Royal Icing Cake Board Ok In Fridge?

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drakegore Posted 28 Aug 2009 , 1:37pm
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my dopey question of the day icon_smile.gif.

first time i have ever covered a cake board in royal icing.
after it dries, can the board go in the fridge without causing the royal icing to go "bad" in some way?


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bbmom Posted 28 Aug 2009 , 1:42pm
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I put royal icing decorated cookies in the fridge and freezer all the time.

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CakeRx Posted 28 Aug 2009 , 2:19pm
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Hi drakegore,

I refrigerate royal iced cakeboards when I am working on a cake that requires refrigeration. Otherwise, keep them at room temp. I iced the one for my pink/purple baby shower cake, which spent three hours in the fridge. It was fine.

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drakegore Posted 28 Aug 2009 , 2:46pm
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this board may have to be in the fridge overnight.
i work with glace so i am not very good with ri icon_smile.gif.

would bad things happened if the board went in the fridge before it got 100% dry? (meaning, if i think it is dry...but it's not).

right now by royal icing which is supposed to be "flow" is more like whipped cream so i may already by screwing this up icon_confused.gif

thank you so much for helping!

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KitchenKat Posted 29 Aug 2009 , 3:51am
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Why does the board have to go in the fridge? Is it because the cake itself is perishable? Cos otherwise there's no need for it to be refrigerated.

RI in fridge - once it has set and dried - is okay. Not sure what would happen if it hasn't dried yet and then refrigerated.

If you're still concerned, what about putting your cake on another cake board, refrigerating that and then transferring it to the RI board when it's time to serve?

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drakegore Posted 29 Aug 2009 , 2:16pm
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i am building a 14" tall volcano. i need to ice it on the board and then deliver it in the morning. filling and icing need to be fridged until a few hours before serving time...and i have to get this puppy done tonight for the party in the morning. i think it is going to be to unwieldy to build and ice then transfer to the board but i will see if it can be done.

the icing seems to be drying, but slowly. it has been on the board for 12 hours and is still a bit tacky to the touch.

i'd love to hear from RI forks what will happen to the RI if it goes in the fridge still a bit tacky?


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emiyeric Posted 29 Aug 2009 , 2:27pm
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Nothing bad will happen to the royal icing itself, but it won't dry as quickly if you put it in the fridge half done. The major disadvantage to that would be the sliding/smudging factor ... if you take a big heavy cake out of the fridge on a a cakeboard that's not entirely set, it will be much easier for the cake to slide along on the moist RI board (tearing up your RI finish, by the way, in the process) than if it's dry. RI is fine in the fridge, though, if you put the cake board in dry. I do it all the time. If you already have your cake on it, though (going back to the scenario where you're not sure if it's entirely dry) and it didn't slip or slide on the board, then you're probably fine, because the cake's weight will crack through the dry part to the wet immediately if there is any wet part left underneath, and you'll find out right away if it's not set.

For next time, I would only suggest making your RI even thinner (just add a few drops of water more), not to where it's separating and bubbly, but where it goes over in a thin and easy coat. I cover ALL my boards with RI, and it never takes more than three or four hours to dry entirely. But if you go really thick, it can take more than 24 hours!

Good luck! HTH!

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drakegore Posted 29 Aug 2009 , 2:48pm
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thank you emiyeric!
the cake is not yet on it. i give it as long as i can to dry out in the open to avoid sliding cake.

omg, i tried and tried to thin the ri. i got so frustrated. i could not figure out what i was doing wrong.
i made flow ri using the cookie craft recipe. followed it exactly and used the paddle beater, not the whip. when it was done, the flow was like whipped cream with soft peaks! so i slowly kept adding water trying to think it down but it just made it more of a foamy whipped cream. i was making "water' on my board with the ri so i just deciced to make "waves" with it instead of a flat ocean. but what did i do wrong? i would love to do this again and have it work right....


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emiyeric Posted 29 Aug 2009 , 9:15pm
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I'm so sorry, I know exactly the foamy consistency you're talking about - such a pain! I've never used that recipe ... I always do Antonia74's RI, which is fantastic, and then I think it right before using for the board with straight-up water, by hand, taking care not to whip because then bubbles do form and make an ugly finish on my board. It's the easiest thing in the world, way easier than covering with fondant (I always had to make sure I had enough fondant, and it seemed like such a waste!), as long as I remember to do it a few hours ahead of time.

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