Sweaty Fondant!!

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steffb Posted 14 Aug 2009 , 2:37am
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I have made fondant before and put it in the fridge and it never sweated. Today, I was making some cakes to resemble dresses, covered it with fondant and put them in the refridgerator. They have a buttercream crumb coat to help the fondant stick, that is why the refriderator. My questions are: why is it sweating in the fridge and how can I fix it so it does not keep doing it? Do I need to let them sit and dry? Any other tips would be great!!

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cathie_shinnick Posted 14 Aug 2009 , 11:52am
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I know it sucks when you have a problem and no one seems to think its important enough to help... Im sorry I cant answer your question, but I will bump you back to the top and hopefully someone can help..... (im going through the same thing...noone reading or answering, )...........gooduck.

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Texas_Rose Posted 14 Aug 2009 , 12:18pm
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As long as it's just regular American buttercream (as opposed to IMBC or SMBC) it doesn't need to be refrigerated. It's odd that they would sweat in the fridge. Are you having moisture issues with your fridge already? (for example ice forming on the top ceiling of the refrigerater compartment)

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beachcakes Posted 14 Aug 2009 , 12:26pm
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Not sure how to help you. I always have issues with fondant in the fridge. Is it very humid where you are? My unscientific opinion is that I think the fridge works overtime and if the door gets opened alot, you get sweaty fondant. Can you take it out and leave it at room temp? it will eventually evaporate.

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underthesun Posted 15 Aug 2009 , 12:31am
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Mine always sweat too. I'm in a very humid area and have learned not to put them in the fridge. As beachcakes said, just put it out on the counter and the moisture will disappear. No need to refrigerator the buttercream. Once I have mine crumb coated, it stays on the counter.

I was in a Colette Peters class and she said it has to do with not only humidity in the air, but humidity in the fridge. Commercial fridges are much drier than home fridges.

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steffb Posted 15 Aug 2009 , 3:17am
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I think it is because I open the door to check and make sure they are not sweating. I opened it today and they seemed okay. See, I finished them last night and the cake is for sunday and they have an Italian Meringue buttercream so I feel uneasy letting them sit out espeically when the women who ordered it asked if the dresses are edible!! The cake themselves are solid - no filling- but the crumb coat is the IMBC and the temps here are going to be between 80-90 this weekend (northeast). I appreciate all your responses!

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Wanni492011 Posted 27 Oct 2012 , 3:19am
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My fondant doesn't usually sweat in the fridge...lately, it has been sweating when I take it out....is my area too warm? Should I be running the air conditioning?

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Sherri2012 Posted 27 Oct 2012 , 3:30pm
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I have never refrigerated a fondant cake, and always use buttercream. Depends on what you make the buttercream with, I've read. I use a little bit of milk, which is ok to leave out. Place the cake in a safe cool place. If you are using heavy cream, and more than a little tiny bit, yes, I would refrigerate. But I opted to not make that kind of buttercream, in order that I don't have to deal with sweaty fondant.

I hope it dries out for you as the others have suggested it will! Could you dab at it with a paper towel? circulate air around it?

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