Do I Get A New Stand Mixer?

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percussiongrrl Posted 19 Jun 2009 , 2:58pm
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I have Gustav, my trusty old Kitchen Aid that is currently serving me very well. When I bought it (For $30!) I was told that it was a "vintage" Kitchen Aid from when Hobart still owned/made Kitchen Aid products, and it does have Hobart on the band. It was one of the first Kitchen Aids with planetary motion, apparently (bonus points to anyone who can figure out how Gustav got his name!). I've had it for several years and it does a great job, though it does sound as if it's struggling when I'm asking it to knead fondant and other such thick doughs.

I've been asked several times if I'm going to get rid of "that old thing" and get a new (and apparently therefore better) Kitchen Aid. I've even had someone say they wish I had registered for one for my upcoming wedding reception/open house, that I would have gotten it purely b/c everyone likes to eat my baked goods. But Gustav has never failed me and seems to be well made. I've had friends with newer Kitchen Aids have trouble with parts breaking and not being able to mix or knead thick doughs.

Do I go for a new Kitchen Aid or do I stick with my trusty but old friend Gustav? Is Gustav likely to last awhile longer if I continue to take good care of him?

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JodieF Posted 19 Jun 2009 , 3:02pm
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I have had 3 Kitchenaides. One of them is my original, that I bought 23 years ago. It still works beautifully. I've had to replace the beaters, but otherwise no issues. It was Hobart also. The only reason I got a newer one was because it was bigger.
I have a 2 year old Kitchenaide 6 quart Pro, and just had one of the gears sheer off teeth.

Keep the original!!!!!! Hobarts last forever! Why replace it if it works so well for you???


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2SchnauzerLady Posted 19 Jun 2009 , 3:04pm
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I'd stick with Gustav - My KA is 18 yrs old now and although I would love one with a bigger capacity - this one works great and I know I can trust it.

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matthewkyrankelly Posted 19 Jun 2009 , 3:08pm
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OK, never get rid of your Hobart KA. They don't make em like they used to. Really. I'm kind of handy and can actually repair my own. I've blown through gears(ie This happens when there is no difference in mixing between 7-10). mine is about 10 yrs old. Repaired a PLASTIC main gear for someone else. The new ones just aren't built like the old ones. Kitchen_aid charges About $80-$100 for a repair like I mentioned. Plus, you have to ship the thing to them $$$$$. I would take a 40-year-old Hobart KA in a minute.

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percussiongrrl Posted 19 Jun 2009 , 5:54pm
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Are there still local places that will repair a Hobart Kitchen Aid? Or will I have no choice but to ship Gustav should he break?

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Mike1394 Posted 19 Jun 2009 , 6:15pm
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Keep him, and don't buy a new KA. Buy a Viking instead.


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-Tubbs Posted 19 Jun 2009 , 6:58pm
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Gustav Holst - The Planets - planetary motion?
Do I get the points?! icon_lol.gif

Keep him and nurse him along for less arduous tasks, and get something bigger and stronger for fondant and dough.

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percussiongrrl Posted 19 Jun 2009 , 7:05pm
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TubbsCookies gets the points! thumbs_up.gif

I'm a classical musician (in addition to my baking obsession) and Gustav Holst happens to be one of my favorite composers. The "planetary motion" of the KA just lent itself to naming my mixer "Gustav."

Am I the only one looney enough to name my mixer? Or do the rest of you name yours, as well?

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Auryn Posted 19 Jun 2009 , 7:16pm
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I name my sewing mannequins so no your not crazy.
Definitely hold on to Gustav and take good care of him.

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Franluvsfrosting Posted 19 Jun 2009 , 8:00pm
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I haven't ever thought to name mine! I actually have two mixers; a KA 6 qt professional in Copper Pearl (she's beautiful!) and my not so trendy and fashion mainstream Bosch Universal. I use them both regularly but if I had to give one up I'd keep the Bosch. In fact, you would have to pry it out of my cold dea fingers.

I say don't give up the old school KA but why not add a friend? icon_biggrin.gif Especially if your family is buying! Like I said, I have two and for both of them I have two bowls. There are times when all four bowls are dirty!

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CakeRN Posted 21 Jun 2009 , 7:21am
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Yeah keep Gustav....I could kick myself for this but my I gave my aunts old ka to my daughter years ago and she got rid of it when i gave her my red kA after I bought the KA pro 6. It did have a rather funky smell when you used it and sounded awful at times. It was probably 50 or more yrs old to boot. I have 2 KA...bought a nickle plated one 2 yrs ago when Lowes made an error in their ad for their KA...150 bucks...Tons of people bought them. So I bought one...caught up in the moment. I took it out of the box to check it out and it has not even been used. thought I would use it in my new kitchen but alas that has not happened either. I should probably just sell it since my 6 is good.

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