Cake For Young Priest Who Is Leaving?

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SweetResults Posted 23 Aug 2008 , 5:48pm
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Any ideas? A priest from our parish who was very involved with the school and kids is leaving this weekend and they want a cake for a large number of people - they have no ideas for me - anyone got anything???

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Mike1394 Posted 23 Aug 2008 , 6:09pm
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I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want a Devil's food cake. Hehehehehe. Why not just a sheet cake and then on top put a cross on it made from cake.


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pugmama1 Posted 23 Aug 2008 , 6:20pm
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In my first set of decorating classes years ago we did a cake (Easter) that had a cross which looked like stained glass. We outlined in black buttercream and then filled in the spaces with different colors of piping gel. It really looked beautiful and just like stained glass. Our instructor, who happened to be Linda Reese, showed us her version which was a detailed stained glass of Mary. Amazing!

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Joyful1216 Posted 23 Aug 2008 , 6:39pm
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There was a really cute one on the homepage this week with a modeled pastor?/shepherd and two sheep. I can't find it now though!

While I was browsing, I found this one that sounds like what pugmama was talking about? Pretty!

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MistyGirl2008 Posted 24 Aug 2008 , 2:59pm
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I made this cross cake for my daughter's baptism. Wrong colors but you could easily change that. Since this doesn't feed that many people you could just place the cross cake on top of a large rectangle cake.

Hope this helps!

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julesn20716 Posted 24 Aug 2008 , 3:18pm
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I personally would stay away from crosses etc and make something that is more personal to him like maybe figures of the school children holding hands around the cake or lifting their hands up to him and have a figure of him in the center. Sounds like the children and the school are a special part of what he does. Also, does he have any hobbies outside of church you can maybe focus on?

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SweetResults Posted 25 Aug 2008 , 12:59pm
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I was hoping to come up with something more than just a cross. For the 50th celebration of the Msgr of the church I did a great carved stack of books (in my pics), so I'd like to make sure it is as cool as that, but unfortunately I also have 4 other big cakes this weekend to work on so I am limited time-wise. This came up very suddenly.

I like the idea of the school children, maybe I can do edible images instead of fondant as I just don't have the time. I was also thinking of maybe a tiered round cake with a Bible on top, a St. Christopher medal, maybe pictures around the sides of other saints. SOmeone mentioned a dove as well, but not sure how to work it all in there.... Oh dear, this week is too busy for a challenge like this!!! icon_sad.gif

I did see the Priest/Shepard one you are talking about and that is really cute - maybe I can find some time to mold a fondant figure of him with a few children around him? Oh dear!!

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lucia Posted 25 Aug 2008 , 1:07pm
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I recently did a cake for a Priest 25th ordination anniversary. I did a sheet cake with a fondant stole on top. The stole was a replica of the one he wore when he was ordained.

It wasn't very hard to do and did not take much time.

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Swede-cakes Posted 25 Aug 2008 , 1:15pm
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Boy, you do have a busy week!

I like your idea of a St. Christopher medal. In the interest of time, you could just make a closed bible on top of a sheet cake and decorate as if the medal were on a neckchain laying across the top of the book. Is there a bible verse that would be appropriate to write around the outside of the cake? Or perhaps a thank-you message from the school that would bring a personal touch?

If you want to do a dove, what about just one beautiful fondant dove on a wire so that it could :fly" above the cake, as if taking off on its journey?

I can't think of anything else right now...hth!

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SweetResults Posted 25 Aug 2008 , 1:49pm
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skichic68 - I do like your ideas, they are pretty much what I have been trying to come up with - I'm going to have to do some searching for a verse, I'm not very good at that - and Fr. Mike is the one I would have asked for something like this!

I really like the idea of the dove flying above the cake, maybe I can make that today...


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Swede-cakes Posted 25 Aug 2008 , 1:58pm
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Could you ask the people who requested the cake to think of either a verse or give you a personal message of gratitude? The more people brainstorming, the better sometimes! icon_smile.gif Btw, your cakes are fabulous!

Would it be appropriate to post a sep. thread looking for a verse? I know it has to do w/ religion, but there may be some CC'ers who might be able to think of something you could consider? I don't know, maybe that's crossing some guideline here? I'm not sure...

Best of luck on the cake, and please do post a pic of the finished product!

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maryj Posted 26 Aug 2008 , 11:40am
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A chalice with Psalm 116:12-13
How shall I make a return to the Lord
for all the good He has done for me

The cup of salvation I will take up
And I will call upon
the name of the Lord

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SweetResults Posted 26 Aug 2008 , 12:37pm
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I found a great round stained glass picture of St. Michael (Father's name is Michael). So I think I am going to do a tiered round cake, with an edible image in the center of the top tier, and a rosary and medal and maybe some doves around the base of the first tier. I really like the idea of the "flying dove", trying to see how I can work that in icon_smile.gif

Mary thank you for the Psalm, maybe I can use that around the sides of the cake.

So unless one of the party organizers comes back with something more specific I think this is the direction I'm going to go in. But please feel free to keep the suggestions coming - I can't decorate this until Friday! icon_smile.gif

Thanks so much everyone!

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Swede-cakes Posted 26 Aug 2008 , 12:43pm
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The stained glass idea in edible image sounds nice! It seems you've got ideas gelling together now...I bet it will turn out great! thumbs_up.gif

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