Please Help...i Have "bloom" On My Molded Cherry C

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jbaker Posted 15 Dec 2009 , 3:22am
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Hello fellow cc'ers...could you please help me. I have tried repeatedly all day to make cherry cordials from candy melts and EVERY time I unmold them they are covered with "bloom". Does anyone out there in cc land have any suggestions for me. I am at my wits end ...HELP........!!!!! icon_cry.gif

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JanJess Posted 15 Dec 2009 , 4:03am
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I have had this happen too. I'm not sure why it happens. I just wash and dry the mold really well and try again. I think the chocolate may be old. Wish I could help more. Good luck.

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jbaker Posted 15 Dec 2009 , 4:14am
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Thank you JanJess for your reply. I used Guittard Milk Chocolate A' Peels. I tried and tried different ways of making the cordials but to no avail. Tommorrow I will try Merken's chocolate candy melts. I was going to give them as a Christmas gift but maybe not. I got so frustrated today - wasted the whole day - that i worked myself into a pounding headache icon_sad.gif

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JanJess Posted 15 Dec 2009 , 4:20am
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I'm so sorry this ruined your day. I know how frustrating it can be. I find the "melts" made for this work best. I don't usually have very good luck with just melting any chocolate. Sometimes I have to put a little shortening to thin it. Don't like to though, I'm afraid it will taste weird. Hope tomorrow goes better for you.

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Jenni27 Posted 15 Dec 2009 , 4:54am
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I had this happen to me, and it was my mold. I used the same chocolate for turtles and cherry cordials, and only half of the turtles came out with bloom. It was wierd, frustrating and irritating. Try washing the mold again, using only hot water. I read somewhere that you aren't supposed to use soap because it wrecks the molds. Every time I washed the mold, less and less of them had bloom.

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TexasSugar Posted 15 Dec 2009 , 3:55pm
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I didn't think the candy melts were suppose to bloom?? I thought that was the plus to them since you didn't have to temper them to keep them from blooming.

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jbaker Posted 15 Dec 2009 , 5:17pm
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TexasSuper - Good Morning - I also thought that was the beauty of using the candy melts - that you did not have to worry about tempering however...the candy melts sure did give me a run for my money. What brand of candy melts does everyone else use ? I am determined to have these darn cherry cordials turn out ( I hope) .

Thanks for the reply back -I really appreciate everyone's help and love to hear any suggestions that any of you have to help me solve this dilema.

Thanks again
Linda(aka JBaker) icon_biggrin.gif

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icer101 Posted 15 Dec 2009 , 5:26pm
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when i make the cherry cordials or turtles. i usually use the merkens chocolate. i do use wilton for other things too. but usually merkens for cordials and turtles, etc.. hth

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cookiemama2 Posted 15 Dec 2009 , 5:39pm
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Ok I'll be the one to ask a stupid question...What is bloom?

These are my favorite chocolates ( I have only bought them ) for Christmas!
Is anyone willing to share a great recipe? I've only ever made peanutbutter cups.

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jbaker Posted 15 Dec 2009 , 5:51pm
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icer101 - to answer your question about bloom - it is when the fat comes to the surface of the chocolates and gives the appearance of white "coating" that is not very attractive at all - they taste good but they look icky - not nice at all. i am going to go to the cake/candy store today and get Merken's candy melts - and you quessed it ......try AGAIN. The problem is I am not getting any other Christmas baking done and I wanted to get some baked goodies shipped out to my daughter in New York for Christmas. All you candy makers out there in cc-land PLEASE keep those suggestions coming !!! Thanks again everyone

Linda (aka JBaker) thumbs_up.gif

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JanJess Posted 16 Dec 2009 , 2:12am
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I have used and liked the Wilton brand but I find the cheaper, the better for molding. I use the "almond Bark" that you find at the grocery store/Walmart in the baking section. It comes sectioned and you buy it in blocks. It tastes good, not as good as a fine chocolate. You can order Peter's brand or other fine chocolate from King Arthur Flour or I live in FL so they only ship in winter. Hope you had better luck today icon_wink.gif

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sweettooth101 Posted 16 Dec 2009 , 3:14am
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From my experience this has happened when I put the chocolate molds in the fridge to cool. Try cooling your molds in a cool place in the kitchen, takes longer but worth it.

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BlakesCakes Posted 16 Dec 2009 , 4:45am
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Candy melts will often bloom under 2 conditions: they were melted at too high a heat and/or cooled too quickly.

My suggestion is to polish the inside of your molds using a clean cotton ball.

Melt the covering in a microwave safe plastic bowl int he microwave: 50% power for no more than a minute, stir, repeat until most is melted and then stir well unitl the rest becomes smooth.

Mold the melts and allow to cool at room temp. If unmolding is difficult, put in the fridge for no more than 2 or 3 minutes and try again.

The Guittard melts are a good product, so they should work pretty well using the above suggestions.


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