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jsmith Posted 27 Oct 2007 , 7:26pm
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I was going to try to forget about this story but I'm still a little frazzled over it so I may as well vent it here. icon_smile.gif

An older couple came to pick up a stadium cake yesterday and the woman is a stern looking woman. She's the kind of woman that if she looks at you it makes you want to confess everything you've ever done wrong. It was my first stadium cake so I was pretty stressed and nervous.

So I show them the cake when they come and they don't say anything for two whole minutes, they just inspect it. I've never had anyone hold out longer than 5 seconds before they say "wow!" So finally I can't take it anymore and ask if there's anything she'd like me to fix. She asks if I can start over.

What?! icon_eek.gif So I'm pretty surprised and devastated and say "you don't like it?" I'm trying to figure out how to tell her to go to another bakery before I pass out because the cake took me over thirty hours.

And then she says she's just joking and it looks great and her son will be very pleased.

That was so not funny. There are some things you just don't joke about. At least I got paid well for it.

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DebbyTCL Posted 27 Oct 2007 , 8:19pm
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Lol, sorry, but I do have a warped sense of humor. I joke with people all the time. It sounds like something that I would do.

Just know that they were happy with the cake! I haven't checked your gallery, did you post a picture yet?

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SUUMEME Posted 27 Oct 2007 , 8:39pm
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icon_rolleyes.gif oh, come on. I just looked at your cake photos and I suspect the stadium cake is the same one that's in your gallery of cake pictures. You would of had to have known she was just kidding. All your cakes are awesome!!! Lighten up! icon_wink.gif Seriously what's not to LOVE????!!!!! Well I guess if you got the team wrong that would be bad. dunce.gif

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Chef_Stef Posted 27 Oct 2007 , 8:47pm
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Oh, lol! My eyes popped icon_eek.gif when you wrote what she said!! Good thing she was kidding! I joke with everyone, but I think if someone said that I'd have done a definite double take first. Some things shouldn't be joked about...

Don't you wish you could pause moments like that so you can think of all these great things to say (that we all think of, like, THE NEXT DAY), like,

"Oh sure! Let me just get my apron and flip the oven back on. Do you have 30 hours? Can I get you a coffee or anything??"

"No problem! You wanna hand me your purse real quick...I need somewhere to dump this cake off the board so I can start over."

Actually, earlier this morning I mentioned a little laugh I have perfected for customers who *need* it. It is a little one-syllable "heh" laugh that manages to sound amused (as in: Aren't you funny? You made me laugh, just now, with your little idea...) and condescending (as in: aren't YOU funny...You, who have no freaking idea what you're talking about, since *I* am the Professional Expert in this conversation) all at the same time. I'd have probably done my little snort right about then.

Then she could carry her cake out and tell her friends that the cake lady was "So not funny--one of those sort of people you just do NOT want to joke around with." icon_twisted.gif BWAHAHAHA ROFL

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jsmith Posted 27 Oct 2007 , 9:00pm
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Ha ha! icon_lol.gif I guess ya'll are right. It is kind of funny now. I was just so worried she wouldn't like it, especially since I charged $3.50 per serving (100 servings), more than I've ever had the courage to charge. Thank you for the compliments.

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apclassicwed Posted 27 Oct 2007 , 9:13pm
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I think the lady was using her stern apperance to her advantage to pull a good one on you! I love a good natured joke/ribbing--this one was good! I think because you had spent so much time on the cake and was anxious, the joke was lost on you (at the time)--Glad all worked out well for you--Keep up the beautiful work! (no joke.)

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lsawyer Posted 27 Oct 2007 , 10:50pm
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Some people just have a really twisted sense of humor. I'm one of them. So is my husband. A few minutes ago, I told him that I had a serious matter to discuss with him, and I expressed my sincere belief that our marriage can survive this, but I need his love/support/commitment to move forward on the matter. Then I revealed the matter at hand: We really should start our Christmas shoppng since we'll be out of town during the holidays.

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pechee Posted 27 Oct 2007 , 11:42pm
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My husband makes those kinds of jokes all the time. Sorry, I am not that kind of gal!! My son and him went deer hunting this am. he thought it would be funny to call me this afternoon and tell me our son is lost in the woods. Our son is 7. He's lucky he is sooo far away from me right now. I am not a happy camper. There are jokes and there are rude jokes. Sorry you had to be put through that.

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Chef_Stef Posted 27 Oct 2007 , 11:55pm
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Oohh, pechee, that so not funny. You're right--some things are not joke-worthy.

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ac2steachk Posted 28 Oct 2007 , 12:06am
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I loved that picture the other day when you posted it. Did you use nonpareils for the fans in the stands? If not, how did you do that? Great job....and I giggled a bit when I read your story. I can see myself saying the same thing and then breaking out into giggles before you could react. I couldn't keep a straight face at all. Great job.

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step0nmi Posted 28 Oct 2007 , 12:58am
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OMG! I would have NOT liked it if someone had joked like that!

After I read what the woman said I didn't want to read further! icon_lol.gif I just couldn't believe someone would say that!
I totally understand why you freaked out! BUT they loved it and you got paid well!
Great cake BTW!!!

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ctackett Posted 28 Oct 2007 , 1:09am
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I just had some one remark this afternoon...."It's just we need to shellac it to preserve it or something?" I was kind of flabbergasted for a moment. I let her know that yes it is more than just cake and after all the time effort and thought I put into each cake, it does bother me when I have to see it cut. Do people not think before they speack?

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jsmith Posted 28 Oct 2007 , 3:42am
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Thanks! I used the Wilton sprinkles for the fans and spread a thin layer of piping gel to glue them.
Now that I think about it I wish I had said something clever like homecook mentioned. But she was a stranger so I didn't know her sense of humor. But I'll be ready next time she calls. icon_twisted.gif

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DebbyTCL Posted 28 Oct 2007 , 11:22am
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jsmith, I have to say that yesterday was just a wonderful day for me, and your story added a few giggles! My DH heard me laughing and came in the office to see why. I told him your story, he laughed, then asked how I would like it if a customer told me that. I told him that I would probably bust out laughing if I knew that it was a wonderful cake. He said "Well, we'll see about that. I am going to get 1 of your groom's to tell you that he hates the cake. (And he will do it too!) Now that I know this is coming my way, I will let you know what jokes he plays on me!

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springlakecake Posted 28 Oct 2007 , 12:01pm
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Well it would have been A LOT less funny if she were serious! It was a super cake!

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Chef_Rinny Posted 28 Oct 2007 , 11:18pm
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Geez. Thats one of those things that would be funny if you knew the woman but I would have probably reacted the same as you! I am so serious about my work I would have freaked. Your cake is absolutely GORGEOUS BTW. My DH just saw it and wants one!

jsmith Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
jsmith Posted 29 Oct 2007 , 3:46am
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Thanks so much! You all made me feel much better. Now I can laugh about it. icon_smile.gif

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