Fondant On Cake Dummies

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His_snowflake Posted 21 May 2009 , 5:37am
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I'm doing a six tiered cake for my daughter's birthday. The bottom three layers (14, 12, 10) will be styrofoam dummies.

How far ahead of doing the three top "real" cake layers, can I cover the dummies with fondant? I'm planning to cover the cake board with fondant as well. Can I do it at the same time as the dummies? Do I need to cover these? If so, what would work the best?

I want the board to be probably 3/8 inch thick. Any suggestions on what I could use? I thought about taping several cardboard circles together but I'm afraid the edges of the tape will make bumps when I cover it with fondant.

I read somewhere that you can wash buttercream off styrofoam dummies and reuse them. Is that only for a special type of styrofoam?

Sorry for so many questions but any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

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madgeowens Posted 21 May 2009 , 5:47am
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I read that if you cover the styrofoam with siran wrap you can reuse them.............I also read that people sand the styrofoam off so it does not tear fondant........if your coverinf with buttercream I guess thats enough but why would you want to cover styrofoam with buttercream? I hope you get some answers to your great questions.

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bsharp Posted 21 May 2009 , 2:25pm
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I have used cake dummies several times now and if I am going to reuse them I will wrap them in Press & Seal plastic wrap and then use piping gel to cover lightly so the fondant will stick. Works great. It helps a GREAT deal to take the rough edges off the styro first. I use a Hard piece of styrofoam to do that with. Different kind of styrofoam then the cake dummies. (make sense?) I have washed them before if I didn't have the press & seal to wrap them and that worked out fine to, just more work for later. Always use piping gel works great. I hope this info helps. Good Luck.

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bsharp Posted 21 May 2009 , 2:39pm
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I forgot to say that if you are using colored fondant for the cake dummies to match your covered fondant cakes keep in mind that as the fondant dries it may change colors. I think the same week should be fine just don't let it sit in lighted area. I would do mine 3-4 days early to get it over with. (that's just me) Because the fondant is so heavy I ALWAYS use heavy board Like Masonite (sp) covered with contact paper.

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underthesun Posted 22 May 2009 , 1:26am
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While taking a class I learned you don't need to use buttercream. Lightly wet the styro, using your hand, and then cover with fondant. Do not stick it under the faucet. It sticks great and good for several weeks. Makes cleaning off much easier. I also sand the edges of the dummy with another piece of styro (stuff I buy by the square at walmart). Roll my fondant 1/4 inch thickness - less likely to tear.

Also, I wouldn't use cake circles. You need something stronger. From other cc'ers and classes, I've learned to use foam board. Cut it to whatever size needed and it'll hold up much better. icon_smile.gif

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His_snowflake Posted 22 May 2009 , 5:22am
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Thank you everyone, for all your help! I really appreciate it.

Just a couple more questions. If you cover the styrofoam, does it need to be a specific brand (Press and Seal?) or will any plastic wrap do. And do you have to worry about wrinkles in the plastic making your fondant bumpy?

If you wet the styrofoam and apply the fondant directly, does it remove completely so you can reuse the styrofoam later?

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underthesun Posted 22 May 2009 , 10:09am
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I just now removed the fondant from one of my dummies I made in class a few weeks ago. No problem. So easy and no mess since there was no buttercream underneath. Removed it in about 3 minutes using a small off set spatula, inserted between the fondant and styro. Rinsed residue off and it's ready to go.

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grama_j Posted 22 May 2009 , 10:31am
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Just remember that when all the bottom layers are styrofoam, your set up is going to be top heavy........ I don't know what you are doing on top of the styro, so I cannnnot advise you, but it is something to think about .......

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