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CB2005 Posted 12 Feb 2005 , 3:03pm
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Okay I would like to know how those "adults only" themed cakes are made?

Because I would like to make one for a girlfriends bday party but I don't know how they make the um private parts on the cake or what they are made from?

Here are some examples of what I am talking about BE FOREWARNED THESE ARE ADULT CAKES.



does anyone know what they make the add ons from? Is it marzipan or something? Im only asking because I do not know.

Hope someone can help me. Thanks.

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MrsMissey Posted 12 Feb 2005 , 4:22pm
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LOL!! I know what you mean!!! The first one appears to be a cake pan shape for the male anatomy. There are many websites that sells those kinds of pans. Can't tell if the girl is made of fondant or actually a plastic head with a fondant/gumpaste body. Do a website search for male cake pans and you will get a ton of hits. I happen to have the large male version...it is called Big Boy icon_eek.gif ..I think. I can e-mail you the picture of my cake if you want to see that version. The second one appears to be made of fondant or possibly shaped clay. The bed spread and pillows also apprear to be made of fondant/gumpaste with an impression mat for the blanket and some sort of luster dust. Hope that helps! Happy baking, Missey

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nanni Posted 12 Feb 2005 , 4:38pm
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I have a cupcake pan of the male anotomy-used it as a stand up on a round cake-I can email you the picture if you want-it ws for a bachlorette party-hostess wanted to get a pictue of the bride "taking a bite out of it"...

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briansbaker Posted 12 Feb 2005 , 4:59pm
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I don't own any male pans, but I did make a male part for a bridal shower. I just layered the cake as if I was making a full sheet. Froze it and carved it out. It was a BIG BOY LOL...It was so big all the ladies were a little shy even look at it..
Hope this helps..Good Luck..

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GHOST_USER_NAME Posted 12 Feb 2005 , 6:20pm
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I've seen candy molds for this and that added to the cake.

Sugarcraft carries them. I've also seen them at Condom Revolution.

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mommykicksbutt Posted 12 Feb 2005 , 7:08pm
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I've seen a "male part" cake made out of a layered sheet cake (so it layed flat) that was carved in to the member shape, but it had an added surprise inside! the tip had a small plastic funnel that held a balloon that was sandwiched between the two layers of cake. The balloon was filled with a white cream filling.... You guessed it, when the soon to be bride made the first cut (she was told exactly where to make this cut) the cream squirted out of the tip of the cake!!! IT was a hoot! I have reserved this idea but haven't had to opportunity to make it yet. Let us know what you end up making, we'd like to know!

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GHOST_USER_NAME Posted 12 Feb 2005 , 8:51pm
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Oh my gosh!! That reminds of a girl cake a friend ordered for me on one of my younger birthdays. When I cut in to the "private" area, it was full of raspberry filling... but only there... get it... runny red?????? Totally gross!! But hysterical.

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MrsMissey Posted 12 Feb 2005 , 9:18pm
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LOL! The one I did...I hollowed out the "head" part and filled it with vanilla pudding. Of course that piece of cake was given to the bride to be...boy did she get a shock when she bit into it! My husband said that I had way to much fun making that cake!! Aren't we awful!! Missey

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CB2005 Posted 13 Feb 2005 , 1:18am
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Well I have the male big boy cake pan and I made a bday cake for a girlfriend before but I was actually interested in how they made the top part of the first cake, on the site it said it was liquor filled so I don't think it was from the same cake pan otherwise it would've been huge!

I think its from a chocolate mold which I already have adult molds I just wanna know if they used fondant/gum paste or marzipan. Because there is one site that makes their edible decors with marzipan, they have a female (full body kinda looks like a doll) and a male as well and some other interesting stuff made with marzipan, I just wish I knew how to make them from scratch, I think the second picture is marzipan but Im not sure.

by the way where would I find marzipan to make cake decorations and/or fondant/gum paste? I think theres a site that sells fondant dough ready to use but Im not sure about the marzipan.

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MrsMissey Posted 13 Feb 2005 , 1:21am
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..try sugarcraft.com and wilton.com!

Happy baking, Missey

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CB2005 Posted 13 Feb 2005 , 2:05am
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Okay next question I know this is cakes but does anyone know how they make those chocolate filled liquors? icon_confused.gif

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dragonwarlord1969 Posted 14 Feb 2005 , 12:18am
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to make the filled chocolates, pour the chocolate into the mold and then turn it upside down so most of it drains out. Put them in the fridge to harden. Pour your liquer or whatever in the shells and top with more chocolate and then it's off to the fridge. You also want to make sure that your filling in room temp or cooler. thumbs_up.gif

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rachelj Posted 20 Feb 2005 , 1:13am
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While searching for other things, I remembered this post when I came across this page:

The line may not work, not sure how to add it, if it doesn't just copy & paste into a new browser window.

Hope this helps.

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