Cookies On A Stick???

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robinscakes Posted 12 Mar 2009 , 1:18am
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I've been doing all of my cookie baskets/bouquets with my cookies attached to sticks on the back with a small blob of candy melts. Has anyone ever made them with the stick baked directly into the cookie? Does the stick stay in the cookie? Does the cookie break? Do you have to soak wooden sticks like you do when you do shish kebobs on the grill? Can anyone fill me in on this? I'd like to try it.

Thanks a heap!

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toleshed Posted 12 Mar 2009 , 9:49am
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I have done them every way there is to do them. Yesterday I tried them by hot gluing them onto the back of the bag. I think my favorite way is to "glue" them to the back of the cookie with RI. I prefer them baked in the cookie but just have way too much trouble putting them in. It does stay in after its baked and I never had an issue with the cookie breaking. If your not using the actual cookie pop sticks, you should soak them. Like the "skewer sticks".
Good luck

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shiney Posted 12 Mar 2009 , 2:22pm
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Robins, recently there was a thread about putting the stick onto the bag. That may be an alternative for you.

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cakeymom Posted 12 Mar 2009 , 2:31pm
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I put sticks directly into the cookie once it has baked. The "KEY" is to have a cookie that is at least 3/8 to 1/2 an inch thick and to so right after they come out of the oven.

I have had great success with this method with very little breakage if any.

Good Luck!!!!


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sportsmom005 Posted 12 Mar 2009 , 2:38pm
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I made some for Valentine's Day and baked them with the stick already in...they came out fine. None broke or anything. Just had to make sure the dough was nice and thick.

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bakery_chick Posted 12 Mar 2009 , 4:26pm
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I usually bake my cookies with the sticks in them. If I poke through the dough (which happens a lot), I just squish it back together and/or add a little more. It gets covered anyways... probably not the proper way but it works for me. icon_smile.gif

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luv2bake6 Posted 12 Mar 2009 , 4:50pm
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I've baked them with the sticks inside and they were breakage but the dough has to be very thick. I've not tried the method of putting the sticks in right out of the oven but it's the same problem with the cookies having to be thick and not that appetizing.
I have tried the method mentioned in another thread by Shiney (hot glue stick to bag) which is the most economical for me right now (get more cookies out of dough not having to make them so thick).

I think the cookies whether in bouquets or not, look much nicer with the sticks inside (whichever way you turn, it's nice). With the sticks on the bag, you see it on the back and have to use tissue paper or whatnots to cover them which doesn't always work.

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cakeymom Posted 12 Mar 2009 , 9:10pm
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Just for the sake commenting on luv2bake6s' note about thick cookies not being that appetizing. I happen to have had the same thought so I did a taste test and my co-workers loved my cookie at 3/8 to 1/2 an inch thick. They said that it gave a little crunch on the outside but soft on the inside. They did not like the crunchy thin ones that were rolled out at 1/3 an inch thick.

So, back to the real issue, use the method that works for you cost-wise and method-wise.


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Reimagining_Confections Posted 12 Mar 2009 , 9:31pm
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I have made cookied baked with the sticks in them for years. With little or no breakage. There is a bit of a learning curve. The dough needs to be at least 1/2 thick. I like to twist the stick as I slide it through(slowly), that way nothing tears as it goes in. If you are doing s sugar cookie, the thickness leads to fresher cookies for longer periods of time. The cookie has a crunch on the outside, with a nice chewiness on the inside. I wouldn't soak the stick(I have never heard of that). I would think that would make the stick soggy and weak. Use cookie sticks over candy sticks, though candy sticks can be used, just a bit more delicate.

Have fun and good luck!

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Twopeasinapod Posted 12 Mar 2009 , 9:43pm
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I have put them in right when they come out of the oven but had a lot of breakage. I have also put them in before baking. Of the two, I prefer to put them in before baking but then the sticks get in the way and you can't get as many on a cookie sheet. The following link is to a thread about glueing the stick to the bag and then putting the cookie in. I use this method now and LOVE it!

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