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jtp139 Posted 22 Feb 2010 , 1:17pm
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This is an advance apology because this post might be long. But I need to do it. I need to tell the ones that understand.

Well I must say that after reading through some of these disaster posts, I don't feel as bad. So thank you for making me feel that at least I'm not alone in this world.

I had my first disaster (hopefully last(please let it be the last)). Luckily it was for a friend and she was extremely gracious and understanding. If I had done it for an "actual" customer?! That's it I would have sacrificed my life on the spot.

Let me set the scene: It's the day before the party. The cake was to be for 50ish people. Chocolate cake, chocolate cream filling, decorated in fondant. The theme is Fox racing & Monster engergy. She was so excited it was her son's 16th birthday, and she finally had an excuse to spend a chunk of money on a cool cake. ha! She was ranting and bragging all week to everyone of the wonders to come! Ugh! At that time I was happy to oblige.

I have made this very cake many times before. It's delicious. The filling has a nice firm consistency that holds up well with the weight of fondant...I had the cake done and shapes carved out and layers filled (including dowel support system). The fondant was Michelle Foster's (omg this is insanely tasty).

I roll out the fondant and as I'm transferring it, it's stretching waaaay out and ripping. What?!?! Roll it out again. Try again, probably rolled it too thin. Took me 3 tries. Got it on and smoothed it out as planned. I stuck it in the fridge because of the cream filling.

I make the little decorations (oh it was so cute). Take the cake out and it's looking a little frumpy. The filling is oozing out from under the fondant!!!!!! I'm wiping, and I'm wiping. WTF is going on! seriously now. Within 5 min. the fondant is just melting off the cake. I have no choice I go over to the trash carefully pull off all the fondant thinking I'll make crusting buttercream and at least I can salvage the cake.

Sugar Honey Ice Tea!!! I'm out of shortening. Run to the store, time: 9:30pm. Make some coffee, it's gonna be a long night. I make a couple batches of frosting, it's a pretty big cake. I frost the cake and take a break waiting for it to crust. My hunky hubby gives me a little back rub. (sometimes I kinda like him icon_wink.gif )

I go back and smooth it out and start making the decorations out of the leftover fondant. I made checkers to go around the outside of both layers of the cake (I know, cute right?) I cut "Happy Birthday Cody" and the the Fox logo with the Monster "M" going through it. It was cool. It's now about midnight, I'm going to bed I'll get up early and finish.

Next morning 6am I make myself some coffee look in the fridge, all is well(whew! icon_smile.gif ) Finish the decorations, finish the cake by 8am. Yay! it's done it looks decent. I relax and shower.

Time to deliver the cake, still in good shape. Everything is gonna be ok. Breath in, breath out. ha. I've got the AC cranked I'm freezing my a$$ off. About half way there I check and IT'S SLIDING! OMG how, what?! I pull over and assess. Ok I'm almost there, I can fix it when I get there, it's not that bad. 2 miles an hour, driving all over the road because there seems to be 600,000 pot holes, the pot holes are chasing me, darn potholes!

Needless to say by the time I get there it's hopeless...and I mean hopeless. The frosting had completely slid down the side of the cake. All the decorations were in a pile. Mortification, horrifying, death and destruction. Words that come to mind...

It's too late now, I can't fix it. This cake hates me. For no apparent reason. I mean what did I ever do to it?

Of course I must face the music. I walked in there probably about 27 shades of red with this...thing. I explained to her what happened and apologized profusely. She of course was completely understanding and told me to get off my knees and dry my tears and put on my party face. She loved the cake (because I made it and knew that I worked against all odds on it for her, for her son). Just that right there makes it all go away.

She presented the cake to everyone, gleaming with happiness and they all followed suit!

Moral of the story: The cake was a wreck, there was no denying it. I wouldn't and didn't take any pictures of it, hoping that one day my memory will fail and it will be erased from my life forever.

I did realize that this gracious lady this savior cherub of a lady, knew that I gave it my best. And that's what wowwed her. Not the fireworks and sparkles.

It's nice to know some people are actually good people...I have definitely learned from this whole shenanigan. It was quite an experience. I don't know that I'll ever make that kind of filling again but I'm moving on to bigger and better things.

Warm and Fuzzy icon_wink.gif

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KHalstead Posted 22 Feb 2010 , 2:39pm
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your story literally brought tears to my eyes.........what a wonderful friend!! These are the people that deserve all the hard work that goes into making these cakes!!!

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Spuddysmom Posted 22 Feb 2010 , 9:16pm
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What a lovely lovely friend you have! You are very kind to share this with all of us, too. So sorry it was all so stressful for you.

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jtp139 Posted 22 Feb 2010 , 9:58pm
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yes, she is awesome! i am very grateful that she was so understanding. although i feel terrible because i really wanted something special for them. and i tend to be a bit of a perfectionist. i suppose every cake maker is. now that the ordeal is over it's kinda funny. but i was sooo beyond stressed making this cake. i just couldn't understand what went wrong. i guess sometimes things like that just happen. my husband asked me if i was done with cakes. i said nope. not a chance, i've survived worse. i may be a little more paranoid going into the next cake but hey, you live and you learn. icon_rolleyes.gif

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alene Posted 22 Feb 2010 , 10:12pm
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I have to admit I was feeling your pain and on the other hand I had to laugh about the darn pot holes chasing you. I really could picture it. Been there done that. You never know how bad the roads are until you get on them with precious cake cargo. I'm glad it all turned out for you.

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noahsmummy Posted 27 Feb 2010 , 10:43am
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2 miles an hour, driving all over the road because there seems to be 600,000 pot holes, the pot holes are chasing me, darn potholes!

lol, i feel your pain.. seriosuly. had something similar happen to me today. =( i coulda have screamed... im in dire need of a punching bag

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rkei Posted 25 Jun 2010 , 5:06pm
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Wooow! I am amazed how cool you kept! I freak out just when the my cakes take a little longer to bake.

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Rosie2 Posted 25 Jun 2010 , 5:24pm
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Ahhhh, I feel you pain. I hope, by now, you have recovered and feel better...~~~HUGS~~~
So, was it the filling the problem??

I know I've made horrible cakes, but since I'm a hobby baker and I make them 'free for all' no one has ever complained LOL icon_biggrin.gif

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