How Much To Charge For Extra Samples?

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MikeRowesHunny Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 12:28pm
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I have a bride who is definitely booking her cake with me, but she is now interested in a flavour that she didn't try at her tasting and is asking for a 'small sample' of it. At the tasting they got 12 cupcakes in 3 different flavours for free. I kinda feel that I shouldn't have to make yet another flavour without some payment. I just don't know what to say - you can order a 6in cake for my minimum order price (75 euros), or make her half a dozen cupcakes for X amount? She is spending a decent amount for her cake, but she has already had 10% off the price for early booking, and I just can't afford to absorb any more of my time or money for free.

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brincess_b Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 12:47pm
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how definate is her booking - as in, has she paid her deposit?

with the initial free sampling, i just dont think it is wise to do more free sampling. do you have somewhere on your site/ contract info that additional sample will cost extra - as that makes life easier!

id charge - not full minimum price, but enough to cover the costs and basic labour.

or, steal one of indydebis lines (which i doubt i remember correctly) that the lemon cake is the same as the vanilla, it just tastes like lemon.

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MikeRowesHunny Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 12:57pm
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No, no deposit yet, we are just sorting out the flavours so I can type up the contract. She's also considering a groom's cake, and I am wondering if she's going to want to taste that too (she didn't try chocolate for the main cake). She tried lemon , strawberry and vanilla, LOVED the lemon, but is thinking that maybe she should offer an option, so wants to try the vanilla made into a Tiramisu cake (which I have done several times before).

I used to charge for tastings and credit back the money if they booked, but I changed it to free tastings for cakes over 75 servings this year (their cake will be 105 servings and they are paying 685 euros after discount).

Ugh, I don't know on this one. I really, really can't be bothered to turn on the oven for a paltry 30 euros or something!

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Loucinda Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 1:17pm
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How about telling her that she can purchase a cake of any additional flavors she may want to try? "yes, I can bake XXX flavor in a 6" size - the price of that cake will be $xx, when would you like it?"

I would not bake anymore cakes for sampling for free, as Indy lemon cake tastes like my white cake, only with lemon...... icon_wink.gif (especially since there has been NO deposit made!)

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brincess_b Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 1:58pm
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i certainly wouldnt be making free/ discounted cake when the contract isnt signed. theres nothing to stop her going - oh actually something happened, we cant have your cake, but thanks anyway!

make the contract with the flavour bit to be added at a later date. and if she hasnt signed it, then i think you can treat these extra requests as new orders.

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KHalstead Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 2:21pm
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I've had brides say "I'm definitely going with you for my cake" and order tasting samples.......I telll them all the same thing, it's $20 for the samples and I will apply that cost to your FINAL payment on your cake due 3 weeks before your wedding. I let them know that this is compensation for time and ingredients used in making the samples, they always understand.

By the way, on 3 separate occasions i had the brides not go with me! One bride was because her caterer basically included a cake in the package for what she would be paying another caterer for JUST food, and she said she couldn't resist. The other two I wound up getting booked up for their dates before they paid their depsoits!

I wouldn't just go with the fact that she SAYS she's going with you. If you haven't seen a deposit from her, charge her for the samples like she's anyone else.

Oh by the way....I let my customers choose up to 4 flavors and 4 serv. of each and I do cupcakes like you........if they want additional flavors/servings even after the fact. It's $5/ $5 for 4 cupcakes (that I normally charge $.75/ea for)

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MikeRowesHunny Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 2:30pm
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I've told her that she can order the cake at normal cost (suggesting a birthday/special occasion before the wedding as an ideal opportunity to do so), or she can just take my word for it that it's a great cake that has gone down a storm at all the weddings I've done it for - so we shall see. I got the impression at the tasting that she's enjoying playing bride, which is fine, but I don't want to be one of her toys icon_wink.gif!

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