Are Betty Crocker Cake Mixes "nut" Free?

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tracey1970 Posted 16 Aug 2008 , 1:27am
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I use Betty Crocker mixes although I can get Duncan Hines in Canada (we can't get Pillsbury mixes).

I was wanting to make a cake or cupcakes for the kids at my DDs daycare, but we were told that anything we make must be "nut free." I searched the Betty Crocker cake mix box up and down to see if it had a "nut free" sign/label on it, and I can't find anything. Other than the "Butter Pecan" flavour, which I may be foolish in thinking there might actually be nut bits in, does anyone know if these mixes are nut free or made in nut free conditions? What about Duncan Hines?

I am just nervous as I don't want to make any of the children sick. I know other parents have brought stuff in for treats, but I believe they were store bought things that likely had a "nut free" label on them.

If anyone could help, I truly appreciate it. Thanks! icon_lol.gif

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tchrmom Posted 16 Aug 2008 , 1:48am
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I don't know for sure, but I do know that I would not allow my peanut-allergic son to eat anything baked elsewhere. I am just not comfortable with it. If there isn't actually a child who is nut-allergic, and it's just a policy, one thing you could do it bake from scratch. I keep cupcakes at his school in case other parents bring baked goods from a bakery or their own home.

I will say that there is no "nut-free" symbol that I know of. I know that there are a FEW companies that will state that they are nut-free. One of them is Tootsie and another is whoever makes moon pies. There are companies that are excellent about labeling-- like Hershey. You might be able to call Betty Crocker and ask about it. Most customer service people at major companies can either answer your questions or find you someone who can.

Good luck-- and let me thank you for trying so hard to be conscientious abou this. We parents of allergic kids know how tough it is and appreciate the efforts of anyone trying to help keep our kids safe.

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tracey1970 Posted 16 Aug 2008 , 2:01am
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Thanks tchrmom.

I'm not sure if this is a "Canadian" thing, but we do have a symbol that goes on many foods that are made in a "nut free" facility. If memory serves, it's a peanut with a circle around it and a slash mark through the nut. Below the symbol, it says something like "nut free facility."

I'll e-mail the company and see what they say.

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tracey1970 Posted 16 Aug 2008 , 2:25am
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When I searched the company website, this is what I got:

Thank you for contacting General Mills concerning ingredients in our products. As manufacturers and consumers, we understand your concern about potential allergens in the foods you eat. Our primary goal is to provide accurate information; and we believe this is best accomplished by referring to the specific ingredients listed on each product package. This is the most current information for your needs.

If one of our products contains any of the top 8 allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, dairy products, eggs, soy, wheat, crustaceans, and fish) or if it contains sesame, sunflower or mollusks, that ingredient is always listed in the ingredient panel, and also in bold letters just below the list of ingredients. If a product is exposed to any of these allergens in the manufacturing facility the allergen will be listed in bold in the â²Contains Statementâ² just below the list of ingredients. This list is your ingredient assurance for that package. It is not intended for other packaging of the same product. Ingredients may vary from one package to another due to product reformulation. If you have allergy concerns, please read each package ingredient panel.

We hope this information helps you.

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sweetcravings Posted 16 Aug 2008 , 2:40am
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My son has a severe allergy to all nuts and I solely use betty crocker supermoist mixes. I've called the company in the past and have gotten the same response as Tracey posted. I am confident he is getting a safe product. He has never had a problem with them. In preparation of them, i am not concerned as i never use nuts in my mixers etc., so cross contamination is eliminated. He has also had the butter pecan mix as well without problem.
I've called Duncan Hines and have been told that they do not label if there is a possiblily that their manufact. lines may come into contact with nut products, or if they contain an allergen either. I was shocked that a big company like that wasn't more responsible. Perhaps things have changed since i called, but for now i stear clear of them. They said the same thing about their ready made icings.

I would say the biggest thing you should be concerned about is if you bake with nuts. Residue could be left behind without you seeing it, on your mixing bowl, mixers, spoons etc.. Be careful. The only way to remove it is with HOT soapy water.

To kinda put your mind at ease..I like the second poster would never allow my son to eat baked goods that i didn't prepare. I don't care how careful they said they were. I hope people don't take it personal but it's my son's life we are talking about. I always leave a tupperwear container of goodies he can pick from in the event someone brings something into the class that is not 'safe'. Thsi way he doesn't feel left out.
Thanks for showing concern over the mattter, and asking questions. I wish more moms were like you and were considerate of children with allergies. Even after all these years my son still has classmates parents who bring in peanut butter/nut items at halloween etc.. Even though these are the same kids he has been schooling with since the beginning. Clearly they just don't care.

Hope my info helps you.


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quilting2011 Posted 16 Aug 2008 , 6:12am
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My triplets have severe allergies to peanuts. I make my own cupcakes for my kids when they are celebrating a party at their pre school.

I myself stay away from mixes because I had an allergy attack at work when someone brought a cake made from a box mix and she did not put any nuts in it. I had a piece and needed my ep pen immediately.

Because I am allergic to peanuts. I have to bake all items from scratch. I do not even trust cake mixes because I am not sure if the mixes were processed in a peanut-free facility.

Most of the time I eat fruts for desserts.

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tchrmom Posted 16 Aug 2008 , 1:28pm
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It does sound like Betty Crocker is a responsible labeler, and I love Canada's symbol. It's probably voluntary, but would be a great incentive for some of us. I generally bake from scratch anyway, but it's nice to know when there are peanut-free other products available.

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tracey1970 Posted 16 Aug 2008 , 7:18pm
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Thank you, everyone, for your input. There isn't anyone at my DDs daycare right now who is nut allergic, but I hate to take a chance. I don't cook/bake with nuts myself, so none of my equipment would be a concern.

I am also a teacher, so I fully understand the concerns of parents whose children have allergies. While I teach in a high school, so the students can bring whatever they want to eat for lunch with the assumption that those who have allergies will steer clear of these foods, we are fully trained in the signs of an allergic reaction and how to administer an epi-pen, etc.

Again, I am thankful for everyone's help and advice.

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bbsager1979 Posted 8 Apr 2013 , 8:55am
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AMy daughter has a nut allergy and YES the Betty Crocker does make nut free box mixes. You can google it and they give you a list of the ones that are 'nut free'. My problem is addition to peanut allergy my daughter has an egg allergy as well so I have to improvise and use egg replacement when baking.

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