My Ugly Cakes...

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Baking_Booth Posted 20 Dec 2008 , 2:04am
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I just wanted to share my ugly cakes I made!

The margarita cake was made last-minute for my SIL's birthday party. I couldn't get the color right on my margarita so it looks less like a margarita and more like that slime/gak stuff from Nickelodeon or maybe like something from Shrek's swamp. More importantly, everyone loved the taste! It's a white 11X13 torted cake with a CC recipe for berry cream cheese filling and french vanilla buttercream.

The chocolate cake was made last-minute for my MIL's birthday party. They asked me to make it the morning of and I had to go to work that day so I rushed through it and didn't level it or anything. lol icon_redface.gif
Everyone loved the taste! It's a chocolate, chocolate chip cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting. Everyone loved the frosting I made so I used the leftovers to make homemade cinammon rolls! Yummy!

Now let's see your ugly cakes!

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mkolmar Posted 20 Dec 2008 , 2:42am
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These are not ugly. True they are not up to your normal cakes but still they are not ugly. I've made a few doozies but I don't take pics and eat the evidence. icon_lol.gif

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jlsheik Posted 20 Dec 2008 , 3:01am
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I have seen way uglier cakes....I have a policy....NEVER take a picture of an ugly cake!!! Eat it and never admit it happened!!

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jammjenks Posted 20 Dec 2008 , 4:42am
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Bakingbooth - Those aren't my favorite, but I've seen much worse. Check out this thread from a while back. Just to give you an idea, I couldn't remember the title of the thread, so I searched for the term "toxic mermaid" to be able to find it. Some of these are HILARIOUS!

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sweet_teeth Posted 20 Dec 2008 , 5:23am
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This is about a week before I decided I liked to decorate cakes.. hmmm. How this didn't discourage me.. I don't know!

I have done MUCH worse.. but like many others, I eat the evidence before any camera comes near icon_smile.gif

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redpanda Posted 20 Dec 2008 , 8:47am
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It's cute, but I think that bunny had too much collagen injected into those lips!

I'm with y'all on the "eat the evidence", although my ever-so-helpful friends seem to think I want them to send me pictures afterward.

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ceshell Posted 20 Dec 2008 , 9:17am
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LOL, these are great. I love the human lips on the bunny and the radioactive margarita. My worst cake is in the original worst cakes thread, it was my pathetic attempt at the mini-bear pan (and accompanying grown-ups cake, which ironically looked like a child made it), although I have a pretty bad one from last year. It was for a "sloshball" game (softball game where you have to drink a cup of beer at home plate and 2nd base). No, I did not use Silly Putty to make the (and I use this term loosely) baseball field, and do you like the way I ran out of green fondant?? You should click on it to get the full sized version, for the full sad effect.

It looks like one of my very first cakes, but alas, it is not.

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Baking_Booth Posted 21 Dec 2008 , 3:27pm
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#1 The bunny cake. lol. I made one of those too, with my little sis, it's in my pics.

#2 The slosh ball cake. It doesn't look bad, maybe a little like a golf course, but I totally get what you were trying to do. I love your little keg and beer, they look awesome!

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sweet_teeth Posted 21 Dec 2008 , 8:26pm
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Ahhahahha collagen in it's lips.. that is SO truee. I'm sure there are some more.. I wish I could find them. A month before that cake I made a cake for St. Patricks Day. I was so excited to eat it that I slopped the icing on AS SOON AS IT GOT OUT OF THE OVEN.. lmao. And yes, both these cakes are made with store bought icing cans, with store bought fun-fetti cake! So the nasty vanilla canned icing was so soaked up in the hot cake that when I went to slice it just seeped out icing. It was like a giant hot cake ball gone wrong. I would love to say it tasted great.... but it just didn't really hit the spot! Haha.

We live and learn icon_smile.gif

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AmandaPanda Posted 22 Dec 2008 , 2:23am
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ok i found this photo a while ago this is actually a photo of a cake i made my best friend in high school, I joke that this is my first "carved" cake haha. this is to "Celebrate" the reason we both got 20 days of in school suspension our junior year of high school ... i am sure you can figure out what it was for lol.

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Malakin Posted 22 Dec 2008 , 2:28am
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Sorry guys, my camera has this little trashcan button I kept accidentally hitting and then for some reason the trash can in my kitchen ate the real stuff before I could snap another pic. Darn.

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Malakin Posted 22 Dec 2008 , 2:29am
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Oh, I forgot to mention my dogs ate my homework.

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FromScratch Posted 22 Dec 2008 , 2:34am
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LOL.. my fugly cakes are in my photos.. just go back to the 2nd page.. the first few I have on there are pretty bad.

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jescapades Posted 22 Dec 2008 , 2:46am
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oh, i've made some doozies! icon_redface.gif lol

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bobwonderbuns Posted 22 Dec 2008 , 2:56am
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Don't sweat it sweetie, I have a few humdingers I've done in my day -- some I've even posted here on CC! icon_lol.gif Oh well, they can't all be masterpieces! icon_rolleyes.gificon_biggrin.gif

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mommakristin Posted 22 Dec 2008 , 2:59am
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Oh yea!!! We have all made those horrible looking cakes!! I think mine so far was the Slot machine cake in my photos. I absolutely HATED that cake!!! It was horrible! Frankly I was embarrassed to take it anywhere! Luckily it tasted good so maybe that made up for the looks!!!!

Oh BTW ~~ The bunny lips are great!! LOL

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paolacaracas Posted 22 Dec 2008 , 3:06am
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I can't show you cause i get so mad I don't take photos at my ugly cakes

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tonicake Posted 22 Dec 2008 , 4:18am
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AmandaPanda - Your cake looks so disgusting! YUCK!! Just the thought of x-lax is nasty.

I too, have a disgusting cake pic, that in person looked just as "yummy". I literally wrote on it "Here is your ugly cake". If I can find it, I'll post.

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