Which Type Of Oven?

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KathyDiane Posted 23 Aug 2005 , 8:43pm
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I am getting ready to open a home business. The board of health has asked for a detailed outline of the facility I am proposing, down to the type of oven. I have put a lot of thought as to how I want things set up, how much counter space, etc. I have a complete floor plan, but I never gave a thought as to what kind of ovens I want (gas, electric, confection). Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you!

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nanni Posted 23 Aug 2005 , 8:52pm
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I personally prefer gas-have used electric in my dh's military days but when had the opportunity to use gas always did, I like them better because once the heat source is turned off it is off-cool down period is much shorter than with electric. but that is my opinion! Congratulations on your opening! Good luck to you!

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soygurl Posted 2 Sep 2005 , 9:16pm
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The best kind of oven for baking is an electric or convection oven. Electric is more consistant than gas (I love gas for a stove top though... much better) And convection is the best of all for baking becaues even heating is the top priorety. Those can be a little pricy though so...? Here is a good article on convections ovens: http://www.taunton.com/finecooking/pages/c00042.asp

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CarolAnn Posted 2 Sep 2005 , 9:33pm
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I have had both gas and electric and gas is my choice. I have a gas oven with convection. If you're to the point of starting a business in your home aren't you decided on what kind of oven you prefer? I haven't been using the convection when I bake my cakes because my sis told me it dries out her cakes more than just using the conventional oven. My oven does great without using the convection for my cakes so that's where I stand.

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KathyDiane Posted 3 Sep 2005 , 12:00am
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I currently have electric ovens. I prefer gas for stovetop cooking, but I find I have better results baking with the electric oven. I have never had any experience with convection ovens. I guess that is what I was really asking about. Thank you for your opinions!

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vitade Posted 3 Sep 2005 , 12:12pm
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I used to have a gas oven (tiny) but recently moved and because I wanted a bigger oven, the only one I could get was electric. It also happened to have the convection option. I was really nervious because, I can't even boil water on an electric stovetop icon_redface.gif . But you know, I think the electric oven is SO much better than my gas one was. I still haven't figured it out completely as far as times and temps, but I can tell you it's faster and temps need to be lower.

Just to add, because I'm so excited about it, know you can appreciate more than my husband, who just rolls his eyes at me, My gas oven was like a 24" or 27". My NEW oven is like a 33". I can do a whole batch of cookies is one bake, instead if it taking FOREVER to do one sheet at a time icon_biggrin.gif LOVE IT!


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nanni Posted 3 Sep 2005 , 12:21pm
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Just tell your hubbie its like getting a larger=more powerful power tool -it just does the job so much better! I have a large oven but it is gas-still like it more than electric for somereason-I think the cool off time etc as I mentioned-but that is just my opinion. It's funny what works for one does not work for others-but that's what makes us special! Happy Baking to all!!!

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LemonLyme Posted 3 Sep 2005 , 12:50pm
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Hi guys..
well my response is this:
I used electric before and i found no matter what I did or how i positioned the cakes in the oven one side always came out more humppy than the other.
I currently use Gas because it's so much better to me( that's my personal preference)
A dutch oven .. hey if i'm ever trapped in the wild and get bored and need to bake something ...that regis ....would be my final answer.
As far as convection is concerned it's supposed to give even heat all around what ever you bake so everything comes out one consistency but the thing about convection as far as i remember it doesn't give that heating/cooling factor like you get with the gas and electric ovens. it's one of those continuous heat deals,
My thing is this though no matter what you cook on you still have to " baby" the cakes.
Is your home based business going to be in a separate part of your home?
Because those board of health people can be pretty stiff about food related businesses run from your home.

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KathyDiane Posted 3 Sep 2005 , 10:29pm
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I have planned for two XL ovens. I really appreciate all of your advice. Yes, my "cake room" will be a separate room. It will have a connecting door to the rest of the house as well as an exterior door. I am lucky in that I live in an old, huge house with a lot of rooms. I am also living alone now that my children are out on their own. I really don't need the space for living, so I decided to put it to good use. icon_biggrin.gif

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nanni Posted 4 Sep 2005 , 12:27am
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At least you don't have to pay for gas to drive to work!! Such a lucky person you are-I am sure you will enjoy your new place! Sounds like you have all the bases covered! Congratulations!!!

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