My Will-Power Is Disappearing

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akierasu Posted 23 Nov 2006 , 6:10am
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I need encouragement to help me stick to my diet icon_cry.gif With everything I've been baking (and cooking in general) it's been so hard! I'm obviously not trying hard enough, or else I wouldn't have tried the delicious cake balls I made earlier...

And not just tried either, I ate like...4 of them...

Anyone else having will power issues? I hope I'm not alone... I swear, I need some sort of support group, "Resist. Resist. Resist."

tapedshut.gif Sorry I'm rambling, I'm just having so much trouble. I've already gained two pounds! And it's only been four days!

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mconrey Posted 23 Nov 2006 , 6:18am
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OMG - me too! Especially during this time of year - I just want to eat everything in sight!

One good tip I've heard is to keep your sink full of hot soapy water. Then as soon as you're done with the spoon, mixing bowl, beaters, or whatever it is, put it in the sink right away. Then you're not tempted to taste test every little thing or lick the bowl clean (my favorite thing to do!!)

But it is so hard to resist all these goodies during the holidays. I, for one, am just taking it in stride and making some extra time at the gym!

Oh, and let's not even talk about Thanksgiving. I've baked 2 pecan pies, an apple crisp, pumkin bars with orange cream cheese frosting, and my mom is bringing pumpkin cheesecake! Who needs Thanksgiving dinner - I'm headed straight for dessert!!

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sweetness_221 Posted 23 Nov 2006 , 6:27am
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You are not alone. I have been cheating really badly on my diet. Right now I just finished baking a pumpkin pie and my house smells so good that it's making me hungry. I obviously can't eat some of my's for tomorrow, so I keep going through the pantry trying to find something that I KNOW I shouldn't eat. The bad thing is my DH bought a big box of cinnamon rolls so he can take them to work and I soooo want one right now. I'm fighting it, but I think the cinnamon roll is about to win. mmmm cinnamon rolls! I really need some will power!!

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patticakesnc Posted 23 Nov 2006 , 6:36am
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I decided along time ago that my will power flew out the window. I try to stay smart about how much I snack on when I cook and bake but I figured I am just destined to be fat and sassy. My husband loves me the way I am so as long as I can still fit my jeans I am ok. When I start feeling them get tight I know I have to back off. lol

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MAK Posted 23 Nov 2006 , 6:45am
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DON'T GIVE UP and more importantly DON'T GIVE IN.....

Every time you eat it's a decision. If you fall off the wagon, think about how you can set yourself up so you won't fall off again (or as much)..... I realize this is a really hard time of the year....

I found a woman's signature line that follows -- I'm making it my mantra.


The eat less - eat clean is what I'm focusing on now. I wish you the best....

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akierasu Posted 23 Nov 2006 , 12:21pm
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I've devised a plan to help me stay slim. Every time I crave something, I'll ask myself, "Now do I REALLY want that?" If I feel like I absolutely have to have it, I'll think of the consequences, such as putting on more weight- and then I'll go grab a glass of water instead. Water = a good filler up with no calories.

Let's just hope it works. Ha ha.. It shall be put into effect as of now.

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mrsright41401 Posted 23 Nov 2006 , 12:49pm
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I may not be helping, but...

I strongly believe that if we are miserable dieting we are bound for failure. This day is about family and food. The two go together. Don't make yourself a crabby patty because you are starving yourself while your family eats the food that you make. Eat what you want today, just keep the portions reasonable (don't eat 1/2 the turkey, eat a couple servings of turkey) and than tomorrow, it is a new day.

Also, I really like the trick of using a child's size plate and filling it up ONCE. That's it. But you get a taste of everything.


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patton78 Posted 23 Nov 2006 , 1:26pm
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Yep, the holidays are the hardest part of the year to stick to healthy eating. BUT, do not deprive yourself of anything, that will only bring on a binge later. Allow yourself a small taste/piece of what you want and that is it. Try to pick out treats during the holidays that you usually do not have, leave the cake and cookies for another time but try the pumpkin bars and pecan pie.

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cake_lover Posted 23 Nov 2006 , 1:33pm
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What helped me immensly was buying a pair of pants one size smaller than I was and hanging them on the door of my closet. Every week or so I would try to fit into them to see my progress. (You can get a cheap pair at Goodwill). I ended up losing 30 lbs that way, now I only have ten pounds to go. I do plan to enjoy Thanksgiving and all the trimmings and go back to the grind Monday. icon_biggrin.gif

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bethola Posted 23 Nov 2006 , 1:50pm
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I am perpetually on a diet!LOL BUT, in recent years have lost 86 lbs and kept "most of it" off. I didn't do it by depriving myself of things I liked OR beating myself up because I cheated! Today is Thanksgiving load up on the good stuff like turkey (protein) and veggies, then eat 1/4 - 1/2 as much dessert as you would like. Then after your celebration...back to eating sensibly.

By the way, while pumpkin and sweet potatoes are technically vegetables.....I THINK I'd be careful with the pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes with "baby marshmallows"! LOLL I have to keep reminding myself of THAT!!

Beth from KY

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kjgjam22 Posted 23 Nov 2006 , 3:47pm
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DONT give up...its a one day thing sometimes a meal by meal effort. since the start of october i have been off of pepsi....(pepsi addict in the worst way) but yesterday i just felt for i had a small one and not a large and i was fine...i dont feel guilty....everything in moderation...have a slice of pie or half a slice if your going to have other desserts. dont beat yourself up either....just one day at a time.

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suz3 Posted 23 Nov 2006 , 4:10pm
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I really feel that we set ourselves up for failure when we go on a "DIET". That means a beginning and an end. I believe in lifestyle changes that we can live with forever. I lost 65 lbs and have kept it off 5 years. I am mainly a vegeterian (just because that is what I like). I do not exclude anything I want cause that just makes me eat more of it when I finally do. I love desserts!!!! I just do them in moderation and I'm happy with that. Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

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