My Ds Cut My Dd Hair

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heather2780 Posted 30 Oct 2007 , 2:16am
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My son who will be 8 next week cut my 3 year olds hair today her beautiful long hair luckily he only cut the front but we had worked for so many months to get her hair all one length we went through all the ugly stages and it was finally perfect and he wanting to help her get her hair out of her face decieded to cut it icon_cry.gif so now she has this huge chunk of spiky hair on top of her head icon_cry.gif I know he meant well but I expect this behavior from toddlers not from 8 year olds. I know this is not the worst thing in the world espcially in light of recent post. but im so aggervated i dont know how to handle the situation. What would your recommendations be as far as how to disipline your child.

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karateka Posted 30 Oct 2007 , 2:44am
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I'd be tempted to hand the scissors to the 3yr old and tell her to cut his hair for mommy....

But in all reality, I guess you probably should talk to him and maybe have a consequence....whatever you think will make him think, ie loss of video game for a couple days, an extra chore he hates, paying for next DD haircut, whatever...

I hate to laugh, but my DD cut her own hair once, and she looked SOOOO stupid! We just had to live with it for months, because she cut a buzz out of the center of her long beautiful hair, and to even it out she would have had to look like a marine!! I guess every kid does it sometime...

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heather2780 Posted 30 Oct 2007 , 3:02am
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we think alot alike karateka i theartend my son with letting his sister go to town with the scissors but I guess in the end you dont want two goofy looking kids. Had she cut her own hair i would have been upset but she is 3 I expected it at some time but not from an 8 year old there is no excuse. I already told him he would have to do extra chores to earn money to pay for takeing her down to have her hair fixed. And he has lost all privlages. although I didnt allow him much tv and video games anyway. but now all he can do is read and write that it. I guess it could be worse it could be a buzz cut icon_eek.gif thanks for the reply and the laugh I needed it.

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indydebi Posted 30 Oct 2007 , 4:05am
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I'm sure I can top this ....

When I was about 6 and my sister "C" was 5, we it would be "funny" to cut sister "S" hair. But not with regular scissors. Oh no! We're MUCH more creative than that!

We used thinning scissors. For those that don't know, these scissors have odded space teeth, so you cut the hair and it doesn't fall to the floor, but stays in place until it's combed out. Well, we snip-snipped sister "S"s hair in about 6 places, laughing at how "funny" it would be when our mom combed her hair and it all came out! GUffaw!! Guffaw!

One little thing we forgot to consider. Uh......mother did NOT think it was funny! icon_redface.gif

Sister "S" had a head of hair that looked like a patchwork quilt! (ok....THAT part was still funny!) icon_lol.gif icon_lol.gif

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jen1977 Posted 30 Oct 2007 , 10:58am
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We always said that if one of our boys cut the others hair, they would have to get the same haircut that the one who got cut had to get. My older son cut my youngests hair to the scalp in some places. We had to use a #2 guard on his entire head, but probably should have been a #1. We sat the older down screaming and buzzed his head too with hte #2. He's really funny about his hair. We were at my mil's house, and mil kept saying "I know baby...If there was something grandma could do to make mommy not do it, I would, but she's already made up her mind". Neither of my boys have cut hair since!

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ge978 Posted 30 Oct 2007 , 12:21pm
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One day you will look back on this and it will be a cute story that everyone will laugh at. I think this has happened to most of us in one way or the other...either our kids cut their own hair or their siblings, but it is just hair and it will grow out.

My daughter was 3 when she decided to take her little kid scissors and cut her long hair off ...she cut the middle of her bangs to barely an inch!! It was chunks of hair in different places...i had to cut her hair really really short and still it was choppy in areas. After the shock we laughed so hard because when we asked her why she did it she said because I told her that she was gonna get her hair cut like momma's. So she decided to help icon_lol.gif I'm thankful because at the time my dh was home and she was doing her crafts and I was napping...she said that she was gonna cut momma's hair too...omg i can't even imagine waking up to chunks of hair gone!!! icon_lol.gif

I would say that the discipline all depends on your son.... If he felt bad after he figured out that it was the wrong thing to do and you don't think he will do it again then I say that punishing him isn't necessary.Especially if he meant well by cutting it.

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dueter Posted 30 Oct 2007 , 5:46pm
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My oldest did this as well to his little brother. For punishment his father took him outside and told him that he had to cut the grass with the scissors. This lasted about 20 min. but to a 6 yr it seemed like a life time.
Never happened again.

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cookingfor5 Posted 30 Oct 2007 , 7:04pm
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I can completely understand how you feel. When I was 3, my older brother cut my hair. I had been nearly bald until the age of 2, so my mother was horrified. Plus, I had to be in a wedding in a few weeks. Mom rushed me to the beauty shop to fix it. It became quite a stylish layered look. The good news is my hair all of a sudden started to come in extremely thick, and in 3 months I had more hair than ever. I'd love to give some of it back now!

My own son kept cutting his collic when he was in kindergarten and 1st grade because he didn't like it. It was right in the front too! Lucky for me, he just got a head shaving every time he did it. One time he cut it so short, I would have had to shave him near bald to blend it in.

I would cry a little, but it will become one of your most heart warming memories of their childhood.

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heather2780 Posted 30 Oct 2007 , 10:37pm
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Thankyou guys. yea today I can laugh about it kinda but not in front of him hes still in trouble. He did get the scissors taken away along with anything else I could find in his room and deem it big boy things that 8 year olds that behave like 3 year olds should have in their room. luckily he did only cut the front and in all fairness he didnt do a baaad job its not way back in the middle and its not too short in a few weeks time she will look like a normal little girl with perfect bangs. its just that i dont like bangs on her and it took us a very long time growing them out the first time. But your all right it had to happen some time every mom has thier own story about it i'm thankful its not worse. Now if i can just get my son to show some remorse he is very upset that he is grounded but not that he chopped his sisters hair I cant get him to understand the seriousness of it. hmm. well off to carve pumkins maybe i will make him paint his as he cannot be trusted with anything sharp icon_lol.gif

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