Is A Royal Icing Plaque (Standing) Possible?

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twinsmake5 Posted 1 Aug 2008 , 1:39pm
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I'm doing a Betty Boop cake. Last night I did a royal icing Betty Boop. If she doesn't break when I remove her from the wax paper --- what's the next step? Can I back her with fondant? I want her to stand up on top of my cake. It's just her pouty face and shoulders - her elbows would be touching the cake. If she can't stand, can I lay her flat on buttercream or would it be best to do a buttercream transfer?

I've been on vacation and off with the kids for a month and a half. Somewhere in my mind I remember the hello kitty plaque tutorial but didn't remember it was done with an edible image. That was my inspiration ... now I'm in trouble I think. Help? becky

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lanibird Posted 1 Aug 2008 , 2:20pm
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If the RI is thick enough, she should be ok to stand on her own. I'd recommend attaching a skewer or something that you could stick into the cake to her with more RI, better chance of her staying up that way. You can back her with fondant if you want, just make sure you either let it dry out for a couple days, knead in some Tylose powder so it dries out faster, or do a 50/50 fondant & gumpaste mix. If all else fails, you can lay her flat on the BC with no worries.

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nesweetcake Posted 1 Aug 2008 , 2:29pm
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I would use a little royal icing and a sucker stick to the back and let
dry then put into the cake. The Hello Kitty you were referencing
was an edible image and is on the first page where you get the tutir.
Good luck will be really cute when done. post photos for us to see.

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DianeLM Posted 1 Aug 2008 , 2:35pm
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I've done it a million times. As lanibird suggested, glue a skewer or toothpick to the back of the piece and insert that into the cake. Don't bother with fondant. You don't need it and the risk of breaking your piece is too great.

Here are some cakes where all the standing items are royal icing:

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twinsmake5 Posted 1 Aug 2008 , 3:49pm
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Thanks for the tips! I flipped her with a cake board and pulled the wax paper off that way - much easier and less risky! She's not completely dry on the back - but surely dry enough to remove from the backing. I have her upside down now so the back can get air. Can I go ahead and add the stick now?

Diane, your cakes are so cute and fun! I saw you are from D/FW - how I miss it! It must be the most convenient place to live in the world. We lived in Plano where everything needed was only five minutes away. Now? I moved 200 miles away to a "major" city - huh! Last night my husband and I went out to dinner and for fun .... FUN ... we went to check out the new gas station.

Thanks everybody for the ideas!

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DianeLM Posted 1 Aug 2008 , 5:07pm
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In the future, pipe your royal pieces onto plastic wrap (Saran). They practically fall right off. Much safer and easier than wax paper.

Better wait til your piece is completely dry before adding the stick. Just pipe a line of royal, lay your stick in it. Let dry. Don't press too hard with the stick.

Gosh, a new gas station? How are you going to top that next weekend? icon_smile.gif As much as I hate the traffic and the crowds, I'd take a big city to a small town any day.

BTW, I know your hubby's name, your kids' names and your cat's name... But I don't know YOUR NAME! icon_eek.gif

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twinsmake5 Posted 1 Aug 2008 , 9:28pm
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Thanks for the saran idea. I'm Becky. Maybe I should fix that in my profile but I always sign off with my name. Yes, when a new gas station is the hit, you know life is a little weird. I have run out of gas twice here and I'm sick of driving 10 miles to the grocery. At least next time I need an egg or some milk, Tuscany 360 is close by. Can you believe it has a name like that? It even boasts a back patio overlooking the hill country sunset. Comfy couches, rock walls, flat screen TV. Beautiful! But that's just werid for a gas station!

I have another question. The gal has asked that I don't do the cake. It's a freebie for a secretary at my husband's work and she feels she's imposing. She has no idea how much fun this is! I gracefully accepted her "forget it" and plan to keep on working. Hubby and I will drive the cakes up to the office and leave them on her desk Saturday night for a Monday morning surprise. I planned to use some red accents (borders, etc.) but am worried it will bleed into the white buttercream as it sits for two days. Any thoughts? Should I add the red with sugars or sprinkles instead to be safe?

Cakes are for b-day on the 4th (daughter 22) and mother on the 7th. Daughter is moving to CA at the end of next week and mom is driving her out there. I planned to do two heart cakes on one board. Prop Betty on one and do the flower and butterflies she wanted for the daughter. But also write something on the computer and lay it on the board saying something like "miles may separate but can never divide the heart". The mom is very sad about the move! It sounds a little sappy. Any thoughts on more smooth wording? Thanks so much for all the help.

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twinsmake5 Posted 3 Aug 2008 , 4:16am
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Here are the photos. I did not do the stand-up Betty because I had to take it 20 miles away and blah, blah ... long story. She's laying down. The other cake was for Betty's daughter, Tee. I thought so much about doing Betty's Betty Boop cake, that I didn't give enough thought to Tee's. Oops. I've never done two cakes at once though.

Anyway, since Tee is moving from Tx to Ca at the end of the week, Betty is very down right now. Tee's b-day 8/4, Betty's 8/7. Pic attached has my original wording. I did two hearts because of their love for each other and I thought it was a little sappy, but nice. My husband thought it was too sappy. I took it off and just wrote "Happy Birthday Betty (Boop)!" and put the ribbon through that. Thanks for all the help!

Oh - I see you can hardly read the note - it says, "Though miles may separate, they can never divide the heart." Yeah, it was a little sappy. But Betty's a very sweet lady. Nixed it though.

Cakes sit on a board covered in black wrapping paper and then in celophane. I don't like the shiny effect it gives. Any other ideas for covering the paper? becky

ps - please tell me Betty won't dissolve sitting on the buttercream now (Sat) not to be seen until Monday morning when the office opens. I'll dream about that for the next two nights!

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MichelleM77 Posted 3 Aug 2008 , 7:29pm
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Very cute! I can't help you with the RI bleeding question, but you did a great job on the transfer!

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