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nickshalfpint Posted 26 Oct 2008 , 2:46am
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Sorry....This is reallllllly long...But I had to vent!!!!!!
Today was my DS's last flag football game. They were 7-0 and if they won today they would be undefeated thumbs_up.gif They are a really close team and they play really well together and our coaches are the best, our kids really respect them. As soon as we got to the field we knew it was going to be an "eventful "game. First off the other teams kids were bad mouthing our kids, with their parents cheering them on. One kid called our team sorry mother f'ers. His parents thought that was hilarious icon_mad.gif I told my son that was not the way I raised him to talk and I was so proud of him that he didn't stoop to their level. So the game started and we scored 2 touch downs, and their coach was PISSED, to say the least. Every play he was cussing his kids out icon_eek.gif Mind you, the kids are 5-6-&7 years old. So our coach asked the ref to please tell him to stop because it was upsetting our kids. Well that started a HUGE argument. He was mad and didn't want to be told what to do. His wife came out yelling and shoved our coach(who is my son's dad) and my DS was really upset. Our GM came out and told the lady that this was uncalled for and the lady was pointing her finger in her face and yelling. Our GM just told her to act like an adult, this was a kids game. thumbs_up.gif She had more restraint than I would icon_redface.gif After a 15 minute break we continued playing. Our team was walking onto the field, about 15 feet away from their line and the ref put the ball down and the other team picked it up and ran in a touchdown icon_eek.gif WHAT???? Our kids weren't even in position yet, the clock wasn't running and the ref didn't blow the whistle yet. But the ref and commissioner were scared of the other teams coaches, they didn't call anything icon_eek.gificon_evil.gificon_evil.gif Well that's when I lost my cool. I was yelling to our kids and letting them know I was proud that the were playing by the rules and playing clean. We made a 3rd touch down, but the ref said he didn't see if his flag was on or not icon_eek.gificon_eek.gif I was in disbelief, to say the least. The crazy lady from the other team came out on the field again, screaming and hollering. So I yelled, telling her to shut up and let the kids play their game, they were here to have fun. Then next thing we know, their team(adults)were fighting each other icon_eek.gif WOW!!!! We grabbed our kids and left. Our kids were crying, their kids were crying. It was a mess. It was so sad to end our season like this. And to boot, the ref doesn't know if we won the game because he has to check his notes icon_evil.gif First off when a coach is thrown out of a game, that team forfeits. He was thrown out and the let back 20 minutes later(which is against the rules). Second any fighting you automatically forfeit. I am so disappointed in the ref, the commissioner and the other team. This all took so long I only had 1 hour to make the frosting and decorate our team cake, so I totally didn't turn out like I had hoped. They loved it any way icon_biggrin.gif . What a day!!!!!
..................... Thank you so much for reading my book icon_lol.gif I just really had to vent!

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trishalynn0708 Posted 26 Oct 2008 , 10:23am
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wow. Sorry that happened! It is sad when parents have to get so upset with their kids if they don't win a game and make a fuss of it. Kids play to have fun and because they want to. The only reason they think they have to win all of the time is because their parents act that way. I'm glad your cake turned out okay though. icon_smile.gif

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pastryjen Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 5:38pm
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5,6 & 7 yr olds? Oh my...Mother F's...my kids have never heard that word (4 & 6). (not that it hasn't slipped out when our childless friends come over but they seem to miss it) The "s" word to them is "Stupid".

And people wonder why the world is going to pot! It's people like that. How awful for the kids to end the season that way.

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Pookie59 Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 6:49pm
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There should be a "no tolerance" rule for those kinds of parents. Kick them out of the league once and for all.

I read your story and thought... that's what's wrong with the world. It's not the kids' fault, it's their STUPID PARENTS. When I look around our relatively new neighborhood and see playground equipment trashed, playground fences trashed, spray paint on the entry signs, trash thrown around, I think WHERE ARE THESE KIDS' PARENTS???? Unfortunately our neighborhood has its share of trashy people who turn their kids and dogs loose and look the other way. Sad!

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michellenj Posted 28 Oct 2008 , 1:16am
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Oh my lord! That is INSANE! I'd be mad, too.

I remember in high school we had some pretty fierce rivals and games got heated (for girls basketball) but it never came to anything like your situation. That sounds like a fiasco. I certainly wouldn't want my children exposed to that language or behavior. My kids would have been terrified by the anger and fighting.

Is there any way that a bunch of you can complain to the person that runs the league? I would be you anything that someone got it all on film.

Keep us posted!

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nickshalfpint Posted 29 Oct 2008 , 4:13am
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Today all of the parents wrote a complaint letter. We were going to do one and all of us sign it, but I thought it would be better to have each parent write one describing the situation, and what it did to their kids. I seriously thought we were being punk'd, it was that bad. I just don't understand how the parents put up with someone talking to their kids like that icon_eek.gif . The whole situation was sooooooo sad icon_sad.gif . He, or his wife, will never be allowed to coach ANY sport again, thank GOD! thumbs_up.gif But I really feel sorry for his kids. Can you imagine if he talks like that in public, what does he do in private?

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michellenj Posted 29 Oct 2008 , 1:11pm
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I hope that the letter does some good.

I just read your first post again. Their spectators were fighting with EACH OTHER? Why?

It does sound like you were being Punk'd.

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nickshalfpint Posted 29 Oct 2008 , 2:36pm
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One of the other coaches on their team told the mouthy coach to sit the rest of the game out. And then the crazy lady started yelling, so it was the two crazy coaches yelling at the nice coach. Then all we saw was punches being thrown. I understand tensions were high, we were in the same position, both teams were undefeated up till that game. But if our kids lost no one would ever think of making them feel like crap, and then fighting each other. One of the people from the other team told my husband "You can't beat us, you have no black people on your team" My husband told him "that's a little racist, don't you think." And the guy just said he was stating the facts. My husband didn't know what to say after that, so he just walked away. Right before the fight started, this 12 year old kid walked by saying" You guys are gonna be sorry, you're gonna get hurt!" So I, being extremely irritated at that point icon_evil.gif , told him to go wash his mouth out and find some parents that could teach him respect. Then he acted like he was gonna come hit me icon_eek.gif . Seriously, is this how people actually raise their kids? Those thoughts would never even occur to come out of my son's mouth!

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michellenj Posted 29 Oct 2008 , 2:59pm
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That is so messed up. Let us know what happens, if anything.

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Carolynlovescake Posted 29 Oct 2008 , 4:45pm
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quote="nickshalfpint"]Then he acted like he was gonna come hit me icon_eek.gif . Seriously, is this how people actually raise their kids? Those thoughts would never even occur to come out of my son's mouth![/quote]

If I ever find out my son acted this way (he's only 7 and still thinks the flyswatter is for his behind (with jeans on) and not to kill flys with. He's shocked that jean swatters are sold all over. LOL) he'd be in a world of hurt.

We have avoided sports for this reason, we had two bad experiences with poor coaching and ever poorer parents on the sidelines.

I feel sorry for those kids if they don't bring home anything less than an A+ on report card day. icon_rolleyes.gif

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