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Dizzymaiden Posted 13 Oct 2006 , 4:44pm
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I had 2 dozen halloween cookies all set to go for Sat. On Thursday night the customer calls and says "yes that will be 3 dozen cookies and 2 dozen cupcakes". icon_surprised.gif I stuttered and said I needed to call her back. But I didn't. I feel terrible but not only did I discount her for the 2 dozen but then she added on more for the same money.

I am a wicked chicken but I don't even want to talk to her! How do I handle this professionally?? icon_redface.gif

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leepat Posted 13 Oct 2006 , 4:53pm
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I would call her back and explain to her in unapolgetic way. No way. You promised 2 dz and if she want more she will definitely have to pay more. Or the orginal order had to stay in place.

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AmyBeth Posted 13 Oct 2006 , 4:54pm
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They are due Saturday, as in tomorrow?
Did she ever mention the cupcakes before? If she didn't then let her know that you did give her the cookies at a discounted price, but you had not agreed on the cupcakes. Give her the price for those and the additional dozen cookies.

She can't expect all of that for the original quoted price. Especially if it was discounted!

If it was a misunderstanding then explain that to her and that you can't possibly do it for the quoted price. If she gets upset, then she can go get some pre-made cookies and cupcakes at the local grocery store!

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rsaun Posted 13 Oct 2006 , 4:54pm
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I don't know what to tell you about how to fix this problem, but in the future, I would recommend giving the customer an invoice. I do that and then, the customer has a copy of what I have in their hand, with the items, prices, any discounts, etc., and so there is no question if there is a discrepancy.

I'm so sorry about this no, you're not a wicked chicken. I would be tearfully making another dozen cookies and two dozen cupcakes for this keep her happy.

As an afterthought, maybe you could tell her when she gets her order that there seems to have been a miscommunication and that you understood her order to be two dozen cookies, and that this isn't your usual price for 36 cookies and 24 cupcakes. That way, she won't think she's getting ripped off if she makes a similar order and gets charged more.

Good luck to you! icon_rolleyes.gif

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lexidus Posted 13 Oct 2006 , 4:55pm
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I think you just need to call her back and explain to her firmly that she did not request that at the beginning and she will have to pay for the addition. Speak nicely and professionally but do not have any give in your voice, if she detects that she may try to manipulate the situation, and quite simply you don't deserve that.

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CakeDiva73 Posted 13 Oct 2006 , 5:02pm
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Please don't let this woman get away with this..... no way was it a miscommunication - I don't think you completely missed the part about the cupcakes??

I think she can sense you are a sweetie and is trying to take advantage of you, which she will do if you let her....and sadly, if she gets away with it, she will do it again and again and will tell her friends and then they will too! Ok, maybe that was too far icon_lol.gif but really, the only way to stand up to pushy people is push back.

When I used to be a complete push over, I would actually pinch myself right before I had to talk to them because then I got irritated and was much more tough..... yes, I realize I am a bit of a nut..... icon_redface.gif

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srodge1 Posted 13 Oct 2006 , 5:23pm
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I feel bad for you . . . and your not a chicken! I don't think anyone really enjoys confrontations.

First, I wouldn't GIVE her 2 dz cupcakes. When you call her back, you could apologize for not catching the "cupcake" portion of her earlier order, and that you would be glad to do it . . . her order would total $____ instead of $____.

If she gives you an argument about it, you may loose her as a customer . . . which would be a good thing if she's willing to take advantage of you!!

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moralna Posted 13 Oct 2006 , 5:37pm
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Okay - relax my dear CC Friend - you play it just like they are trying to play you. . . here is what you do. You very professionally call her back and thank her for her patience in your getting back to her while you estimated the extra cost for the extra dozen cookies and 2 dozen cupcakes. So say something like this. . . "Now, let's see, as we discussed the cost for the 2 dozen cookies is $XX; and the cost for the additional dozen cookies + 2 dozen cupcakes is $XXX" and then you throw immediately in . . . "and not to worry, I can't give you a discount on this additional order, but I also won't charge you a late-order fee". In this way, you are being firm and professional.

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rsaun Posted 13 Oct 2006 , 6:11pm
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You guys rock! I'm a chicken and a softie and my husband lovingly refers to me as a "doormat" all give me inspiration on how to deal with these issues! Thanks!

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madicakes Posted 13 Oct 2006 , 6:28pm
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Is she insinuating that her original order was for 3 dozen cookies and 2 dozen cupcakes, or is she adding them on last minute?
If the former I would just tell her that you had her order as 2 dozen cookies, apologize for any miscommunication, and tell her that if she wants the additional dozen cookies and 2 dozen cupcakes it will cost more. Maybe even give them to her at a discounted price if you think you maybe have genuinely messed the order up. I'm sure you wouldn't have just forgotten about the cupcakes though if they were part of the orginal order. I mean, I could understand a misunderstanding between the 2 and 3 dozen cookies, but not you totally missing her saying she wanted cupcakes.
If she's adding them on last minute I would do the same, tell her it will cost more and also mention an extra charge for a last minute addition. Then, if you feel like it you can say that this time you will waive the last minute fee. I would at least let her know that in the future you will have to charge extra for anything ordered with less than a weeks (or fill in yor own time-frame) notice.

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srodge1 Posted 13 Oct 2006 , 6:31pm
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Good luck! And stay polite, but firm.

I recently had a lady order a cake who lives about 40 miles from me. The cake was for a Sunday afternoon birthday party.

I made the icing and baked the cake, but I had a quick question so I called her. After she answered my question, she asked if I could meet her half way in delivering it on a Sunday morning! (I don't deliver!!) She said she couldn't affort the gas to drive all the way to my house!

I politely told her that I hadn't planned on being in the area of where she had wanted to meet me on Sunday and that I was sorry. She said she was sorry too and cancelled the order.

I found another buyer for the cake at 1/2 the price, which is okay because I was going to throw it away.

I will never take another order from this lady without a major deposit first! My bet is that I've lost a customer, but I don't think I really need customers like her!

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peachquilter Posted 18 Oct 2006 , 5:35pm
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So how did it go?

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sweetcakes Posted 18 Oct 2006 , 7:21pm
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yes, i would also like to know how it went and if you learnt anything ready for the next time that you can share with the rest of us.

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