good luck!

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Annie8 Posted 22 Apr 2010 , 11:01pm
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Thank you Ceshell for the helpful information. At least it isn't too humid in Iowa yet to affect things dramatically. In a couple months, that'll be a different story.

Thanks and your feedback is much appreciated!

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forthwife Posted 22 Apr 2010 , 11:17pm
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I live in Florida. If you refrigerate a fondant covered cake here, after coming to room temperature it is like a half eaten lolipop. Sticky and GROSS. It's a bummer because I like icing w/o shortening...thus you must refrigerate. I should move icon_wink.gif

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bobwonderbuns Posted 22 Apr 2010 , 11:28pm
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I've refrigerated fondant cakes with no problem at all. I do this with the tiered cakes because they take forever to decorate. Oh and I use Satin Ice fondant primarily. When I first refrigerated a fondant cake, I just put it in my cake refrigerator (the spare frig I have.) Nothing else in it when I do a cake (don't need any extra smells or tastes getting into that cake!) I didn't wrap it with plastic wrap and the edges (the area from the top to the sides) got, I don't know how to describe it, but it looked like an old lady's skin, all weird. I put shortening on it and that helped a little but not before the damage was done. Now I smear it with shortening, wrap it LOOSELY with plastic wrap and when I take it out, leave it on the counter to come to room temp, then remove the plastic wrap. The fondant doesn't dry out, the condensation goes away and life is good. If you touch the cake before it comes to room temp, you will leave fingerprints which you can't get rid of. That's my experience.

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scionmom Posted 22 Apr 2010 , 11:39pm
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I usually refrigerate my cakes with the fondant on them and have no issue. However I am working on one now an have it in the fridge, and when I took it out today it started getting all sticky and the BC underneath started bulging and looking horrible. I am thinking it is the humidity.. it is at 90% today. I am really kicking myself right now! But anyways, it normally does not bother them at all!!

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Mama_Mias_Cakes Posted 22 Apr 2010 , 11:44pm
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It also depends on the kind of fondant. I use Satin Ice and per the company their fondants can be refrigerated. I do not have issues with refrigeration is I have to such as when I'm using a perishable filling. The 2nd brand that I have access to is Pettinice. Now, they do not recommend refrigeration so I have not refrigerated it. Try contacting the company and asking them. I do not make MMF, so I cannot tell you how that stands up to refrigeration.

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Tracy7953 Posted 22 Apr 2010 , 11:55pm
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I make Rhonda's MMF and have refrigerated it. It keeps its shape nicely but I always make the cake for someone else so I have never kept the cake to see what happens. I just tell my clients to keep it in the fridge until an hour or so before eating. I need to do a test and see for myself what happens.

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jolmk Posted 23 Apr 2010 , 2:35am
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Massa brand (albert Uster foods) is a refrigerator stable fondant.


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forthwife Posted 23 Apr 2010 , 4:29am
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I have used MMF, Satin Ice, Wilton (beginners mistake!) and NONE of survived refrigeration in humid and VERY hot Florida summers. Winter you can pull it off.

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