Do You Really Go By The Sizing Charts?

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KimAZ Posted 25 Aug 2005 , 12:34am
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Hi all,
I know this topic has come up again and again and it makes me crazy when I see the number of servings those charts say you can get. Do people honestly cut that teeny tiny slice of cake? I don't know about you all but I want some CAKE!! LOL! A little 'ol 1 1/2x2 inch slice isn't cutting it for me and nobody I know only eats that tiny amount. ( ok, so maybe we're all piggies, hee hee!)

I'm talking party slices here, not wedding slices. ( which are FAR too small if you ask me) So anyway, I got out all my pans and actually took out a ruler and took measurements on what I consider to be a decent size slice of cake. I just can't go by the sizing charts that I've seen online.

I am basing my slices on 2x3x2 inch slices for one layer and 1x3x4 on two layers. Granted, it's not a square slice for anything other than a square pan but it equals out the same. If anyone would like to get an idea on the number of servings based on these measurements, I'd be happy to share. It took me a long darn time to measure it all out so save yourself the trouble. You can email or PM me.


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klkhoneycutt Posted 25 Aug 2005 , 12:46am
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icon_biggrin.gif that is a good idea ...TY...and I would love to see what you have come up with Mrs detective.gif

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Janzcakes Posted 2 Sep 2005 , 3:27am
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If you don't mind sharing all that hard work, I would love to know what you came up with. I drive myself crazy with all that serving info stuff!!! Thanks. [email protected]

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edencakes Posted 2 Sep 2005 , 3:50am
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Originally Posted by KimAZ

A little 'ol 1 1/2x2 inch slice isn't cutting it for me and nobody I know only eats that tiny amount...

...I am basing my slices on 2x3x2 inch slices for one layer and 1x3x4 on two layers.

You do realize that the 1 1/2"x2" slice is based on a 4" tall cake, right? That gives you the exact same number of cubic inches as your 1x3x4 slice and your 2x3x2 slice, for a total of 12 cubic inches - I don't know about you, but I think that's plenty of cake! icon_biggrin.gif

I got tired of the inconsistency of serving charts, so I made my own. I even calculated the area of round cakes so I could be as accurate as possible. I'll type it up and post it here, as soon as I get the chance. In the meantime, just divide the area of a 4" tall cake by 3, and you'll have your serving numbers.

To find the area of a rectangle/square, multiply one side by the other (ie a 9x13 cake has 117 square inches, divided by three [or six if it's only 2" tall] for a total of 39 servings. See?

For a round cake, just multiply the radius squared times pi to find the area.

For example: a 10" round cake has a radius of 5" (distance from the center to the edge) 5 squared (5x5) is 25. Times pi (roughly 3.14) is 78.5. Divided by three, the total number of servings is 26.

I hope this isn't confusing, I've just found that it's SO much more accurate than those stupid charts. You can easily adjust the equasion based on your preferred serving size (ie for wedding cakes divide the area by 2 instead, based on a 1"x2" slice)

Sorry if this is too much info... I like to be thorough! icon_lol.gif

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emi Posted 2 Sep 2005 , 4:08am
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I also came up with my own version of what a normal serving size should be. I came across copies of different serving sizes, and they were all confusing. So, one day I took out all of my pans out, including character ones, and with the ruler measured out a serving size for all of them. I'm pretty happy with it, but if you don't mind, I would love to see your virsion too. Thanks.

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momsandraven Posted 2 Sep 2005 , 1:11pm
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I have found that people generally do eat the 1 1/2" x 2" pieces if other food has been served with the cake. If it is only cake being served, they eat bigger pieces. So, when I am calculating servings, I try to find out if other food will be available and adjust accordingly.

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