Help! Gumpaste Roses...tearing Not Ruffeling

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kakealicious Posted 2 Jun 2009 , 2:36am
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Hi all!
I just finished taking a class last weekend on gumpaste flowers at a local cake supply store and my flowers came out beautiful. I learned how to ruffle the edges of the petals and had no problems. So, I starting cutting out the petals for the gumpaste roses I need for a cake this week and I can't for the life of me get the edges to ruffle. All they do is tear and stick to my ball tool.I've tried everything...rolling out the gumpaste thinner and thicker, using cornstarch, letting the gumpaste air dry for a bit.
I use the Wilton purple ball tool that comes in the 16 piece kit and have the Celpad that I use also. I put the ball tool half on the gumpaste and half on the pad. What am I doing wrong? Please, Please, Please help!!! I have to get these flowers done.
Sorry so long... icon_cry.gif

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__Jamie__ Posted 2 Jun 2009 , 2:38am
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Make sure there isn't a seam on the ball tool. Some of them have it, and you need to sand it off with very fine sand paper. I used a buffer block that you use for fingernails. Also, rub some cornstarch on the petal....that could help as well.

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mrscromer Posted 2 Jun 2009 , 2:48am
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Well, from my experience if I let the gum paste air, it tends to tear for me. I also have used the plastic ball tool, but I had problems with it. I bought a metal one and love it to death. Works great for me. Oh yeah, try not to use too much pressure when ruffling the edges.

I hope this helps you.

Good Luck icon_smile.gif

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icer101 Posted 2 Jun 2009 , 3:04am
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well, it sounds like you are doing things right.. except.. i think your gumpaste is rolled too thick.. i usually use my pasta machine.. it gets the gumpaste really nice and thin. but if you don,t have one right now.... just be sure you are rolling out thin.. roll on powdersugar....cornstarch and powder sugar mixed. or just plain cornstarch.. if you are not too fast, right now. then roll out on powder sugar.. you are using the ball tool right, it seams. the wilton tools are very good tools.. i have all brands. i still use the wilton too.. i have the metal also.. just relax, breathe.. and try again. it will happen.. don,t mash down on the edges too hard. you don,t want them real ruffled.. at least , that is how i was taught.. what gumpaste are you using. i make, and lots of people make nick lodges gumpaste.. i also love the wilton ... premade.. not the powder in the can.. especially , for roses. the thinner the petal . the prettier and they also dry faster,etc. hth

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kakealicious Posted 2 Jun 2009 , 3:36am
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Thanks guys for all your quick replies...I will try all your suggestions and see if I can't get this right. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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Cake4ever Posted 2 Jun 2009 , 7:19am
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Yes, I agree with Icer, your paste should be thin enough to read through it. Try switching to your dogbone tool and use the flatter side, half on and half off the petal as you were doing, in a windshield wiping motion, back and forth. You want to do this on one half of a single petal, working from the left to right and then the other side. A single sweep back and forth on one side of the petal and then the other should be enough to soften it. Try working with the petal pointed away from you, not towards you. You can see how much of the petal is being touched by the tool much better. You actually don't want to ruffle the petal, it's just a softening effect with a bit of a wave to it, not an actual ruffle. I did start out making mine that way, but looking at real photos of roses and having real roses for inspiration helped me realize the effect I was looking for. Some roses do have more of a ruffle and others have a curved under to a point effect. I suggest going to Flickr and checking out real roses to see what kind of effect you are looking for.

Don't use too much PS, it will dry out your petals and they will crack. I recommend a new knee high stocking with PS in it and tie it off. It helps use a small amount as you need it. Keep your gumpaste covered or wrapped away from the air until needed.

If you are making your roses with a 5 petal cutter, keep 2 sets of cut-outs under your practice board flap. If you have one from Wilton, take the BC instructions out and wipe the board down. I love working with it because I can cut out as many of the 5 petal sets as I need and can work much faster and they won't dry out on me.

I just finished my rose arrangement yesterday and posted it in my gallery. Hang in there! Don't give up. thumbs_up.gif

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letem_eat_cakes Posted 2 Jun 2009 , 8:05am
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your petals may also be too dry. i always keep some shortening on hand to just touch up the edges if needed. this has always worked for me.

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Rylan Posted 2 Jun 2009 , 8:45am
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I agree. your petals may be too dry (cracking) or just too sticky(sticking to the ball tool). I always use a mixture of Satin Ice gumpase and Wilton fondant to make my flowers. It works perfectly. In my experience, I make sure that my petals isn't too dry. If it is, I sometimes just smear a bit of veg shortening on the dry ones. I then sometimes dust my petal with a mixture of cornstarch and powdered sugar (if it is too sticky) to prevent the petals from sticking to the ball too.

I also find that kneading the gumpaste/fondant mixture well also helps.

When I make flowers, I usually cut out about 30 petals at a time. Having a pasta machine will save a lot of time. Once I have my petals cut out on my marble pastry board, I would all lay a huge piece of platic wrap on top of them, making sure that they are sealed. That way it won't dry out while making the flowers.

Good luck.

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Curtsmin24 Posted 2 Jun 2009 , 9:24am
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Crank up the AC! In a humid environment the gumpaste starts to act funny. It gets sticky and tears quite a bit. If you don't have an air conditioner than fans might help. Here in Florida it's a pain do work with gumpaste without a cool environment. I've seen fully dry gumpaste flowers melt and droop. It's such a shame because some flowers take quite a few days to make. What brand are you using? I notice that the wilton brand dries fast and cracks a lot. Try as someone else suggested using a 50/50 mixture as well. Hope everything works out for you.

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kakealicious Posted 3 Jun 2009 , 12:37am
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I'm at a loss here guys..I tried all your suggestions and still no luck. My ball tool keeps sticking to the gumpaste.
Curtsmin24: I use Satin Ice gumpaste and also have used Nick Lodge's gumpaste also. But same results. I guess it's the heat and humidity here in FL. I have the air down to 71 and wearing sweat pants...I don't think I can handle it being much colder. Maybe I'll try the fan.
Thanks for all the replys and help! CCers your the BEST!

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kakealicious Posted 3 Jun 2009 , 3:51am
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Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to all your suggestions I figured out the problem and finally got beautiful looking roses.
It was a combination of the heat (fan works great) and I gave the ball tool to my husband to check for a seam and he says to me quote "do you know you have a whole bunch of gunk stuck to this thing". I guess I had some harden gumpaste stuck to the bottom of the ball tool and it was tearing my petals. I didn't even notice it but after some good scrubbing and cleaning it works like a charm.
Thanks to all my fellow CCers for all you saved the always!
I am happy once husband will thank you! thumbs_up.gif

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