Pricing A Cake For A Quick?!

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mamafrogcakes Posted 17 Aug 2005 , 5:35pm
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A friend asked me to do a cake for her sister who is coming to visit. She's never been to TX before so we're doing the whole Texas theme. She liked the look of a FBCT that I did before so she wants that with several little pictures around the cake and then writing in the middle--a pair of boots, cowboy hat, TX flag, bluebonnets, and a little cow character. I would normally charge at least $40 (1/4 sheet, 2 layers, 2 types of icing, FBCT over the top w/small pictures around the edges and writing in the middle) but I feel bad charging her this much but it's going to be a PAIN! icon_mad.gif What should I do??? Charge her and get over it or give her a break on it?? icon_cry.gif HELP!

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sls0812 Posted 17 Aug 2005 , 5:37pm
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If you feel like she won't be offended then charge her the full amount. That really does sound like a lot of work. I would charge her at least $30 for it. Guess it depends on how good of friends yall are too. Someone else will have better answers than me.

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Calejo Posted 17 Aug 2005 , 5:41pm
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Give her $5 bucks off? Maybe that way, you'll walk away feeling ok about it? I wouldn't give her more than that, though.

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briansbaker Posted 17 Aug 2005 , 5:48pm
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NOOOOOOOOOOO!! I have done this and have not stopped. No where else will she get all that she has requested for less than 40 bucks. Because first she will have to go to a bakery that does custom cakes. Not walmart or Sam's. And second, I am talking from experience.. She will expect a discount everytime just because you gave her a break today.. It's a personal choice, BUT my HO 40.00 is not a bad price at all!!!! (sigh) I wished someone would have given me this advise alot sooner.. icon_cry.gif Now I am stuck at "giving discounts " because I started with just one person.
Good Luck!

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aunt-judy Posted 17 Aug 2005 , 5:48pm
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as jiminy cricket, my personal tiny green divinity would say, "let your conscience be your guide". if you feel weird about charging her your usual rates, then you'll feel weird spending that money too. charge her for your costs, and if she insists on paying you more and it makes you uncomfortable, donate the money to your favourite charity. thumbs_up.gif alternately, tell yourself the truth: she probably wants to pay for what she knows your time and effort is worth, and she would pay the same or more if she went to a commercial bakery, and the cake would have a lower love content...unless she's financially disadvantaged, let her pay your usual rate.

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mamafrogcakes Posted 17 Aug 2005 , 6:00pm
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You guys are great and quick! I know what you guys mean. I feel bad but then again, it is a lot of work! It's like I'm trying to make money on it for no reason, it would be for my time and work. Problem is since I'm just getting started, most of my cakes are for friends and family and if I give everyone a discount then I'm defeating the purpose! GRR! Thanks for your great advice though!!! thumbs_up.gif

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MomoRox Posted 17 Aug 2005 , 8:42pm
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I am just starting out selling my cakes...I am making a $100 cake for my cousin. It is for her husbands birthday. I told her not to worry about the price since it was experience and she insisted on paying and to let her know the cost. I let her know and said that I would charge her $50 and to spread the word. She insisted on paying $100 and still spread the word. Another friend asked me to make her a mini wedding cake for her anniversary. I charged her $30 and she cut a check for $40. This has been my experience.

My mom gave me this advise. She does alterations and did some for her boyfriends friend and let her boyfriend know what she would normally charge but since it was a friend that for the friend to pay what he thought was fair. He ended up giving her $20 bucks for a $8 charge or so. I guess it just depends on your friends and relatives because I made a cake for my brother's girlfriend's dad and told him it would $41 and my brother asked for a discount since the sell came off a cake I just made for the girlfriend. I told him $35 so it was a small discount.

Good Luck, I know it is a struggle sometimes but you have to remember that your time and talent is going into these cakes and not everybody is capable of doing such special/talented decorating.

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debsuewoo Posted 17 Aug 2005 , 8:56pm
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Don't be shy about how much your time costs! It sounds as if that cake will take quite a bit of time, so how much is your time worth?

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traci Posted 17 Aug 2005 , 9:08pm
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I agree that cake sounds like a real PAIN!!!! I am really nice when it comes to charging friends. I always give a discount or I do it for free. There are just certain friends that I am happy to do things for no charge. I guess it just depends. You need to do what makes you comfortable. I know it is hard when it comes to friends and family members wanting to order cakes! I hope everything works out! icon_smile.gif

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cindycakes2 Posted 17 Aug 2005 , 9:17pm
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It is definitely hard to charge friends, but maybe if you don't feel right charging her, you could have her buy the supplies and then make and give the cake to her, telling her it's a favor for her first time and to help spread the word about your cakes. That way, you don't "eat" all the costs, and you are getting your cakes out there!

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mamafrogcakes Posted 17 Aug 2005 , 9:19pm
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Yes, the cake does sound like a pain...I did forget to mention that I have 3 other cakes to do this week, so for me to do this out of the goodness and kindness of my heart is alot to ask. Well, I had to send her an email with the final details and price and I decided to charge her $40, I'm still awaiting her response. I figured if I would have done this for anyone else I would have probably charged around $60, just considering the details. I will DEFINITELY post a picture when I'm done with this monster! Thanks for all the comments!

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traci Posted 17 Aug 2005 , 9:35pm
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Those cakes that are a real PAIN usually turn out really cute in the end! I can't wait to see it! icon_razz.gif

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