Modeling Chocolate

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c8kdreemz Posted 21 Aug 2009 , 6:32pm
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How do you make modeling chocolate? I've seen the recipes of using chocolate and corn syrup however, is there anything else you put in it in order for it to roll out and become pliable to cover a cake like fondant? HELP PLEASE! princess.gif
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missymayflower Posted 21 Aug 2009 , 6:51pm
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No other ingredients, you just have to knead it a lot to make it pliable. I don't think I would cover a cake with it though. If you want to cover a cake with chocolate, I would suggest ganache.

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Malakin Posted 21 Aug 2009 , 6:54pm
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I always use the Wilton melting chips, melt these and add corn syrup. I'm at work and don't have the exact recipe I use at this time. I think it's 14 ounces chocolate and 1 cup corn syrup. Maybe someone else remembers exactly?

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dandelion56602 Posted 21 Aug 2009 , 6:58pm
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I would cover a cake w/ fondant, not modeling chocolate. Or at the most 50/50 modeling chocolate/fondant

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alidpayne Posted 22 Aug 2009 , 2:25am
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You absoluetly CAN cover a cake with modeling chocolate. It is delicious too by the way. The only thing you might want to think about is that it is a little sensitive to the heat, so if the cake was gonna be in a hot room you might not want to use the modeling chocolate. There are about a million posts in the last two weeks about modeling chocolate. you could get a lot of good info from. Here are a few

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dandelion56602 Posted 22 Aug 2009 , 5:06am
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I wish I had some commercial modeling chocolate to see what it's suppose to be like. Mine is solid at room temp but it gets so soft & sticky QUICK. And mine is very flimsy, not sturdy at all! I don't think mine would stand up when fondant flops over (as was in a tutorial---can't remember who posted it on their blog). I swear I must be doing something wrong!!! I've used candy melts, almond bark, & chocolate chips (all w/ varying amounts of corn syrup & I've used glycerin). I made some last night & there is no way I could model something with it. I've had to mix it w/ 3/4 fondant to be able to use it. I was starting to knead it & it just went soft super quick & stuck all over my hands. I just wish there was a way to know what the consistency should be. People say it takes forever to soften it up---not me & I don't normally have hot hands.

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c8kdreemz Posted 25 Aug 2009 , 8:47pm
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I know you can cover a cake with modeling chocolate because my absolute cake idol (Mike McCary) does it all the time. I just didn"t know if there was a trick to it because I tried it and it didn't seem to get as pliable as I wanted.

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sweetflowers Posted 25 Aug 2009 , 9:02pm
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This can be tricky as the recipe depends on the brand of chocolate you are using. The Wilton discs are 14oz to 1/3 C corn syrup. Let it sit overnight and it will get nice and hard. Then knead small amounts at a time to soften up a little. The heat will affect this so you may need to let it rest and cool down if it starts to get too sticky and separate.

for Merckens brand it's 1 lb to 1/3 C.

For other brands you'll just have to see, as you can tell, some will come out too soft, some too hard. Too crumbly means you need more corn syrup. Too soft, more chocolate.

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flourgirlz Posted 25 Aug 2009 , 9:10pm
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Do you just melt the discs and corn syrup together? Overnight does it sit out or in the refrigerator?

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smallville187 Posted 25 Aug 2009 , 9:26pm
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you melt the discs in the microwave and stir in the syrup. when doughy knead it and wrap it in plastic wrap twice and sit it on the counter... if you want to mix white with fondant (tastes great) add when slightly warm hth

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drakegore Posted 25 Aug 2009 , 11:18pm
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i would suggest using a dble boiler instead of microwaving to avoid scorching.
melt, remove from heat, stir in corn syrup until chocolate follows the spoons around and does not cling to sides of pan.
pour directly into plastic, wrap well, and age for 24 hours before using (i age in the fridge).
let come to room temp before kneading.
knead only until glossy. if you overknead it gets too soft and can get grainy.
semi-sweet is the easiest to make. white, milk, and candy all usually have higher amounts of fat and usually use less corn syrup than semi-sweet.
if you get fat on these clay, you can remove some of it or knead it back in.
i prefer to blot some of it off so my clay is not to greasy or soft.

here is a web site where the decorator covers and decorates most of her cakes with modelling chocolate (she calls it rolled chocolate):


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