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cakecrazy09 Posted 25 Jan 2009 , 7:49am
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I have been taking Wilton classes for 3 weeks now. A friend of my Dads has asked me to make his daughter and granddaughter a princess cake. He needs it on 2/6. I got my idea to do the tiara cake from the gallarie. I thought it would be a good idea to do a few (yes, more than one) practice cakes. I did the first one tonight. Don't laugh to hard I used some left over icing so nothing matches. With that said I have several questions.

Used 8 and 6 inch cakes. next cake will be 10 and 6. I want to put a wand on the first tier.

1. I used the criss cross template but at the back the pattern does not match up. Is that ok or am I doing something wrong?
2.When putting on the top tier my fingers smashed in the sides. Should I freeze the cake before stacking? It was really hard to stack it on.
3. Do you decorate before or after stacking the two tiers?

Thats enough questions for now. I will have more later. thanks in advance for the feedback.

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MnSnow Posted 25 Jan 2009 , 5:24pm
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Where your diamonds do not meet, make that the back of the cake. Try to get them to line up as close as possible.

Each tier is decorated seperately. I use a spatula to help place a tier on top of the other so finger marks get in there.

Be sure to use support under the 6". Even if it doesn't seem heavy, there should be something there to hold it up.

Instead of making several practice cakes, turn your pans over and decorate them.

Hope this helps

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trumpetmidget Posted 25 Jan 2009 , 6:16pm
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Here's where I differ from pp - if it is a buttercream cake, I decorate after I stack. I ice them seperately, but the diamond and flowers I would do after stacking - that way if you do get a figer globby, you can re-smooth or ice. If the diamonds don't fit, I would re-measure and make sure you have them divided accurately. I don't know if that makes sense. So, if it is 20 inches around, then diamonds and inch apart will work, but if it is 20.5 inches, and inch apart wouldn't work because you would wind up with half an inch in the back. And, in all honesty, I don't use a pattern for diamonds (unless I am using my diamond maker). I just measure the dots, put a pin mark where they should be and and draw the diamonds from there. HTH! It is a really, really cute cake (even if the colors don't match! icon_smile.gif

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cakecrazy09 Posted 26 Jan 2009 , 12:02am
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Thanks so much for the help. I will try using my pans for practice during the week and then attempt the real thing again next weekend. I appreciate the tips.

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AllyCake90 Posted 26 Jan 2009 , 1:10am
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hmm...I don't know whether you made/will be making cakes from scratch or from a box, but recipes from the box tend to be a bit fluffier and therefore a bit less stable. [I'm not sure which you used] But, a homemade cake will give you a great canvas icon_smile.gif and an artists canvas is just as important as the masterpiece!
When prepping your cakes for stacking, make sure to place your base cake on a sturdy surface (foam core is an excellent choice!). Then, frost and fondant it. That way, you don't have to touch the cake after you've put down your "primer." When adding your second tier place the cake on a cake board, cut to the size of the tier After this, place your second tier onto the cardboard. Then, carefully pick the 2nd tier up from the bottom (cardboard area) and place it onto your base tier and then frost & fondant. From there, you should have a nice, fondanted, tiered cake to decorate.
If I were to do diamonds on the cake, I would not use the template (this is merely a matter of preference, lol). I would mark diagonal lines crossing from bottom left to top right along the cake, going at even intervals. Then, work in the opposite direction, going from the top left to the bottom right, making sure that you are creating the diamonds as you go. Voila! [of course, the option is entirely up to you, it's whatever you are comfortable with]
Good Luck!!

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AllyCake90 Posted 26 Jan 2009 , 3:04pm
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I forgot to mention dowels!! When you are putting your second tier on, place dowels (cut to the height of your base cake) halfway into the base cake and then place your top tier onto it. Make sure that you're careful not to let the top tier slide off the dowels. That should help make it more stable...

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meganmo27 Posted 26 Jan 2009 , 8:27pm
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I think this looks great for a first try!! When I stack cakes I decorate each tier separate then stack. I guess it's personal preference. I also use a cake circle under each tier. It makes it easier to stack and more stable. I think that you'll find it easier to stack with a 10in and 6in.
I have done several princess themed cakes and sometimes I use candy on them as part of the decoration as well. I just ask the parents before I do it.
Keep up the good work!!

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cakecrazy09 Posted 27 Jan 2009 , 4:20am
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Thanks for the feedback. I did use the cardboard and dowels they way the show it on the demo pages. I think on my next try I will stack and then decorate and of course use the 10" cake on the bottom. I think I'm not going to do the impression mat it was harder than I expected. We learned how to do sweet peas tonight in class. I leaning towards using a ribbon and sweet peas around the sides. I'm looking forward to the coming weekend to practice again!

It's a good thing my family and fiends like cake. I have made 18 cakes and I'm on my 3rd mixer in 4 weeks! lol. I'm totally crazy about this new hobby because it is so much fun and it makes people happy. Ok it makes me happy too.

Thanks for all the nice feedback and kind words.

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cakecrazy09 Posted 30 Jan 2009 , 5:45am
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Thank you all for your help. I took your tips and below is my 2nd practice cake. I will be doing the final cake this coming week. I pretty proud how this one turned out. I was sooooo frustrated (as always) with the icing. I was really excited when my sugarshack buttercream came out smooth with no air for the first time. Problem was it was too thin to decorate with. I tried adding PS and it just became crumbly. Oh well, practice make perfect right?

I would appreciate your feedback and suggestions. TIA

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jammjenks Posted 30 Jan 2009 , 1:38pm
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Oh man...your first cake was good for a first try, but just look at how you improved. You are doing a great job. I am not one to add fluff to a comment, meaning that if I didn't think it looked so much better I wouldn't just tell you that for the heck of it. You are catching on so fast that you'll be a pro in no time.

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cakecrazy09 Posted 31 Jan 2009 , 4:04am
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My DH gave me great feedback on my second try b-day cake. He thought it was too white and liked the diamond shape I used on the first one. So...I removed the flowers and re-iced in pink and decorated again. Spent half a day redoing it and HD came home and said "It just doesn't pop". So....I got out a cake pan and tried a differnt color combo.
The pictures below is what I came up with.

I would really appreciate what you think of the colors and designs. TIA

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jammjenks Posted 31 Jan 2009 , 9:55pm
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I don't know....I think I like the pink iced one's colors better. Your basecoat looks nice. The only thing I would change is to use a shell border or something similar around the bottom of both tiers. But that's just me.

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