Regalice Iceing From Tesco And Sugar Paste?? :s

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kim_1 Posted 12 Nov 2009 , 7:07pm
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hello everyone I am new to this site and cake decorating. I would just like to know what is the difference from dr.oetker ready to roll reglice icing from tescos to Regalice / Sugarpaste from ebay hear is a link

iv been told to bring sugarpaste to a cake course but im struggling to even find the stuff lol plz help

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Mensch Posted 12 Nov 2009 , 7:12pm
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A beloved child has many names.

rolled fondant
rolled icing

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rainbow_kisses Posted 12 Nov 2009 , 8:02pm
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Kim_1 I am assuming you are in UK, I would say your tutor is wanting you to take along the regalice sugarpaste not the Dr. Otker pre rolled.

There is so many brand names used for it but it is all sugarpaste/fondant/ready to roll icing to name but a few used in UK.
You can buy a few different brands from Asda (if you are in UK)
Good luck

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jojo76 Posted 12 Nov 2009 , 9:01pm
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Hello Im a uk baker too! I agree with scrummymummy. The regalice will be fine if it is in a box, not the tube (kitchen foil shaped box) as the rectangular box has a lump of sugar paste ready for you to roll out, the tube is a large disk, already rolled. I would think the tutor will be happy for you to take the stuff you roll out yourself. Basically all the white icing that you can get in asda, sainsburys, tesco is the sugarpaste, its just called different names - ready to roll, soft white icing and so on. It all is pretty much the same though the dr oteker stuff seems a bit firmer, sainsbury sell silve spoon sugarpaste, its softer but I think it tastes much nicer. I got some from Lidl the other day which seems ok. The stuff youve seen on ebay is more or less the same as the stuff in the supermarkets I would think.

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tony66 Posted 12 Nov 2009 , 9:34pm
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I've noticed the dr oteker stuff is vanishing from our supermarkets icon_sad.gif

They're all using mainly their own branded stuff, except Sains, who've started using silver spoon at a higher price too icon_surprised.gificon_cry.gif

I did notice in sains that they now have 'fondant icing sugar' for making your own, might give that a try one day

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kim_1 Posted 13 Nov 2009 , 10:49am
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Thanks everyone I am sure there all the same but I brought my dr.oetker ready to roll regalice iceing in (its in a box with foil just like the eBay 1s) in last night and they just looked at the box from a distance and said no thats not the right stuff I had to lend a bit of some 1s and it was in a small clear tub that said 2.99 on the top.. They said you cant get it from the supermarkets it has to be from the crafts shops and its called sugar paste :S but every time I do a Google search for sugar paste is comes up with regalice stuff so im really confused I will have to have a look down the craft shop they were on about but 2.99 for a tiny little tub seems a bit much im sure there must be somewhere on the net that sells the stuff and cheaper then that. I go to the class again on Wednesday night so I need some b4 then.

It even says on the box suitable for covering and modelling, we are just making holly leaves and putting them on wires at the mo.

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Caths_Cakes Posted 13 Nov 2009 , 10:58am
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for making leaves and flowers, i use Sugar florist paste, it comes in a silver reseasable foil packet, its about £4 for 100g, but its really fantastic. If you dont want to spend that much you can buy some Gum tragacanth(sp?) To mix with your ordinary icing to make a 'gumpaste' so its firmer to work with and holds it shape better icon_smile.gif

for covering my cakes, i use Renshaw regalice , which comes in clear packets, its more expensive than the supermarket brands, but i think far superior, lovley to work with, smooth and non sticky with a great flavour. ( thats teh stuff on the ebay page you looked at ) Its fantastic to work with for covering cakes etc. But i wouldnt use this to make flowers and leaves that need wiring

Saying that, i dont like tescos own, or the Dr. oekter stuff, i find it has a strange metallicy taste. However i do like Asdas own brand, its much softer so a little more difficult to work with, but it tastes great and doesnt dry out so quick.

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kim_1 Posted 13 Nov 2009 , 11:15am
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Yess I finally know the proper name for the stuff,, so sugar paste is short for Sugar Florist Paste.
So if I take this in on Wednesday they would be alright with that??

They coulda just said sugar florist paste to me lol thank you icon_smile.gif I hope it comes on time if I order now thumbs_up.gif

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Caths_Cakes Posted 13 Nov 2009 , 11:29am
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Thats the sugar florist paste in the silver packet, its fantastic stuff, sets like china, i made the roses in my photos out of it icon_smile.gif

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kim_1 Posted 13 Nov 2009 , 3:22pm
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i just ordered it hope it comes in time i think its a good price for it :S how do i look at your pictures??

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rainbow_kisses Posted 13 Nov 2009 , 5:52pm
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You can also but the sugar florist paste from hobby craft and small cake decorating supplies stores. Your tutor should of been specifice (sp)when telling you what to take icon_lol.gif

I use asda sugar paste when making models as it is sooooo easy to work with once I have added gum taraganth and left it to work.

To look at other peoples pics you just click on the photos link at the bottom of their posts.

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kim_1 Posted 13 Nov 2009 , 9:20pm
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ohh yeah I see im going to have a look at people's pics now icon_smile.gif and yeah she should of been more specific oh well I got there in the end,, she did say that you cant buy it in the supermarkets but people say you can.. my partner went in tescos for me but I will have to have a look in asda and some craft shops.. is that gum taraganth the same as this (TYLO POWDER / TYLOPUR / TYLOSE)

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rainbow_kisses Posted 13 Nov 2009 , 9:27pm
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Gum tragaganth is one of many 'gum' powders/products. I suggest you do some research into the uses and differences of the products as I have not got all of the info regards to them all and their uses but may be someone else can help.

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