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courtney1009 Posted 23 Aug 2008 , 2:28pm
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Everyone posts info on how to decorate a cake dummy, but I just still don't seem to get it. I just got my cake dummies and I want to be able to decorate them and re-use them multiple times. I want to use both fondant and buttercream on them. I've read all the techniques from spraying with water, to using saran or press and seal, but I just don't see how this will work.

Won't the water make the dummies wet and unusable again?

How can you put a nice smooth coat of buttercream on a cake with saran or press and seal underneath it?

And how do you get buttercream off of a dummy without hurting it if you didn't use these things?

Sorry I"m so dumb but could someone please finally clear all of this up for me and give me the techniques for both fondant covered and buttercream covered cake dummies from start to finish? And the reasons why these techniques work? Thank you in advance I really appreciate all of your incite!!!!

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PinkZiab Posted 23 Aug 2008 , 2:33pm
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You can wash a dummy with no problem. Just let it dry thoroughly for a day or so before re-using.

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Sarsi Posted 23 Aug 2008 , 4:21pm
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Cake dummies are made from styrofoam, so water doesn't soak into them to make them soggy. As PinkZiab siad, just wash them with soap and water, and they're as good as new to get covered again!! You don't HAVE to use saran wrap or press n seal.... but it you put a thick enough coat of buttercream on, I don't think you'd see the seems, but I personally wouldn't use the saran or pressn seal.. I'd just wash the dummmies afterwards...

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courtney1009 Posted 24 Aug 2008 , 6:43pm
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Thanks for the help. What kind of frosting do you put on them. Wouldn't the butter or shortening in the frosting make the dummies greasy? Also do you spray them with water before putting the frosting on or just if you're going to use fondant? Is water all you need to hold the fondant on or should you put a layer of buttercream?

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dailey Posted 24 Aug 2008 , 6:54pm
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i always cover my dummies with saran wrap first...makes clean up SO much easier.

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mixinvixen Posted 24 Aug 2008 , 7:04pm
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since a dummy is styrofoam, it doesn't get soggy...if you choose to not use saran wrap, tape, etc, then just spritz it with some cleaner to get the grease off before making a new design on it. remember that this is not edible...it's simply there as an illusion. the only thing i can think of for the "caring of" dummies is to not let them get beat up, since that might show through your fondant, but even if they do, just fill it with icing before covering.

i personally love dummies, but have a really hard time destoying my creation to reuse them....i find myself buying more just to avoid that. not good on the pocketbook necessarily, but these are my babies!!


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leah_s Posted 24 Aug 2008 , 8:44pm
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If you're using water on the dummy to get the fondant to adhere, you're **misting** it - lightly. It's barely damp at all. Other than that, after you're done with it, take a bunch of pictures and wash it off!

However, if you use PermaIce, do not wash that off. In fact use a paper towel to clean up the bowl and utensils, only washing after you have removed every speck of PermaIce. Trust me and my plumber on this one.

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bobwonderbuns Posted 24 Aug 2008 , 8:52pm
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I use a thin layer of piping gel on the dummy before putting fondant on it -- sticks great and washes off like a dream! icon_biggrin.gif

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Tellis12 Posted 25 Aug 2008 , 1:43am
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I've done several dummies with both fondant and butter cream and putting the butter cream on is a nightmare because the dummy is so light! Is there a better way to do it?

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courtney1009 Posted 25 Aug 2008 , 8:11pm
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Thanks everyone I think I'm finally understanding. Thanks so much for all of your help. I probably won't want to destroy mine either Starla!. I got these to ease my pocketbook, but I bet I"ll be thinking just like you after I do my first one! Thanks again!

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