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lisa5573 Posted 19 Mar 2009 , 9:18pm
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I have been talking with a woman (a friend of a friend) about her daughters birthday cake, and we decided on everything but when I told her I require payment 2 weeks before the cake is due she said she didn't want to pay until she saw the cake. She said she wants to make sure she likes it and then she'll pay for it. What would you do? Should I just tell her I won't do it? Thanks for your advice!

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Deb_ Posted 19 Mar 2009 , 9:32pm
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She wants to make sure she "likes it first"? What if she doesn't, then you're out the cost of ingredients and your time.

My response would be "I'm sorry, my policy is payment in full 2 wks prior to delivery or pick-up".

You cannot allow people to dictate your policies to you. Stand firm on this one, I think you'd be better off not doing it.

She sounds like one of the infamous PITA's. I can't believe she'd actually say that to you...............some people are so unbelievable.

She wants to make sure she likes it first before she pays you. Wow, I thought I'd heard them all!

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lisa5573 Posted 19 Mar 2009 , 9:35pm
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Thanks for the advice dkelly. I think I knew that is what I should do, but I definately needed you as the voice of reason!!!

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Carson Posted 19 Mar 2009 , 9:41pm
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Guarantee that if you let her pay after she decides whether or not she likes it - there will be something wrong with it! She is just looking for a way to negotiate a discount.

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Sashat06 Posted 19 Mar 2009 , 9:45pm
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When you are making a cake for someone they are no longer a friend, they are now a client. Treat her just like you would any other client. We have expenses when making a cake and can't put our time and effort into a cake we may not get paid for. Secondly, if she does not trust that you can do a good job, she should go waste her money on a cake from the supermarket. Don't feel shy to say what your policy is. Tell her that's just what you require from anyone who wants a cake from you. Good luckicon_smile.gif

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lostincake Posted 19 Mar 2009 , 9:48pm
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Yeah, that's priceless! icon_smile.gif

I probably wouldn't do it either but you could offer a small bit of peace of mind (because she's your friend's friend and not because her expectations warrant it) and have her look at pics of other cakes you've done, before she decides so that she knows what quality she's paying for.

Just a suggestion for what it's worth. Hope it all works out in the end for you.

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juleebug Posted 19 Mar 2009 , 9:52pm
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She should be able to tell by looking at your other cakes, whether or not she would like it. I'm assuming she HAS seen your cakes. Otherwise, why is she asking you to do one for her?
If she wants the cake, she'll pay.

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lisa5573 Posted 19 Mar 2009 , 9:57pm
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Thanks everyone. She has seen the pictures of my cakes (I have quite few more that I haven't posted here yet!). She just said she's really picky.

I think I'll have to turn this one down! icon_smile.gif

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lostincake Posted 19 Mar 2009 , 10:03pm
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..."really picky"...then she should make it herself tapedshut.gif

...oops did I just say that? lol icon_razz.gif

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TonyaBakes Posted 20 Mar 2009 , 2:40am
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I'm with everyone else, no money - no cake! It does seem like shes fishing for a way to stiff you on some money - like paying you what she thinks the cake is worth. Usually unless someone has spent time making a few cakes, they think you slap some icing on and that' worth a good $20. Like Sam's or Walmart! I got the comment one time, "How hard could it be?" and nearly went insane LOL!

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Toptier Posted 20 Mar 2009 , 5:08am
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Let her know that it is an "industry standard" that you be paid up front. After all, this is a custom made, perishable product. It's not like (if she doesn't like it) you can turn around and sell it to someone else. There is a reason why custom wedding cakes are paid for up front! Any custom ordered product made to your specific specifications is paid for in advance. Tell her no and let her find another place that will take payment on delivery - good luck, ha ha.

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bizatchgirl Posted 20 Mar 2009 , 5:28am
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Stand behind your work and make her pay up front.

It would be one thing if she was a really close friend and didn't have the money now, and asked you to wait. Depending on how close you are, it's something you would want to think on and consider.

This is more of her not knowing if it will be up to her standards. If she is truly your friend and knows your work, she would not make a request in that way.

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Ruth0209 Posted 20 Mar 2009 , 5:30am
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What IS everyone's policy on payment for smaller cakes? I require payment in full two weeks prior for large cakes like wedding cakes, but for smaller celebration cakes, I just have them pay me when they pick up the cake. I haven't been burned yet, but now I wonder.

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mommyle Posted 20 Mar 2009 , 5:39am
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So I'm going to Hawaii, and I'm going to pay half up front, and if I like the flight then I'll pay the other half. Whatever....

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diamondsonblackvelvet13 Posted 20 Mar 2009 , 5:50am
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I used to say pay me when you get the cake. That ended really quick as I had no $$ to buy the supplies to make the cake. So now it is 1/2 when you place the order and the other half on delivery/ pick up. For wedding cakes and other large orders, I get half up front then the rest 2 weeks before the occasion. Learned that one the hard way too! Made a quinceanera cake, mom had paid half down and was to pay the other half on delivery. Well she was there but hadn't gotten all the $$ from the padrinos. I ended up waiting like two days before I got the rest of my money. I had to go to her house (one block from mine) to pick it up tho...and to top it off- her dog almost bit me!

Get half or the total upfront ALWAYS! This lady sounds like a PITA in the making tho! I'd walk away..Thanks but no Thanks!

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