Sugarveil Experts Needed!

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angelas2babies Posted 17 Mar 2008 , 1:08pm
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Just wondering where I can get colored powder for dark colors.

Thank you!

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2sdae Posted 17 Mar 2008 , 8:59pm
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These are a few I deal with regularly and love.

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fearlessbaker Posted 18 Mar 2008 , 12:12am
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How hard is the Sugar Veil to learn? Thanks

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emilyg Posted 27 Mar 2008 , 11:38pm
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Hi Fearless,

Here's what I suggest to learn SugarVeil: 1 lb. bag of SugarVeil mix (you can ask for the sheet of instructions, too, that are posted on the website), a SugarVeil Confectionery Comb (finer than regular confectionary combs), and a 'Dessert Garnishes' DVD - all you can order from our site at The DVD makes it easy to learn SugarVeil, and with the comb you are able to do many techniques shown on the DVD. You don't need the Icing Dispenser - you can use a parchment cone, a piping bag with a very fine tip, or a squeeze bottle to pipe SugarVeil.

Plus - you can email me with any questions you might have: [email protected] - Have fun! You'll love it!

Emily at SugarVeil

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fearlessbaker Posted 28 Mar 2008 , 1:32am
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Thanks for the reply. I already have the Sugar Veil and perhaps some of the instruction sheets. I bought because I wanted to make the cookies that were on you site that had the ruffles. They reminded me of dressed up gingerbreads. But I see the instructions for those are no longer on the Sugar Veil site. And I will get the DVD. Thanks

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2sdae Posted 28 Mar 2008 , 11:05am
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I love mine...I bought the video and the comb...still practicing though! But I'll get it,,,,,I want to make some lace pieces for my sil graduation cake in may!

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emilyg Posted 2 Apr 2008 , 5:14pm
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Hi Fearless,

Sorry to be a bit late with a reply - the ruffled "Flower Faces" instructions are found on our site (click the Flower Faces American Cake Decorating magazine picture at the bottom of our home page).

If you are referring to these gingerbread people (they are living in our Cake Gallery section of the site, click on "Decoredibles"), their clothes were all made just like the Flower Face guys - by using decorative paper punches with SugarVeil spread into sheets. We even used the punched out pieces for their hair and other details. The knotted tie on the dress was SugarVeil with food color, combed into lines using the SugarVeil Confectionery Comb and then tied into knots. Does this answer your question? If not, please email us at [email protected] and we'll get you the answers you need. Thanks! Emily at SugarVeil

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fearlessbaker Posted 3 Apr 2008 , 1:35am
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Yes, that helped me a lot. Thanks. Do you think Sugar Veil would ever do classes in Los Angeles. Maybe you could even do one at Cake Camp this year. It's still early and there are probably slots open. Just a thought.

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emilyg Posted 3 Apr 2008 , 2:46pm
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Fearless, I bet you could teach SugarVeil at the cake camp yourself this year. We can help you with any questions, and maybe share some ideas of what to teach and how to teach it, if you like. It's really not difficult at all to learn - it just takes some hands-on time, plus forgetting everything you know about cake decorating, because you use SugarVeil in an entirely different way. As for our class roster in the near future, we'll be demoing April 27th for the Missouri ICES group (Independence, MO), and teaching at Whole Foods in Kansas City this summer.

An excellent baker and SugarVeil instructor is Julie Bashore, who owns a bakery in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Her SugarVeil class schedule is posted on her site, and her contact information is on our website at Thanks much! - Emily at SugarVeil

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fearlessbaker Posted 3 Apr 2008 , 4:01pm
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Well, I can hardly hold a piping bag! My interests lies more in baking and just a little decorating to get me by. I did go to the site. Her cakes are fabulous and her classes are wonderful. I find these type of classes hard to come by in Southern California. Cal Java does offer them but they are just way too intensive for a homebaker and perhaps just a tad expensive.

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emilyg Posted 3 Apr 2008 , 7:00pm
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You really don't have to take a class to learn SugarVeil (and funnily enough, you don't even need a piping bag, 'cause you can put SugarVeil in squeeze bottles to make dots and lines). Since it's so different from regular cake decorating, we even find that people without cake decorating experience really pick it up the quickest. Papercrafters and scrapbookers right now are doing some amazing cupcakes and cookies using SugarVeil - ruffling, stenciling, and punching out flowers and all kinds of shapes - giving a whole new look to cake decorating. So watch the DVD and just throw yourself into it - you'll have a ball, and we're just a phone call away if you've ever any questions. - Emily at SugarVeil

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fearlessbaker Posted 3 Apr 2008 , 11:41pm
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Thanks so much. My video should be here in a few days.

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bobhope Posted 4 Apr 2008 , 12:32am
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hi emily,
boy, am i glad to come across this thread. i didn't know we have a sugarveil rep here. anyway, i got my sugarveil set last nov & still trying how to get it right. the icing still seemed too soft after piping & leaving it to dry. i live where humidity is often high. through experimenting, i found out that after preparing the mixture, i store it in the ref for 24 hrs before using. it worked ok but i still have to wait for another 24 hours for it to become elastic enough (as shown in the video) before using/draping etc on cake. any suggestion on how to speed up drying?. i also tried putting it on top of hot oven to speed up drying process AFTER MIXING IT (not letting it sit on the ref) but after it dries, it becomes soggy/wet again after some time.
how do i deal with it? thanks for any help.


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emilyg Posted 4 Apr 2008 , 3:21pm
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Hi Bobbie,

Couple of things for you to consider when working with SugarVeil in humid conditions:
(1) In humid areas, you need to design SugarVeil decorated cakes so that the decorations are supported by the cake (for example, don't make delicate lace that hangs off of the edge of the cake, etc.). Examples of good designs for humid conditions are the top two cakes on this page of our cake gallery: They were done with stencils ["SugarVeil stencils" are available via, or use any type of stencil to cast SugarVeil onto a silicone mat or greased parchment).
(2) Make sure that you beat SugarVeil directly before piping or stenciling. It should have a sheen and be white-white. Anything less than this denotes that you need to re-mix it for 30 seconds or so.
(3) Most important: Work in the dryest area you have - use a humidity gauge (about $20 or so at Lowe's/Home Depot) to see where this might be within your work area (next to ovens is good, or in sunlight, or near a heat duct). In a commercial kitchen, remember that dishwashers, steam, and running water will usually load the air with humidity.
(4) When making bows, be sure to use wafer (rice) paper behind the SugarVeil as a support (as shown on our "Dessert Garnishes" DVD).
(5) You can dip your fingertips into cornstarch when handling SugarVeil, but always better is to work in a dry room (a dehumidifier is a big help in high humidity) so there is not a hint of stickiness.
(6) "Reverse setting" of SugarVeil is something that makes a humid climate advantageous. SugarVeil decorations are placed upon a rigid surface (parchment covered cardboard, for example) and placed in a food dehydrator or an oven to set (on very low heat so you don't cook it - best is 150 degrees or less). Completely dry the decorations, then carefully remove the decorations (still on the rigid surface) and allow them to absorb the ambient humidity to become flexible again in order to place onto the cake.
(7) Store your set SugarVeil decorations between parchment sheets in a Ziploc bag or Tupperware (perhaps include a dessicant), air tight to keep out the humidity until you are ready to use them. In humid conditions, you store air-tight to keep the humidity out; in dry conditions you store SugarVeil decorations air-tight to keep the moisture in, so they will be flexible when you are ready to use them.

Hope this helps you out - EmilyG

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Teekakes Posted 4 Apr 2008 , 3:39pm
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Thrilled to see this thread! I have been seriously thinking about purchasing Sugarveil and you have answered many, or all, of the questions and concerns I have had about using it where I live in a very humid climate.

Thanks so much for all the great info, Emily, and I will continue watching this thread for any further possible info you all might have. I think Sugarveil is so neat and nice looking and would really like to give it a try.

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bakincakin Posted 4 Apr 2008 , 4:01pm
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This looks so neat to try. I am absolutely no kidding when I say I LOVE this site. I learn sooooo many new things everyday. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. thumbs_up.gificon_razz.gifthumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif


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bobhope Posted 6 Apr 2008 , 1:45am
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Thanks Emily.... will try your suggestions and see how it goes.

bobbie icon_biggrin.gif

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loriemoms Posted 24 May 2008 , 4:07pm
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I am so glad I ran across this thread...I have a wedding next month where the cake is covered in white lacie roses. I had been looking for some sort of filagree with roses in it, but have had no luck, I just bought the sugarveil DVD and a bag and am going to experiment. Can I just do it on wax paper or do I have to use the silcone mat? I have to make about 50 of these do I store them?
And i can just do this with a piping bag, no? What is the advandage of the machine?

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