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DefyGravity Posted 24 Jan 2010 , 11:14pm
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In May of 2008, exactly 2 weeks after I gave birth to twins, my husband, our new twins, our then 3 year old and I all got into our truck and drove from TX to MI because my cousin was getting married and there was no way I was going to miss it.

Yesterday was her daughter's 1st birthday party. They had it in a large community center at a church, and from pictures I've seen on Facebook, it was well attended. I wasn't invited, even though I live in town now. It shouldn't be a big deal, but for some reason I can't stop being really mad about it. She always says we need to get together, but doesn't do anything to even hint that she means it at all.

I feel lame being 24 and saying "She's a meanie and hurt my feelings" but that's pretty much exactly how I feel, haha.

Ugh. I just needed to vent, sorry for anyone who took time out of their day to read this nonsense.

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AverageMom Posted 25 Jan 2010 , 12:44am
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Don't have a right to be hurt! It doesn't matter how "grown-up" we get, girlfriends can still be mean and hurt our feelings.

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mkolmar Posted 25 Jan 2010 , 1:31am
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Is there anyway you were invited and didn't get the invite? That happened with my cousins wedding. Our mail is horrid where we are at in MI, we got the invite 2 months after it was mailed out. I also have received calls from family asking were their invite was (they know my mail system stinks) out of 28 invites --14 families never received them. I now go to a neighboring post office to mail out my mail.

If that's not the case, then I'm sorry that this happened to you. I'm sure it stings right in the old chest cavity to have this happen (it's happened to me). Not fun and down right rude. You are much better off without her then if that's the case.

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JustToEatCake Posted 25 Jan 2010 , 2:40am
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In December I planned my Dad's 80th birthday party/family reunion and only found out the day before the event that I hadn't invited my cousin and his wife who live in the SAME town and 3 blocks away! I found out because I received an email from his sister, who lives three states away and was coming to the party asking me if her brother and wife (my cousin) wasn't invited. Yikes!!! I quickly called them and apologized profusely! So, you never know.

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DefyGravity Posted 25 Jan 2010 , 2:52am
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I thought it might have been an oversight, but we didn't get a Christmas card from them either. I noticed that when my girls' babysitter (a mutual friend) had my cousin's family picture on her fridge. I asked her a question a week or two ago on Facebook regarding her DD's b-day (not at all about the party, but wanting to know the exact birthdate.) I never got a response. She has a Blackberry and uses the Facebook app, so I know she got the message. I guess if she never acknowledged I said anything, she wouldn't have to invite me.

Oh well. My kids' birthdays are 3 days apart, so I was planing on having a really big party for all 3 of them. I'm going to invite her, since I was already planning on it, but if they don't come out for that, I guess she'll just be one of the cousins I only see at weddings and funerals and I won't go out of my way anymore. It just sucks that we used to be so close, and now you wouldn't even know that we're family.

Again, I apologize. This probably sounds really stupid, and I have no idea why I'm as bothered as I am about it.

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mkolmar Posted 25 Jan 2010 , 3:06am
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I can see why this bothers you, it would bother me too. Your not whining about it, just venting a concern.

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misserica Posted 25 Jan 2010 , 10:01pm
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DefyGravity, I would feel the same way. I do not think you sound stupid. Sometimes, my feelings tend to get hurt and I want to be a "grown up" and not care but I cant help it. It was rude and she did not even respond to your facebook question.

This happened to me last night on a smaller scale. During the week BF said he was going to a small bday party/football get together for a friends bday with the boys. I made plans to watch football with my girlfriend. I found out last night, while he was there, that 2 of the guys girlfriends were there. My feelings were hurt because I always include everyone, even girlfriends of BF's friends who I do not know and I was passed over. I sounded like a kindergartner last night complaining to my friend but it did bug me.

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misserica Posted 25 Jan 2010 , 10:14pm
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Oh and might I add that I am in the process of planning BF's birthday party and made sure to get everyones email and or phone numbers, and even went so far as to extend the invitation to say "feel free to bring friends and forward to anyone we may have missed". My justification for being hurt last night was that I treat people a certain way and I get hurt because I assume people will do the same in return.

Done...jumped off soap box.

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DefyGravity Posted 26 Jan 2010 , 10:33pm
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Well, I found out from her aunt on my cousin's dad's side (aka my mom's best friend) that there were over 50 people at the party, and not one person from her mom's side (that's my side) was invited. So, at least I know it wasn't just me or something I did. Oh well.

Spiteful, petty thought for the day: At least the cake for my kids will be way better than a sheet cake from the grocery store with a piece of plastic stuck on top that she had icon_evil.gificon_biggrin.gif

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