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SweetOccasionCakes Posted 13 Oct 2008 , 4:10pm
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I did my VERY first cake tasting this morning. The girl had gotten in touch with me several weeks ago and had said she would be in town in April and gave me specific days. These days just happen to be the same as the days/dates in Oct and she had accidentally typed April instead of Oct so I had us down for April and she had us down for Oct. She called Friday night to confirm our 'appt' on Sat. and I was totally caught off guard! My brother was leaving to go back to Iraq on Sat. and it was already after 9pm. Not a lot of time to do a great job setting up for a tasting (especially since we didn't leave my moms until almost midnight visiting my brother). Anyway, I scheduled it for this morning (had to call my boss and take time from my FT job, but it was worth it! icon_wink.gif ). I got there and set out my plates and put the cakes/fillings/icings on each plate. She liked what I had to offer and picked two of the four cake flavors I brought, one of the fillings that I brought and my icing. I brought a vanilla bc and a choc. bc and she liked both but went with the van. She decided on a choc. pound cake with caramel filling, white choc. pound cake with chocolate caramel filling and a carrot cake with cream cheese filling. She had ideas for me to go from (which I LOVE) and asked for my input as well (the perfect client!). I think it went really well and with her deciding on flavors she seems pretty set. I told her I would draw up the contract and send it to her to sign and send back with a deposit.

I now have a couple of questions for you guys.
* Do you require a percentage of the cake for a deposit?
* Do you charge for items you purchase just for that cake (i.e. fluted bowls, special feet, stands, etc)?
* She wants me to be there to serve, do you charge extra?

Thanks for your help!

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CakeForte Posted 13 Oct 2008 , 11:36pm
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50% down, non-refundable. I charge for everything and add it in to the price of the cake. If its a cake stand, I ask for a refundable deposit and a rental fee of $50.
I also charge to stay and cute the cake...but no one has ever purchased it. I usually quote them an additional $200, but that is only because I do NOT want to stay and cut the cake.

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FromScratch Posted 15 Oct 2008 , 12:48am
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I don't stay to cut my cakes. If I did I would charge a pretty penny.. $75-100/hour. It's a pain to do.. especially if you aren't used to doing it. Will there not be a caterer there? Usually the caterer will cut the cake and they are paid for that service.

I require a 50% non-refundable retainer to book a cake as well. The balance is due 4 weeks before the event date.

Anything like cake plates and pillars and cake drums are built into the price of the cake. Anything else like silver cake plateaus or special equipment is a cost of business unless they want to keep it. They are charged a deposit on the items equal to their full replacement value and 75% of that fee is returned to them when they bring back the items in the same condition I left them in. They have a week to return them and of they are late they are charged $25 per day they are late. I don't charge them full price for the item because it's something I can use again.

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Laura612 Posted 15 Oct 2008 , 1:23am
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I don't make cakes (yet, but here gathering info for the future). Anyways, for cake cutting services my catering company charges $.50 per person (includes simple disposable cake plates, napkins, forks) plus 1 extra service hour (which is at least $80... 4 servers @ $20 each).

If I was there only to serve the cake, I would be charging a lot more than my company does... cuz you'll be there waiting forever for them to cut the first slice, so that you can cut the cake.

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sari66 Posted 16 Oct 2008 , 1:22am
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I charge a non-refundable deposit, charge a refundable deposit for cake stands and charge $25 an hour for staying to cut a cake (min. of 3 hrs)

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indydebi Posted 16 Oct 2008 , 1:41am
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Originally Posted by sari66

I charge a non-refundable deposit, charge a refundable deposit for cake stands and charge $25 an hour for staying to cut a cake (min. of 3 hrs)

Me, too, except I have a 4=hour minimum. If you set up the cake and stay for the whole thing, you'll easily have 4-6 hours invested in this. If you set up the cake and come back later, you STILL charge for the 4-6 hours because you can't go to the movies with your kids, you can't go shopping with your sister, because you're "on call" and watching your watch to get back to the reception (plus 2 trips to the facility).

The $0.50/person cake cutting fee is ok for an on-site caterer whose staff is always on site anyway and they are also doing other things while waiting for the cake cutting. YOU will be sitting in the kitchen reading a book until they FINALLY get around to cutting the cake ... and you need to be paid more than $50 (assuming $0.50/person with 100 guests) to sit around for 4-6 hours.

Ask if she is having a catered event or is it just cake-n-punch? If caterered, has she even asked the caterer to cut the cake? If not catered, either charge her $25-$50/hour for 4 hour MINIMUM .... OR ..... refer her to my website "how to cut a wedding cake" page and her aunt or cousin or whoever can see how to cut a cake from that.

She may just be naive and not be aware that she can work with the caterer to cut the cake. (But as a caterer, let me say that she needs to talk to them about it ... not just ASSUME they will do it!)

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