Need To Vent? Please Tell Me I Am Not Alone! (Long)

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Aliwis000 Posted 23 Jun 2008 , 5:52pm
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Okay this is going to be long and I am so sorry in advance for that but I have had the most unbelievable last 3 weeks and have to share. I also thought that maybe you all would share your tales of really bad periods of time.

1. I take my boyfriend up to what we call the farm, some land my family has in the middle of nowhere Texas, 3 weeks ago to hang out with my family. While we were there I ended up driving his truck a little down the road and ended up getting him a flat tire. Of course we replaced it but it was still a pain being so far away.

2. I got into my truck on a Sunday two weeks ago to go see a movie. It was under the carport with my brothers truck behind me, he was gone so I couldnât move it. I mistakenly thought I could get the truck out and ended up running the side of it along a brink column.

3. I was going to visit my boyfriend last Wed and was in a little car driving through the subdivision when I was T-boned by and SUV. I didnât have a stop sign, she did. I am pretty sure it totaled the car b/c its an older car with low mileage but the insurance company will total it b/c that will be cheaper then fixing it.

4.Just today my boyfriend emailed me a coupon code for Dell and told me to use it. I said ok and ordered a flash drive. With the discount I ended up only having to pay for shipping which was $5.40 total. I though great and gave my credit card number and said confirm. Two seconds later I get an email saying I will be charged $37!!! I called and asked and the guy said that the product was already on sale and you can only use one discount at a time so they charged me full price, not even using one of the discounts! Also I canât cancel the order b/c it has already been sent to ship. So my only option is to return itâ¦WHAT A PAIN!!

5. I am on a diet, because it summer time and I always seem to go on a diet in the summer time. Anyway, I have done this weight loss weight gain dance my whole life, so I am used to how my body reacts and how long and fast I lose the pounds. Well today is day 10 of the diet I am eating 1000 cal. A day and walking 5 miles a day. I weighed my self at the start and in a week have managed to gain 5lbs???!!!???!!!??? I never really lose weight that first week but never in my life have gained that much in a week much less while I was trying to lose it.

6. GAS PRICES!! Oh my goodness. I just did the calculations and found that it will cost me $3000.00 to drive to school next semester. Thatâs 1000.00 a month!! I commute to school 3 days a week 65 miles one way and drive an F150. When we got the truck things were not so bad but now its not worth trading it in, nobody will give you much for it.

I know that in the end this is small stuff, nobody was hurt and these things can be fixed. But it feels like I cant get my head above water these days every time I think I can start getting caught up I fall behind again. Am I the only one?

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monizcel Posted 23 Jun 2008 , 5:56pm
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I'm sorry about your bad week.

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michellenj Posted 23 Jun 2008 , 9:16pm
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I had a bad week last week, too. My alternator went on my car as we were driving through a big intersection, on the way to my daughter's dress rehearsal for her dance recital. DH works 2 hours away, and just that AM I had thrown our AAA renewal letter (we let it lapse) in the trash. Not to mention, it was like 100 degrees, and I had a 3 and 5 y/o old in the car. So we missed the dress rehearsal, no pics/filming allowed during recital, so I had to buy the stupid $30 dvd. Plus $400+ in repairs.

I stepped on something very sharp and got a giant cut on my foot, and was wearing the most ridiculously uncomfortable shoes of my life that day.

And it was that TOM. Then, one of dh's friends drove by and saw me crying on the side of the road, b/c AAA won't take 3 people, only 2, and what are people with 2 kids supposed to do?

Don't even get me started on weight loss.

I hope you feel better!

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Texas_Rose Posted 23 Jun 2008 , 10:49pm
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I'll tell you about my bad year if it will make you feel better...except now we're up to about a bad year and a half.

1.I fell walking across the street and broke my foot. I had to crawl out of the intersection with the stroller, and my other daughter and my daughter's best friend, then stand on the side of the road and call my husband over and over until he woke up and came to get us, because I couldn't walk. Then I just had to walk on the foot because I didn't have time to rest and heal, I had too many things to do. So I learned how to use the stroller as crutches and my foot didn't heal well at all.

2.A mouse moved into my kitchen. I trapped it and released it outside, but not until after it had pooped in every cup of all my muffin tins, and eaten a whole drawer of recipes I had collected over the years. (I can't explain why this was so upsetting, it just was)

3.We went to the zoo and someone stole our stroller while I was in the bathroom with the kids. The stroller had everyone's bathing suits and towels in the basket too. Since I don't have a car, the stroller was really our mobility...we took it to the park, library, on the bus, etc...

4.We paid our rent and someone stole the check out of the drop box, got my husband's drivers license number from somewhere, printed checks and emptied our bank account...which we didn't find out had happened until the apartment complex came to ask us for another check, three weeks after the theft...we called the bank to see if the other one had cleared, and found out we were overdrawn by quite a bit, plus my husband's direct deposit was gone too. It was almost time to pay rent again, and we had to come up with two months rent plus gas and food money when all of our money was stolen. It also took hours each day tracking down where checks had been written and for how much, calling the merchants, calling the sheriff's departments in all the counties the checks were going to, calling the da's office in all those counties, etc...and my husband was so upset by it that he was saying that he was going to kill himself, so I ended up quitting my job to handle all the paperwork from the id theft and to keep an eye on my husband. It went on for months, postcards saying there were warrants somewhere, letters from bill collectors, affadavits we had to have notarized, faxes. The last time something happened was in February, we had state cops (from an anti-terrorism unit) at our door and they wanted to take my husband until we showed them the huge folder of documents showing the id theft.

5.Somebody tried to break into the apartment when just the kids and I were home, and they cracked the doorframe but gave up before they got in.

6.My neighbor started using drugs, and he went nuts on us one day, screaming and kicking us and terrifying our children. We called the police and the neighbor keyed the side of our car. We had to move because the kids were so upset, and because the neighbor was spending all night literally banging on the floor with a hammer to make us mad.

7.While we were moving, someone broke into the old apartment and went through all of our stuff and stole a bunch of it.

8.Oh, and I think my daughter is going to be a dwarf because she doesn't grow...but I can't get her on the state insurance (we qualify) because they keep losing the application. I've been trying since November, sending info in and they just say they never got it, or say that we make too much because they made a math error. So I've taken my daughter to the doctor and just paid for it, but she needs to see a specialist for tests and we have to get her on the insurance first but no matter what I do, it doesn't work.

9.Also, I quit smoking 7 months ago and have gained 40 lbs.

So that's my bad year and a half. Hope you feel a little better now icon_lol.gif

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lardbutt Posted 23 Jun 2008 , 11:37pm
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I am so sorry all of this has happened to you. Have you stopped to think that maybe your boyfriend is bad luck? icon_eek.gif OK,OK, I AM JUST TEASING!!!!

One thing I try to always remember is there is always someone in worse shape than we are.

Hope things look up for you and Texas_Rose soon!!!!

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-K8memphis Posted 24 Jun 2008 , 12:03am
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Our kids are grown but boy we got great stories too. I remember like 24 years ago we lived in Knoxville and our driveway had a steep pitch and a deep cement retaining wall down one side. So one day the car was parked funny, a little too close to the wall and there was no way to get it up the driveway to re-position because every time I let off the clutch a tid tad I slipped down fast more and more so I just had to let off the clutch and it sccrrrraaaped the whole side of the car allll the way down.

So sorry you all are going through all these scrapey scrappy things.

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sweetness_221 Posted 24 Jun 2008 , 7:03pm
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Sorry about your crappy week. I've had a bad past 3 months so I can relate. Anyways I can tell you why you are gaining weight. Your body isn't getting enough food. 1000 calories isn't enough to sustain you so your body is going into starvation mode and keeping everything it's taking in. The best way for you to get your metabolism going is to eat every 2-3 hours. Even if it's some cheese and crackers. It will get your metabolism going and you will lose weight.

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