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jlsheik Posted 5 Dec 2008 , 2:00am
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I stood in my warm kitchen doing what I do and minding my own business, loving my animals almost as if they were human. You see I heard about it on the news first and knew that it had happened in the same county I lived in...but never, not ever did I expect that something like this could happen in my small rural area.
My husband came through the door and alerted me that this had happened 2 miles from my home, on property that connects to my own.
What? I am sure you are asking by now....
This is the story...a tip came in to our local sheriffs office, which led to the investigation of a rural farm house...96 pit bull dogs were found all of them attached to 2 to 3 ft of log chains. Most of them were outside in the cold where temps last night dipped into the 20s But 10 were found chained inside the barn. These animals were being fed less than a handful of feed a day with no clean drinking water in sight. The house under a search warrant was entered today and puppies were found inside 2 already dead and one died shortly after they were found. They were being kept in a small cage with wastes under them 2inches think. The animals were seen today by local a local vet. 94 of the animals are in very grave condition and they are not sure how many will survive. Some of these dogs have lost limbs and are disfigured from being taught to fight, by being held in torturous devices...to make them mean.
A man has been arrested that lives about 80 miles away and said he takes care of them daily. He has previous convictions in Kansas and was ordered to never have an animal again. I see that he is sticking to the court order. He faces 106 counts of animal cruelty and faces 480 years in prison if convicted.
Pit Bulls....I personally would not have one but they are innocent animals not deserving this.
This story will go nationally tomorrow and I am sure that people will step up and help, if you would like to help in anyway contact our local Sherriffs Dept at 580-362-2517

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AlamoSweets Posted 5 Dec 2008 , 3:58am
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This story makes me cry. God bless those poor animals. I hope the people that did this gets what they deserve. There is no telling how many are being treated this way and no one knows about them. These are the lucky ones that have been saved. If they die at least it will be in a warm, comfortable place with people around them that care.

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Callyssa Posted 5 Dec 2008 , 4:59am
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Stories like this make me physically ill. We have a foster Cavalier right now that used to be a "mill mama"; she is eight and was suspected to have had at least 12 litters of puppies. They breed them on their first heat and don't stop until they stop producing satisfactory pups or litter size. She spent her entire life in a cage, and consequently, finds comfort in the crate we leave open for her. We've had her for six months and she is just now starting to seek affection from us, but she's so damaged she's probably not going to get any better than what she is now.

We're in the process of having her deemed a "forever foster" where she will live the rest of her life out with us but our rescue organization will foot her medical bills until she's gone. She's just so emotionally damaged from the isolation, abuse, etc. that no-one wants to take her on, and it's such a shame. She's absolutely adorable and we've grown to love her immensely.

I'll try to link a photo of her here, but not sure if it will work:


The sad thing is, these kinds of things are happening everywhere and people don't even realize. The absolute worst thing people can do is support these mills by buying puppies from petstores, but that's for a different forum!

How is it even possible that anyone could look at a sweetheart like this crammed in a cage everyday and continue to mistreat them? She has no vision in one eye due to some kind of eye injury that went untreated, little to no hearing in one ear due to horrible ear infections that were ignored, and when she came out of the mill and vetted, she lost almost all of her teeth. It's no wonder she has such a hard time learning to trust humans. This is such a heated subject for me.......

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TheCakerator Posted 5 Dec 2008 , 5:16pm
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stuff like this makes me sick to my stomach ... I wish all the people who treat animals cruelly would be treated the same way .. I know it wont ever happen but I just wish .. Callyssa, that is such a wonderful thing you are doing for that beautiful little girl! I wish we could do that as well, but our two fur babies won't take another animal very well, so instead we donate to the ASPCA .. it is all we can do for now ...

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jlsheik Posted 6 Dec 2008 , 1:53pm
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Thank you all for your sweet replies. Kay County has really stepped up and people are donating not only food but their time and other things they need as well.
I heard yesterday that they are going to put some of them down. It breaks my heart.

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