Color Flow - Tips On Getting It Off The Wax Paper, Please!!!

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bjfranco Posted 14 Jul 2005 , 2:22pm
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I was up until 2AM working on my color flow pieces for this weekends cakes and I was having so much fun! icon_biggrin.gif (Husband was no very happy though icon_sad.gif ) Anyway............... I attached some pics of the ones that I did. Any honest advice on what I could have done differenlty is welcome icon_smile.gif ............. learn from our mistakes. icon_biggrin.gif

fyi: I went with the black outline because I wanted it to look like pages from a coloring book.

Any tips on how to take the color flow off of the wax paper would be appreciated as I am totally green to all of this.

I keep hearing about breakage and I was wondering if that was more about the outlining or about the completed piece? The completed pieces seem thick so I would think that it would be harder for them to break. But, like I said...... I am new to all of this.

Thank! Don't know what I would do without this site!

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bjfranco Posted 14 Jul 2005 , 2:23pm
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don't know how to attach more than one pic to a post - so here is another one. icon_biggrin.gif

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CakesByEllen Posted 14 Jul 2005 , 3:28pm
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With colorflow, it's the final dried piece that is likely to break. They are VERY brittle and therefore break oh-so easy. You should probably be OK with the first set, but Oscar will be most likely to break at the narrow points, neck, and where the arm comes off the body.

To get color flow off, slide it off the edge of a counter or table. So the color flow piece keeps going straight, but the wax paper is peeled off as the piece slides over the counter edge. Your pieces are so big though, you might want someone supporting the finished colorflow with a cutting board as you remove the wax paper. Hope that makes sense to you.

Good luck, and nice job!

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cakeconfections Posted 14 Jul 2005 , 3:52pm
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I get nervous with sliding my wax paper over the edge to get it off, especially with delicate pieces. What I do is take dental floss and slide it under the piece. It takes it right off the wax paper and the great thing is you dont have to move the pieces, just make sure the wax paper is still secure and taped down.

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bikegal Posted 14 Jul 2005 , 4:01pm
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I find that colorflow has a tendency to bleed so I leave the wax paper on the colorflow piece. I'll peel it back a bit from the edges and trim the excess with a pair of scissors before placing it on the cake. Hope that helps!


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sheilaattaway Posted 14 Jul 2005 , 4:07pm
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I always use parchement paper. I works better than was. Make sure the icing it thick then freeze it. It usually comes of easy

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msmeg Posted 14 Jul 2005 , 5:18pm
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first make sure it is completly dry so Wait until Friday evening or better Sat

I carefully turn over face down and then carefully peel off the paper. start at one edge and as you go hold the part you peeled it of of down lightly to keep it from coming up and cracking.

I have rushed the process by carefully doing this when not completly dry and them letting dry more face down

After peeling off paper turn oven onto flat surface I use a cake board

When placing on cake do not set directly on cake or it will soften and possibly bleed.

You can use mini marshmellos to hold it off the frosting glue with royal icing or a very small amount of buttercream placed in a white area of the color flow. Or place dabs of royal icing on the cake to hole it up a bit and then pipe a small border around it

The time it seems to crack the easiest is when someone picks up the cake board and not supporting the cake in the middle or only holding it in the middle.

If possible place the color flow at the last minute.

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bjfranco Posted 14 Jul 2005 , 6:37pm
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Thanks for the replies and all the info! Keep your fingers crossed for no breakage!

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chixbaby27 Posted 14 Jul 2005 , 7:45pm
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Good luck! The only colorflow pieces I haven't broken are the ones for my course 2 final cake! The largest one I've done was "eBay" (my pic is in my "photos") and if you look closely, you'll see it broke in 2 places...and I did 3 of those ~ this was the one least broken!

I hope it comes out for you...those look great!

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bjfranco Posted 14 Jul 2005 , 7:50pm
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Love the ebay cake! too cute!

Now I am scared.............Your color flow looks so sturdy..... what do you think make it crack? Was it when you were picking it up, removing the paper........... ????

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galaglow Posted 14 Jul 2005 , 9:02pm
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Hi! I had to say - I think your color flow pieces look great! I've never tried this method, and now I'll have to! icon_smile.gif

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bjfranco Posted 14 Jul 2005 , 10:13pm
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Thanks! I think they turned out pretty good for doing it for the first time. I am pleased with them. It was very easy to do too.. I even done some other pieces (butterflies for another cake) while I was doing these..........

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KrazyKross Posted 15 Jul 2005 , 1:51am
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The color flow pieces are awesome. If you don't want them to absorb the buttercream frosting after placing them on the cake, you can put some sugar cubes distributed under the pieces to hold them slightly off the frosting. Just use enough so the weight of the color flow piece is evenly distributed.

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Lemondrop Posted 15 Jul 2005 , 2:28am
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I love your color flow pieces!! Good luck with the peeling off the wax paper...I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you thumbs_up.gif

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bjfranco Posted 15 Jul 2005 , 4:31am
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Thanks y'all!

I like the sugar cube idea............... <must add sugar cubes to my ever growing grocery list> icon_biggrin.gif

I am getting so nervous that I am going to purchase the plastic characters to put on the cake in cake the CF is a total mess up and I am going to ask the client if I can arrive 1.5 hours early to set up.

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stephanie214 Posted 15 Jul 2005 , 3:11pm
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Why don't you just trim around the wax paper close. Those pieces are so pretty that I would hate for them to break on you. You have done a very beautiful job and great detailing thumbs_up.gif . I've only tried colorflow once for my Course II and the birds came out looking sickly icon_cry.gif . After looking at your pieces, I can't wait to try it again.

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bjfranco Posted 15 Jul 2005 , 3:17pm
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Thanks Stephanie! They were so much fun. I am thinking about doing that. I was just hate for them to break. Plus I think I am going to put them on the sugar cubes too.

I am taking Wilton Course II right now and I have only been to the first class so we have not learned color flow yet - that is Tuesady and this cake has to be done for Sunday. I told the instructor I had to do this and she was giving me some tips during class but I will be glad when we actually sit down and do the birds from start to finish.

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stephanie214 Posted 15 Jul 2005 , 3:22pm
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After looking at your pieces, you could definitely give my instructor lessons. She didn't even know about gel transfer for the rainbow cake, said that she had never done gel transfer before.

Keep up the good work and remember to post picture. Can't wait to see the final cake.

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Rookie68 Posted 15 Jul 2005 , 4:49pm
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If you don't have sugar cubes handy you can also use mini marshmallows to hold the colorflow pieces..


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