Rock Climbing Cake Ideas?????

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traci Posted 11 Aug 2005 , 1:02am
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Hi! I am in need for ideas for a rock climbing cake. The customer wants a 3D rock stacked on top of a sheet cake. I am thinking about using the wonder mold for the rock. Any other ideas for what I could use for the rock...or something else the rock could be made out of???? Please help...the cake is for August 27th. Thanks!!!!!
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NEWTODECORATING Posted 11 Aug 2005 , 1:09am
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I think I remember seeing one in a Wilton book that had a rice crispy treat rock wall, piped people figures, and licorice ropes?

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ntertayneme Posted 11 Aug 2005 , 1:10am
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I think the wonder mold pan would be cute .. and make the icing look like rocks on it .. then maybe use some mini-wonder cakes as mountains in the background .. just a thought

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Niki027 Posted 11 Aug 2005 , 1:10am
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I've seen fake rock candy at candy stores before. They were so cute, and very realistic.

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aslate Posted 11 Aug 2005 , 1:14am
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I'm thinking of a realistic rock---something like a cliff----not a rock climbing wall. Maybe you could bake some 6 in squares, cut into smaller pieces, and somehow stack and ice them to look like a cliff. I would probably stable them with a dowel rod.

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JennT Posted 11 Aug 2005 , 2:48am
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I'd probably use the wonder mold too....then the icing could be a combo of colors: green brown and gray....then maybe use either some rock candy (the hard jagged sugar candy) or those chocolate rocks and press them into the icing....then like NEWTODECORATING said - piped people figures and licorice rope...

You might want to clarify with the customer if he wants a rock climbing wall or a more realistic outdoorsy approach.

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traci Posted 11 Aug 2005 , 4:33pm
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Hi again! Thanks for all the ideas. I was also thinking about using the rock candy...and I know for sure the customer wants the "rock" to be brown(chocolate icing). Should I do the rock smooth or kind of with a texture??? Any ideas on how to texture the wonder mold??? Anyone have any pictures of rocks??? Thanks in advance for anymore ideas!!! icon_biggrin.gif

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JennT Posted 11 Aug 2005 , 9:08pm
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To get the texture this is what I'd do - frost the cake like normal, without worrying about getting it perfectly smooth & let it set up a bit; then take a piece of plastic wrap; wad it up; then open it back up a little (don't get it or let it be smooth - you want the wrinkles); then lay it on the frosting and gently press all want all of the plastic to come in contact with the frosting or you'll end up with un-textured can sort of smooth it with the back of your hand - not to get the wrinkles out but just to ensure full contact everywhere....when you pull it off you will have the texture of the plastic imprinted on it.

I've done this on a wall with red paint and a brown glaze (let the paint dry, then apply the glaze and then the plastic wrap...smooth all over for good contact, then peel off) When you remove the plastic it leaves the texture behind and when it's all dry it looks like least on a wall it does. I think if you did this with your frosting it would look alot like dirt and the texture of the ground or a rock wall or the like.

Just an idea...HTH!! icon_smile.gif


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jennjd Posted 11 Aug 2005 , 9:21pm
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Carabiners are the special D-rings or clips used to rock climb. I have made chocolates with a rockwall theme. You can use the safety pin mold the one for baby showers and they look just like carabiners. I don't know if you can use them on a cake but its my only rock climbing idea. Good Luck.

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cailean Posted 11 Aug 2005 , 9:26pm
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Hi there,
I just saw one on this site and excuse me if you've already seen it or have had someone point it out to you. I hope it helps!

I hope the link works...

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JennT Posted 11 Aug 2005 , 9:31pm
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when I clicked on the link it gave me a page that said "the searchstring is empty" could maybe just post who did the cake??

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sgirvan Posted 11 Aug 2005 , 9:51pm
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Not that I am experianced at all in doing a rock climbing cake but the first thing that popped into my head when I thought of it was :

A sheet cake with some dirt/gravel and maybe a little water river on the sheet cake with some small royal icing trees then I would take cupcakes and stack/mound them to form a rock. I would probably cover the rock with fondant (I use MMF) and tint it grey and you could mould the MMF to have some sharp edges and even paint it to add some browns and blacks and I like the idea of the saran wrap pattern. I would use some MMF to make a small person climbing the rock with the helmet on and ropes and maybe a little flag at the top wishing the happy birthday or what ever the event is???

Good luck I can't wait to see how it turns out

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traci Posted 12 Aug 2005 , 1:23am
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Thanks again for the ideas! I tried clicking the link and it brought up a picture of spongebob!!!! Anyway...I can't decide if I want to do the mound of cupcakes or the texture thing on the wondermold. I am thinking the wonder mold since that would probably be easier. If anyone comes across any pics...that would be great to share!!!! You all are the best!!!! thumbs_up.gif

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infields Posted 12 Aug 2005 , 4:58am
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Here's a link to the Wilton site. They have a picture of the rice krispie rock wall and instructions. (If the link doesn't work, just go to and search for Rocks On)

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becca0926 Posted 12 Aug 2005 , 5:17am
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I think I saw a rock cake on at her site.Beautiful cake.Alot of ideas.

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