This Last Cake Gave Me The Blues.

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tame Posted 11 Apr 2010 , 11:09pm
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My diaper bag cake which is in my photos gave me a heck of a time. icon_cry.gif I mean every thing that could go wrong went wrong. I did not have the 3 inch deep pans that helipops recomended so i use two 11x5 and and cut them into 5 layers. I think i end up cutting the cake the wrong way, My fondant for some reason kept tearing apart, I could not get the layers of fondant pieces to meet correctly ( measure and cut pieces incorrectly) , I had to replace piece after piece of fondant because for some reason it would dry and fall apart. I spent 15 hours on this cake, yes 15 hours and i was so upset with the outcome, Eve thought this was my first time carving a cake and my first time using this much fondant on a cake, I still feel like i should have done a better job. I am really cut out for this icon_confused.gif

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tame Posted 12 Apr 2010 , 10:40am
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This cake is bothering me so much that i have decided to do another one I am going to find the correct pans, use another fondant , i use mff this time I was going to order satin ice but i have read a post as to where this was not doing as well also. I know the concept now and i hope and pray that i do a better job.
Thanks for letting me vent

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Texas_Rose Posted 12 Apr 2010 , 10:47am
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I'm sorry no one answered your first post about it.

Your color scheme is really cute and the shape of the cake looks right. The fondant looks like it was too dry. Try using crisco on your work surfaces when you roll out the fondant, instead of using powdered sugar. Also, a clay extruder would make it a lot easier to do the trim on the bag.

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tame Posted 12 Apr 2010 , 11:07am
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texas rose, can you give me a clue on a good fondant ? Thanks so much for responding this was really bothering me.

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Texas_Rose Posted 12 Apr 2010 , 11:14am
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I just use basic marshmallow fondant. The recipe I use is 2 lbs powdered sugar, 1 lb marshmallows and 1/4 cup water. I usually add some lorann's flavoring to it too, the amount depends on the flavor I'm using. I make it with the dough hook on the kitchen aid, and it always ends up taking all the sugar that the recipe calls for. If you make it with your mixer, grease the dough hook and the bowl really well and then pour the marshmallow in before you put the powdered sugar in. Don't turn the mixer higher than 2 when you're using the dough hook. The fondant is soft right after it's made, wrap it up and let it rest overnight and it will be easier to work with.

The other thing is, when you're covering a rectangle or square with separate sections, you can stick the section on the cake and trim the excess off with kitchen scissors, so don't worry if it stretches a little bit when you pick it up or you cut the piece too big, just cut off the excess. As long as you do it in a straight line, it will look perfect.

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dalis4joe Posted 12 Apr 2010 , 11:27am
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I think it came out pretty good... and don't be so hard on urself... it took along time but this is was first carved cake and the first time u used a lot of fondant... like Sugar said... I do prefer MMF... works better for me (I add grycerin to it) and now u know what NOT to do next time... as u do more... ur time will shorten...

Good Luck and don't give up....

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miss_sweetstory Posted 12 Apr 2010 , 11:34am
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Hi Tame,
I think that bag is pretty darn cute... particularly for your 1st carved cake.

I agree with Tx Rose that the fondant looks like it might be a bit dry... that look can also come from under-kneaded fondant. I'm prompted to suggest this by the way the cracking looks on the blue trim. To make sure your fondant is kneaded enough, press some between your thumb and forefinger. It should flatten out with smooth edges. If the edge still has a crumbly appearance, knead a bit more.

Also, make sure that you are keeping your fondant well-covered when not working with it. I've been caught with dry fondant several times, after something on the cake took longer to do than I thought it would.

The next cake will go better. Every single one is a learning experience... and you are a bit wiser every time. icon_smile.gif

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tame Posted 12 Apr 2010 , 11:59am
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Thanks texas rose ,dalis4joe , miss sweetstory

I did not know about the kneading concept and texas rose i will try the mmf thanks for the recipe. dalis 4joe how much gycerin do i add to it and when? yes the fondant was very very very dry. yet, it was not dry at first it had started to dry out on the cake it was so dry that i did the t shirt and it crack into too. The strap was blue at first and it crack too so i just made a thick white one.

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