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Sugarflowers Posted 2 Oct 2008 , 5:52pm
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I was wondering if there is anyone on CC who has a disability that limits that amount of time that they can do anything. The reason I ask is that I have Multiple Sclerosis and it has caused me to have to quit 2 jobs because they were too demanding.

For those of you who are limited but work, what do you do? I am looking for a new vocation. It's very difficult to ask this, but I really don't like not having a direction and I really hate not being able to do the things I have done for so many years. All the jobs I have had have been physical. I need a job that doesn't require a lot of physical activity, allows me to rest when needed, and most of all, interesting.

I hope this doesn't sound self-centered or degrading in any way. I am at a loss and really need the help.

Thanks so much.


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ziggytarheel Posted 2 Oct 2008 , 8:45pm
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Oh, I really understand, even though I don't have MS. I have rheumatoid arthritis, and people really do not understand that disease and the utter exhaustion that comes with it. Even with the wonderful drug that I'm on, I operate on an energy budget each day, and if I over do, I pay a very heavy price.

Now that our kids are older, I pictured myself working full-time. That does not seem possible. I've added an extra part time job, and could perhaps work a little more, but I don't know. Plus, I have to be able to have a day off every 8 weeks for a treatment I receive.

I do office work, teach a class, and do some volunteer work. It's all I can manage. The class has me enthused, because I'm a teacher at heart. I just try to focus on what I can do and what I need to do and try not to worry about what I can't do.

I wish I could give you more help, but I do understand.

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lilthorner Posted 2 Oct 2008 , 10:47pm
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have you thought about doing classes? or maybe classes and supplies? I have your video, and I really appreciate the way you teach.. you can still be in the cake world doing what you love and helping other people.. you can arrange your schedule

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TC123 Posted 2 Oct 2008 , 11:06pm
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Hi Michelle! I see that you do stunningly beautiful cakes! Now regarding your question, I have a friend in the same situation. She works at Wal-Mart part time. It gives her benefits, independence, her schedule is flexible, gets her out of the house, she meets a lot of people, and allows for her to have time to focus on maintaining her health. Also because it's part-time, she can also do many of the crafts she enjoys at home.

I'm not sure if this helps, but I thought I'd share it with you.

Wishing you health & happiness! icon_smile.gif

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Sugarflowers Posted 3 Oct 2008 , 5:29am
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Thank you for the replies. Besides extreme fatigue, when I get tired my legs quit working. By this I mean that I can't walk or sometimes even move while standing. This is fun icon_confused.gif since my legs don't even want to hold me up.

I'm trying to look in a whole new direction. I have thought about having a classroom but I don't have the funds to get that started and my house is not set up for any kind of class.

Thanks again for the help. I will keep them all in mind.


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Curtsmin24 Posted 3 Oct 2008 , 9:42am
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Oh hunny I know exactly what you are going through. I can't do anything. My sister told me about a job with home shopping network. You work at whatever times you want and from home. All you do is answer phone calls take orders and submit them to the warehouse and they get shipped and you get paid. I haven't applied because I am going to school part time and I just can't do it. I will see if I can get a hold of her and find a number for you. I truely know how bad it is when your legs just go kaplunk on ya. I laugh at myself sometimes because I don't want to let it bring me down. I am just like you. At first I had a very hard time dealing with a disibility and then other stuff added to it and that was when I got really depressed because I couldn't do the things I was able to do before. But now I am okay and I know you will be too. You'll find something I promise. icon_smile.gif

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ziggytarheel Posted 3 Oct 2008 , 12:53pm
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If you have some financial flexibility, i.e., you don't have to necessarily pull in a full-time salary, I think you can look at this as an opportunity.

What do you love to do? What do you love to do that you can still do, despite your health issues? Where is your passion in life? What do you feel like is your true calling?

You are obviously incredibly talented. Don't let obvious roadblocks keep you from figuring out a way to teach on a regular basis, if that is what you have determined is your gifting and your passion. If that is what you believe you should do, I think that some creative brainstorming, thorough research, and advice of in the know folks will lead you to a way to do this.

If money isn't a huge issue at the moment, there are ways to start and grow this. Facilities that would probably rent to you. Folks who might invest in you. You have the beginnings of a "brand". There are ways to market this and grow!

If you can be your own boss, you can work in such a way as to take your health into consideration. I really think that you can do this!

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Sugarflowers Posted 3 Oct 2008 , 6:34pm
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Boy, do I wish I knew what my true calling is. I thought I had found it when I worked on copiers. I loved that job and I was a good tech. But, my kids needed me and I had a boss from #@!!.

My next thing was cakes. I wanted to be a pastry chef as a teen, but didn't have the money. So I started making cakes from the house and did well. I even opened my own little restaurant. I really enjoyed that. I had to work a LOT, but it was great. The soups, sandwiches, goodies, etc. made people happy and business was good. Nine months into it I got hit with a really bad round of MS. It wasn't diagnosed until three months after I had to close. I spent most of the next three years in bed. thumbsdown.gif

So...when we moved to Texas, I decided to go a completely different route, hoping for less stress and a more consistent paycheck. I started working at an eyeglass shop as a lab tech. I enjoyed that quite a bit. I even got ABO certified (American Board of Opticianry). The store that I worked had an oddly laid out lab and the walking was killing me. Then I saw a sign for a cake decorator at a local grocery store and applied. It paid a lot more and was only 5 minutes from the house. However, it was more mass dessert making and not cake decorating, except on Saturday. Then I was much too slow. I like my cakes to look good, but they needed speed. Going in and out of deep freezers is one of the worst things someone with MS can do. The weight of the boxes and buckets added to the problem. Blah!

That leaves me where I am now. I don't look sick. I don't qualify for Social Security. For the most part I do fairly well. I just can't do much for very long. Everything I have done is very physical. MS has forced me to give up on many, many things. It keeps taking things away. I'm running out of ideas! icon_eek.gif

Sorry for the rant. I guess I get off on a tangent and keep on going. One idea given to me was to write a book about the trials with MS and how I have managed to continue to do things. It's a good idea. I don't know if anyone would be interested in reading it. I think I would make it funny. Most of my problems with are pretty humorous when I'm not in the middle of an attack. icon_lol.gif This would take way too many pages to explain.

Thank you for the ideas. I will keep all of them in mind and keep checking back. Everyone on CC is so kind to me. It is very much appreciated.

Hugs to everyone,


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littlecake Posted 4 Oct 2008 , 12:52am
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you need to be making cakes for the very very upscale clientele....

your skill level is amazing! not many people can make cakes that look like yours!

you already have a dvd....maybe theres a better way to market it...awhile back when i was in a different biz, i looked into QVC....that could get the ball rolling!

look how well donna dewberry has done on there with her 1 stroke painting.

God has blessed you with amazing talent, there has to be a way to capitalize on it....

here's another thought, selling your gumpaste flowers online....

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Sugarflowers Posted 6 Oct 2008 , 6:33pm
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With every one's help and suggestions, I think I have a plan. It won't be a consistent paycheck, but enough to help me to feel less useless.

Several things are in the works. First I am going to work on sugar art pieces that will be sold on my web site like art. They will be one-of-a-kind pieces that people can buy as gifts.

Second, I am going to work on a book about coping with MS. This may not sound fascinating, but I think it will help me to get past the bad times. I also plan to make it funny, because frankly, some of the stuff that has happened to me has been a riot!

Third, I plan to set up classes when and where I can. I am hoping to have my first class at the Arizona Cake show. I don't have all the details yet, I'll be working on that this week.

Fourth, I will look into the QVC thing. Both ideas for the home shopping networks sound like good avenues.

Thank you so much for your ideas and support. You really have no idea how much I needed and appreciate it.


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Curtsmin24 Posted 6 Oct 2008 , 6:58pm
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your welcome. It is very good to hear that your spirits are up. I know it can be hard and frustrating but, it will take time and everything will fall into place. Just make sure to let us know when the book comes out. It may take some time to get it published but, I am willing to wait. thumbs_up.gificon_biggrin.gif

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ziggytarheel Posted 6 Oct 2008 , 7:35pm
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That sounds GREAT! It really does. I think you are zeroing in on your passions....creating sugar art, teaching sugar art, and helping others.

These are all very good things! Getting to be creative and working on a way to help others...sounds like your winning combination.

And...I'll pm you the rest. icon_smile.gif

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