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TheDomesticDiva Posted 19 Mar 2008 , 3:22pm
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I am really hoping this works for me! I've kept on some of my baby weight after my last one, and I am sooo ready to get rid of it! I like the gym I joined so far, but I'm not really sure how well it works... it's Ladies Workout Express and you do 30-minute circuit training that they decide how everything is. You dont get to choose the resistance or machines that you do. So I'm hoping this isnt a rip off. They also have cardio machines that I will be doing on top of the 30-minute workout. I had to get measured and weighed yesterday at my first workout, and they felt the need to tell me that I'm overweight... I mean, I know I'm not the smallest, but I'm 132 pounds!!!! I know I needed to tone up. I really went in wanting to lose fat and tone my body back up. I wasnt even concerned with my weight. Oh well I guess. Hopefully the workout they have set up will actually work, and its not going to end up being one of those places where women go to gossip more than get a hardcore workout.

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AJsGirl Posted 19 Mar 2008 , 5:00pm
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Kudos and good luck to you! I wish I could get up the nerve/patience/time to invest in myself like that.

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awolf24 Posted 19 Mar 2008 , 5:06pm
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It will probably be what you make it. Hey - any exercise is good. If you don't see results, maybe make time for more use of the cardio machines after a few weeks.

OK, how overweight can you be at 132 lbs unless you are under 5' tall? I can understand that you are there in order to be healthier, tone up, maybe even lose a few lbs., etc. but I'd be put off by that comment too. BTW - I don't think I've seen 132 lbs. since junior high! ha ha ha ha

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TheDomesticDiva Posted 19 Mar 2008 , 5:20pm
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I'm just under 5'4. I mean, Im short, but even my mama thought I looked good with the weight I have now, rather than the 107 pounds I was 5 years ago. I dont want to lose that goal weight is 115 but I'm not so much concerned with pounds as I am inches. The thing is--I was JUST at the doctor two weeks ago with the flu, and they said my weight was fine, so it just kinda shocked me that they told me I was overweight last night. I'm going to start doing the cardio machines today, before I do the weights/circuit training. That way I can get the most out of it. I'm also adjusting my diet to smaller portions. I figure that maybe after a couple weeks, I might pick up two 30-minute sessions along with the cardio. And I start my first Pilates class tomorrow night. I'm scared about that!!

My husband loves me with the weight I am now and doesnt want me to lose too much... I'm doing this for ME though. I'm tired of wishing I was happier with how I looked--time to do something about it icon_smile.gif Oh and the kicker was last night, I called my mother-in-law to tell her I joined and I to they said I was overweight---her response was "Yeah, you're really pushing it lately." ...HAH. Gee thanks Mom!! haha

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lecrn Posted 20 Mar 2008 , 5:48pm
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I'm no expert by any means, but I've been working out for the past 15yrs.
Your work out depends on what results you want to achieve. Do you want to lose fat, just tone up, or build muscle? Cardio is great, but if you want to tone, I would suggest lifting weights. Many women think that if they work out with weights, they will look too masculine. However, it would be very difficult to look like that without the help of "enhancement drugs". I'm sure that you've heard that muscle weighs more than fat. Also, there are a few secrets to looking thinner. For example, if you build your shoulder muscles, your waist will look smaller. Diet also plays an important role. If you're working out like crazy, but still eat nothing but junk, you will not see results.
Bottom line is to know what your goals are. If you're not that familiar with the machines or free weights, talk to a trainer or someone is has experience working out. I don't feel that it is necessary to hire a trainer after you know how to utilize the gym.
Good luck & have fun!

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snowshoe1 Posted 20 Mar 2008 , 8:50pm
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I've only heard good things about these clubs with the circut training and I'm sure it will be a great success for you. Several friends of mine do this and I've seen great results for them (weight loss, toning and energy). I do the same type of activity, but use my gym which is never crowded! Congratulations!!

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