Rhonda's Mmf Question?!

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cakemommy Posted 2 May 2008 , 3:31pm
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I was just reading in the cookie forum about someone using Rhonda's MMF for their cookies. I am definately about trying a new recipe. I just read the recipe and how in the world am I supposed to knead all those ingredients in a microwaveable bowl??? icon_confused.gificon_confused.gificon_confused.gif I don't have a bowl big enough to put all those ingredients in and be able to knead it in the same bowl AND be able to fit in the microwave!!!!

Is there another method to making this same recipe?


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thecakebox Posted 2 May 2008 , 7:46pm
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I have the same bowl issue! I melt the marshmallows and water in a pot on the stove over a med-lo heat and then add to my KA with the powdered sugar to knead. I also only add about 1 1/2 lbs of the powdered sugar and 4 tbsp of corn syrup to the melted marshmallow...hth!

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cakemommy Posted 3 May 2008 , 3:15am
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Thank you for replying! I didn't get a notice on a reply! icon_confused.gif Okay so you end up throwing everything in your KA and using the paddle or dough hook. Do you grease the inside of your KA bowl? Dumb question I know but hey, I need it spelled out Pictionary style sometimes. icon_rolleyes.gificon_razz.gif


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thecakebox Posted 3 May 2008 , 4:06am
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I grease the pan that I melt the marshmallows in, the KA bowl, the dough hook and the paddle. Put half the powdered sugar in the bowl and then the melted marshmallow/water/corn syrup mix, beat with the paddle until incorporated, then switch to the dough hook and add the rest of the powdered sugar and finish kneading. I usually put lots of crisco on my hands and knead a few times if its really sticky after that, then just let it rest overnight and you are done!

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Cookies4kids Posted 3 May 2008 , 12:14pm
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I love Rhonda's MMF after trying several recipes. I too grease everything I use plus I throw a good Tbs. of crisco into the mixer also. I pour the melted marshmallow mixture into the bowl of my KA first and then the powdered sugar because it combines better for me that way. I use the dough hook and use the mixer for the whole process. I don't knead anything by hand as it is hard on my hands. I just love this recipe and I use it with great success.

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Love2Create Posted 3 May 2008 , 12:28pm
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Sounds like a good recipe.
Where can I find Rhonda's MMF recipe?

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lchristi27 Posted 3 May 2008 , 12:45pm
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MN Flowergirl posted these directions a while ago for making MMF, I have been doing it this way for a while, and it's a snap!
Between the amount of comments/messages I get about how I do my fondant/colors/chocolate/etc, and the amount of messages I see here about mmf being difficult, people kneading it forever, etc.. I figure I should post what I'm doing!

I melt a 1lb bag of mini marshmallows in a pyrex dish. It's about 3" deep, and I nuke it for about 2 minutes. I use a handful of water (I'm not one for measurements!).. probably about 2 tbsp.

I take it out, stir it till it's all melted, then I do whatever coloring or flavoring I'm planning on. I use wilton paste colors, and I color it to just a bit stronger than the final color I'm wanting. If I'm doing chocolate, I use the Hershey's Dark cocoa powder, and just mix it in till it's slightly too dark. I use between 1/2-1cup of cocoa. I DO NOT USE MELTED CHOCOLATE!!!! I have never been able to make that work. Screw it!!

If I'm doing a light chocolate, I use regular cocoa powder, and less of it.

Then, I stir in a bit of icing/powdered sugar until it's fairly thick and there is NO MOISTURE, no hard bits of sugar, etc. Btw, this whole time, I'm stirring with a greased butterknife.

I have a large plastic bowl with the remaining icing/powdered sugar from the bag dumped in it and ready before I even nuke the marshmallows.

So, I dump the REALLY THICK marshmallow mix into the bowl of sugar, stir it around a bit with the greased knife. I HATE getting really sticky marshmallows all stuck between my fingers, this avoids that.

Then, I grease my hands up with some crisco, and knead it for a couple of minutes, till it's not sticky and is about teh right feel.

Then, I turn that out onto a mixing bowl lid. It's plastic and has a lip, so any stray bits of sugar stay put! I don't grease it or have sugar on there or anything, as the mmf isn't sticky at this point.

Anyway, on the lid, I knead it another minute or so, so that all the sugar on the outside is incorporated in, and it's all smooth and the right color. I grease it with a bit of crisco and wrap it tightly in cling wrap.

I read one post where someone mentioned kneading it for an hour.. holy CRAP. This takes me about 7 minutes from the time I put the marshmallows into the microwave, till the time I wrap the finished fondant in cling wrap.


I roll it out on a sheet of plastic that I've lightly greased with crisco. If the mmf gives me ANY attitude, I nuke it for 10-15 seconds until it's nice and soft and bends to my will. Chocolate mmf firms up MUCH more than the regular, so I usually end up nuking it by default.

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LovelyCreations Posted 16 May 2008 , 2:17pm
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The recipe is easy to make. I've made it twice now and each time I run into the same problem....I DOESN'T GET SMOOTH!!! I do everything as stated in the recipe and even some other things I've seen in the forums here like nuking it, but I still can't get it to roll out smooth. Any tips ???

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doitallmom Posted 29 Jun 2008 , 2:45am
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Never thought to do the dark chocolate. Thanks for all the info!!

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