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Iloveweddings Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 3:01am
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Hi Everyone,

1. I bake my cakes.
2. Let them cool.
3. Then level. I check with a spirit level to be sure.
4. Sit overnight.
5. I then do the filling.
6. Put top cake on.
7. Use my spirit level again to check.

This is where I need help. If at this point the cake is not even, how do I make it even??? Filling is already in. Top cake is on. How do I level a cake at this point?


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aztomcat Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 3:19am
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I don't know what a spirit level is.

I level each cake separately. I also like even layers, so I will measure the shortest one. So If it is 2" I will level the higher one to 2". Then I measure all around with a ruler to make sure all sidea are the same. If not I trim.

Then after I fill. I will measure all sides again. Filling is forgiving, so if one side is higher, I will press down until they are all even.

Then the final leveling comes with icing the cake. I will make sure the icing is thick enough to be smoothed even. All sides will measure to the same height.

Truly, get a ruler to go into your cake decorating supplies.

Hope this helps.


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Iloveweddings Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 3:52am
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Thank you for your response. You probably know what a spirit level is. I'll attach a pic of one. I saw Ace of Cakes using one on his TV show. they have a bubble in them to show when something is level.


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aztomcat Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 4:31am
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I tell you more and more of our cake decorating supplies come from the hardware store.

Like the paint roller for the Melvira smoothing method.

I will have to get one like that. I know my hubby has one that he uses for carpentry, but don't want that near my food.

Thanks for the pic.


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indydebi Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 5:51am
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aztomcat, don't feel bad. I always just called them a "level". Didn't know it was a "spirit" level until a couple of weeks ago. I accused hubby of making up a "stupid" name for it just to confuse me!! icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

I was doing a 5-tier cake and knew the bottom had to be perfectly level or the cake would be WAY outta whack by the time I added the 5th tier, so needed one to check it.

We also decided to take a pic of me using the level while setting the cake up at the reception .... great marketing tool! (see the pic in my Flickr link below).

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sweetreasures Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 6:23am
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I will be sure to get one of these. I've already tried practicing to level a cake with one of those wire cutting cake levelers and it didn't work well for me. Actually I don't see how it would work well at all. I like hearing of the other type of tools of the trade that work well vs the standard cake tools

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DianeLM Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 2:23pm
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I have two suggestions. Level the top layer AFTER you've placed it on top of the cake. The only downside is that the cut side of the cake will be facing up. Not insurmountable, but not the best scenario.

Second suggestion - Rather than spreading your filling, which is probably where the crookedness is coming from, fill a pastry bag fitted with tip 12 and pipe on the filling. This way, it is as close to perfectly level as you can get. Then, put the top layer of cake on.

After my cakes are stacked, I like to put a cake circle on top of the cake and press down. This helps to seal in the filling and push out any air bubbles. Then, I check level.

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aztomcat Posted 22 Oct 2007 , 2:20am
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indy - My hubby said he just calls his a small level. He builds houses so he has levels longer than 10feet. I looked at all of your flkr photos and love your cakes and dispays. congrats on great stuff.

Diane.....thanks for the idea of using the cake circle to put even pressure when leveling the cake. I usually use my hands.

Heres to perfect leveling...........cheers thumbs_up.gif


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elizw Posted 22 Oct 2007 , 5:41am
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i cut my cakes, add my filling and assemble. as i torte, i press each layer down gentle to force it to "settle". sometimes i have to add some buttercream between the layers at the edges by just lifting the edge just a bit and piping some icing in. then i ice the sides to get rid of bulges. after a crumb coat and a trip in the fridge for about 1 hour, i'll take it out and add icing if a side needs it to make it level and chill again until i'm ready for a final coat.

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