How Much Should I Charge For This Cake?

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sassycleo Posted 13 May 2008 , 3:59pm
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I have a couple who provided the picture below - they have a count of @200 and want square.

What would be the best square combination for that amount? I'm thinking maybe a 8-10-12 (154 svgs)and then a 10in sq cake in the kitchen to make up the rest (total 204 svgs) ? Would a 8-12-14 look better (202 svgs).

I'm thinking this cake was buttercream so minimum of $3.25 or would $3.50 be a more appropriate price?

They are looking right now at a budget of $600 - but I'm not going to give the cake away so any input is GREATLY appreciated.

Also the main color looks as if it's got a dust of some sort on it to give it the gold pearl look - can that be done with buttercream? Would I spray with an airbrush with gold dust?

I am looking forward to what everyone has to offer on this one!


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SugarBakerz Posted 13 May 2008 , 4:12pm
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do you price your cakes by the serving? If you don't, you might consider doing this from now on so you can have a set price... for instance basic price for buttercream is $2 per serving (adjust to your area, just an idea) then take that and multiply it by your servings requested of 200... you get your base cake price.... by base I mean a simple cake with minimal decorations... some people charge more for intricate details... I know indydebi has a standard price no matter the design and she does tons biz like this. It is up to you, but I would suggest you coming up with your generic starting price per serving based on buttercream iced or fondant iced...

as for the coloring, you could add some dust to your airbrush or you could wait until the BC crusts and softly brush it on (using a watered down dust.).... they also make a shimmer silver and hold airbrush color... I learned this the hard way after putting dust in my AB... and it worked, but not like I would have preferred.

As for the tiers... it looks like the original baker used a 2" differential on the pans. I would offer the bride both options and see what she says about having a kitchen cake... some like that, some don't...


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sassycleo Posted 13 May 2008 , 4:23pm
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I've only just started doing the wedding cakes. Pricing is an area I really lack strength I haven't done a square yet in regards to wedding but have on my website that I charge $3.25 for squares, I just didn't know if this design would be considered basic or not. To me basic is just that pretty plain, maybe a couple of swiss dots and a border - I just didn't know if I was being unrealistic in thinking this was a $3.50/svg cake.

As far as the sizes, I agree that it looks like 2in difference in each tier problem is getting that to come to That's why I was thinking either the 8-10-12 and another 10 in the kitchen to fit the svg need or an 8-12-14, I just am not sure how out of place going from 8 to 12 is going to look. I'm doing it on another cake, but that cake is going to have a big 'ol bow on the front so it will help take away from noticing a huge difference in the size of the tiers.

Is there another combination you could suggest?


Edited to add:
I forgot, as far as the dust goes, I seem to run into an issue with it being dry and really streaking. In that I mean it applies heavier in some places then others and gives you the "brushed" look. I don't want to have that happen with this cake which is why I was wondering what the best way to go about it would be. I've gotten an air brush and have yet to use it and was wondering if this would be chance!!! icon_biggrin.gif

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Ladivacrj Posted 13 May 2008 , 4:27pm
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Ditto with setting a price scale, takes the stress out of pricing. And you can add if you like for details, cake flavors, extras, etc.

In looking at this cake the layers are extremely tall looks like 6 inches or better, so it's more than like torted a couple of times or has 3-2 inch layers of cake.

So it really depends on your market.



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SugarBakerz Posted 13 May 2008 , 4:41pm
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Again check with the customer to see her feelings on a kitchen cake, but keep that the same as pricing... charge for the whole cake, not 2 separate cakes if you plan to ice it the same. Are you doing an anniversary layer to this cake? Remember don't include it in your serving if it is going to be eaten. The thing I worry about with starting out with the 10" is you have 10 inches of upper space to fill. I agree the cake looks to be about 3 layers thick so you need to remember that in your pricing, most are 2 layers for me so if there is a 3rd layer added to each tier for the "height" illusion, then you bet I add more to the price per serving because it costs me more. If you start at 3.50, I would suggest you doing something more like 3.95 (that sounds better to a bride than 4.00) per serving to account for the extra layers as well as the complexity in having to use the gold. I dont' pull my AB out for free.. I know that sounds chincy to some but an Airbrushed cake is not a basic cake IMO... so that would be factored into the above price point. As for the airbrush... I got one for V-day 2 years ago and it took me 8 months to convince myself I was capable of trying it out.. not it is the greatest tool I have because I can get the same color on any type of icing.... I even AB my accent pieces. My suggestion on the AB is take it out of the box and get a feel for it. Don't let this cake be the 1st time you use it. Bake some small cakes or cupcakes and just play with it. The color goes far and you will find that it is a fun tool to work with.

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sassycleo Posted 13 May 2008 , 5:01pm
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Ok this is going to sound like a really stupid question I'm sure, but how does the serving size change when doing a larger cake. Right now I'm thinking of just offering the standard 4in tiers - it will help them keep down on pricing. But with my luck being what it is, this might be one of those "Have to Have" aspects of the cake. If I did a 6 in tier what would the serving sizes be like. I know the standard is 1 x 2 x 4.

As far as the top tier I include it in the count and then give them a gift cert for a free 6 in anniv cake for their 1yr anniv. I have found most of the couples I've been talking with and booking really like to have that option.


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SugarBakerz Posted 13 May 2008 , 6:24pm
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no it in't a silly question... I am just going from what I do. If you add a layer to your cake (3 layers) it IS going to increase the servings. Ok wilton has their listed as 2 in deep pans x 2 layers equals xx amount of servings, this is what they list for 3 in deep pans for a single layer

Square 8" 32 6 1/2 350 60-65 4 1/2
10" 50 9 350 65-75 6
12" 72 14 350 65-75 7 1/2
14" 98 19 325 65-75 9 1/2

now, I would think you would get more out of 3 2 inch layers than 2 2inch layers, so your servings would be more using 3 layers.... but the problem is I don't know how many it actually is
...... maybe some of you experts could chime in here........ as for the pricing increase between 2 and 3 layers, I do this because it cost me more to make 3.... I understand about the cert for the free anniversary cake, that is good because you can include your top tier.... Are you making this a 4 tier or a 3 tier cake? I assumed from the photo you were going to make a 3 tier...

I am stepping out for a while but I will check later for any answers.

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sassycleo Posted 13 May 2008 , 6:51pm
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Well I'm going to discuss it with the bride, but I'm thinking 3. If I do 4 8-10-12-14 - I'm going to have to many, if I do 8-12-14 just right or 8-10-12 + 10 in the kitchen, just right. I think I think to much inside the box when it comes to the servings! At this point I think I'm going to present her with the standard 4 in tier and sell it as the cost savings because they are on the budget.

I was wondering if I couldn't maybe mix up the shapes a bit maybe primarily square with a round tier in there to help with the servings.

Any suggestions from anyone out in CC land?

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